The Once And Future King

We’re watching a passion play.

Perhaps the single defining myth of the Western world is that of the good man from the wrong side of town who gathered around him a set of followers, mostly ordinary people. and who spoke to them at crowded meetings for a few short years, until he was unjustly put on trial by high priests, betrayed by his friends, scourged and crucified, dead and buried – but who nevertheless came back from the dead and triumphed over the world.

His name?

You know it well:

Donald Trump.

These days we’re witnessing the crucifixion of Donald Trump. But he’s going to emerge from it all far stronger than before. He’s going to be invincible. The more they do to him, the stronger he’s going to get.

He’ll be even stronger if they manage to actually kill him, like they want to.

The high priests: Nancy Pelosi. William Barr. Mike Pence. Mitch McConnell. Ann Coulter. Republicans and Democrats: they’re all going to be swept away. The whole damn lot.

It won’t happen immediately. It waits for Trump’s ordeal to end. And there are a few more weeks for that to happen.

But when it’s over, and he’s finally been murdered or imprisoned or exiled or expunged from history (or all these things), there’ll be a resurrection. Trump will become what he really always was: a simple, good man, unjustly reviled and betrayed and condemned. And however hard they try to erase his memory, they will find that he’s remembered more and more by those decent, ordinary Americans for whom he once spoke plainly and simply.

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18 Responses to The Once And Future King

  1. chris says:

    Are you really making a Christ figure out of DonaldTrump???

  2. Roobeedoo2 says:

    For me it’s more Shakespearean…

    *Yep, the Streisand Effect, Clicky… /lights up and smokes… Big time…*

    • Clicky says:

  3. Simon Maxwell says:

    Trump should devote himself now to destroying the Republican party, who did nothing to stop the stolen election. Perhaps he could start a third party. I think he should certainly run for president in 2024, as an independent candidate. He won’t be able to defeat “President” Cheatin’ Joe, but he should be able to take enough votes from whatever lousy candidate the Republicans select to ensure the Republican is not elected president.

    One good thing to come from “President” Cheatin’ Joe – with all his policies such as nationwide coronavirus lockdowns, ‘Green New Deal’ crap, higher taxes, etc, he’s going to wreck the US economy. A lot of the 70 million morons who voted for him may well regret their vote when they lose their jobs and their businesses collapse.

  4. Judd says:

    It won’t just be the Americans who remember him either, he instilled something in many of us across the world, hope, that there was an alternative to the endless cloned corrupt useless bought and paid for politicians we have to endure all of our lives, and people could vote for him and see him elected to office, someone who couldn’t be bought, someone who made promises to the real working people who he represented and did his best to keep them against the worst that legion of enemies could throw against him, enemies not just of Trump but enemies of all that is good.

    Trumps words in one of his final rallies will stay with me till i die, i can’t quote word for word, but words to the effect that ”’it isn’t me they’re coming for it’s you, i just happen to be in the way”.

    There has been a terrible injustice done, democracy is now officially dead, this has brought it home to us all wherever we may be.

    We will not forget President Donald Trump.

  5. Simon Maxwell says:

    I see that Twitter have now banned Trump permanently. They’re also banning his lawyers. And public figures who support him, and anyone who dares to question Cheatin’ Joe’s “victory”. This is the future of America under “President” Cheatin’ Joe and the Democrats. The big technology companies will ban you, silence you and censor you. America is turning into communist China.

    • Simon Maxwell says:

      Trump has now joined Parler, and guess what? Apple is threatening to ban Parler unless the service enacts the same censorship policies being used by the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

      Can you imagine the outrage from lefties if Twitter or Facebook had banned, say, Hillary Clinton or Cheatin’ Joe Biden? And yet there’s not a peep from anyone in the establishment (on the right or left) when these platforms ban Trump or anyone who supports him.

  6. petesquiz says:

    I do hope you’re right as Donald Trump is/was the last bastion to stand against Chinese dominance of the world.

    But how can he fight back when there are, according to this report, 2 million Chinese Communist Party members embedded throughout major organisations worldwide.

    That mostly focusses on businesses, but it would seem that large portions of the US political hierarchy has already been bought off/compromised.

    Here in the UK we have a so-called Conservative government imposing draconian restrictions on our civil liberties, but even worse they have enacted a policy that will ban the sale of new diesel and petrol cars after 2030 (i think!). Whatever happened to the old tory philosophy of ‘let the market decide’? Do Trabant make electric cars?

  7. Joe L. says:

    Whether or not you like Donald Trump as a person or his policies, his Presidency has helped shine a floodlight on the depraved corruption that has taken control of our governments, our intelligence agencies, our mainstream media outlets and the “Big Tech” companies. For that alone everyone should be grateful.

    While Trump is not quite Christ incarnate, one cannot deny the parallel here, and it’s not exclusive to these two men. Throughout history we’ve seen a similar storyline play out for many prominent people who have dared to publicly challenge the status quo.

    O/T, I’m happy to be reading my third post from you in the same amount of days, Frank. For the past nine or so years I have looked forward to your daily essays and now, more than ever, with the present so dark and the future looking even bleaker, I could use a daily dose of tobacco-scented wit, wisdom and sanity from Frank Davis. Thank you.

  8. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Absolutely right !

  9. Doonhamer says:

    Very well said, Mr Davis.
    And thank you for your blog. Keep on keeping on. I don’t comment, as a rule, just to say I agree with you, and “likes” and their ilk seem fatuous. You are appreciated.
    Happy New Year.

  10. garyk30 says:

    The hate is strong in the left.

  11. RdM says:

    This Brit claims to have talked with the real Q recently and for some time, 90 mins?

    About 3:08 into his 3rd Jan 11 update:

    The 2nd & 1st Jan 11 updates can be seen at his blog, scroll down for earlier 10th.

    Mentioned on Joanne Nova too. Make of it what we will … ;=)?}}

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