Black Days Coming

I’ve read a lot in the last few hours, but this one brought me to a stop:

It’s Over: Trump Promises “Orderly Transition” On Jan. 20 After Biden Win Certified

What that means is that Joe Biden has successfully stolen the 2020 US presidential election..

And everybody knows it was stolen. The evidence available, in affidavits and videos and mathematical analyses, could fill a book. And the evidence is going to keep on coming. It’ll probably end up filling 20 books.

And that’s going to mean that Joe Biden is going to be an illegitimate president, a president that many Americans – perhaps even most Americans – will not regard as their real president. He’ll be a false president. A faux-president. A pretender.

I’ve got nothing against Joe Biden. He’s a politician like many others. I just wish he’d got honestly elected, fair and square. But he hasn’t been. And that’s going to hang over him throughout his incumbency. A lot of people are simply never going to accept him.

Has this ever happened before? Bush v. Gore was contested – hanging chads -, but was eventually resolved. That’s not going to happen this time. It’s going to rumble on for years, maybe even decades.

What’s shocking about this stolen election is that it was all so blatant. Maybe JFK stole the 1960 elction from Nixon with help from the mafia, but it was never so blatant as this.

Maybe it’s not over yet. There are still a raft of court cases winding their way through the courts. But the courts are broken too. The courts don’t want to hear the cases. Not only has the election been stolen, but also the courts won’t allow legal redress. There’s a judicial crisis as well as an electoral crisis.

I’ve been listening to my usual US commentators. Lionel Nation. Mark Levin. Michael Savage. They’ve all been incoherent, in different ways. Angry. Gloomy. Bitter.

What happens next? Who knows?

Donald Trump tried to drain the swamp, but instead the swamp has just drowned him.

Biden is really just a place-holder. He’ll probably be removed in a few months, on the grounds of senility. And then President Kamala Harris??? Really??

And with the swamp back in control, there’ll be more wars. One of Trump’s crimes was that he didn’t start any new wars. So expect to see cruise missiles landing on one poor god-forsaken country after another.

Trump didn’t buy global warming either. That was another crime. So expect to see windmills sprouting up everywhere.

And of course Trump shrugged off Covid. That’ll be back too, with a vengeance.

There are terrible days ahead.

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7 Responses to Black Days Coming

  1. Dmitry says:

    Afraid you might be right. Some of our analysts are saying that the US will be so internally weak after all that, that we may just forget about that country for a while. But I suspect that your grim predictions are more accurate.

  2. Simon Maxwell says:

    You’ll note, however, that in his statement Trump did not actually concede. To concede he would have to admit that he lost and Cheatin’ Joe won, and congratulate Cheatin’ Joe. He did none of those things. In fact, in his statement, Trump said that he totally disagrees with the election results and that the facts bear him out. He has not conceded. Don’t believe the lies of the mainstream media who claim he has.

  3. Mark Jarratt says:

    Sex Pistols best reissue the classic punk rock track Anarchy in the UK, revised to Anarchy in the USA. I fly, or expect to fly, from Launceston to Canberra via Melbourne tomorrow, unless the Nanny Bully state changes their “ultra vires” diktats yet again. Just received an instruction from Qantas that face masks are mandatory in the state of Victoria. Suppose I best obey and appease the evil CV19 god, or risk arrest like the unfortunate 28yr old pregnant woman in her pyjamas in a regional town, for the thought crime of a Facebook post encouraging peaceful protest against the moving feast of petty dubious government commands. Insanity? Let’s just live as cringing hermits forever. Reminds me of the classic Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire… 🪖

  4. yar1234 says:

    I was about to mention the parallels to the fall of the Roman rebublic.

    You had the first leaders of the popularis group, the Gracchi brother, eventually killed by the establishment, but it destroyed the rules of politics , no middle ground now existed & you got what you want by cheating & violence.
    It led to civil war & eventually the death of the republic.

    Amazing how history repeats, never the same but shows the way.

  5. I’ve always said that voting is totally useless. You go out once every four years and put a tick against red or blue, then nothing happens. Usually things continue to get worse.
    The political class are all the same, so it doesn’t matter what colour you vote for as nothing changes. If peoples votes made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it
    But it looks like voting actually may have made a small difference when Trump got elected. Just like Brexit, this wasn’t supposed to happen. The people were supposed to just cast their votes and keep there illusion of control while the leaders carried on as normal
    So what happened when the Americans actually managed to score a little change? The powers that be just waited four years and then staged an election to put things right. They didn’t even bother to hide it
    So we’re back to square one – Voting is useless

  6. petesquiz says:

    Spot on as usual, Frank!

    Coronavirus will miraculously decline rapidly (in the US at least) now that ‘Sleepy Joe’ is in charge. How you ask? Quite simple…under Trump the medics were encouraged to mark as many deaths as they could Covid related (and got paid for doing it); that will now stop! Also, his Chinese friends might just let him have the ‘cure’ as it has served its purpose and gotten rid of Trump.

    It is indeed a sad outcome and there’s now no-one to block the ‘great reset’!

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