Re-run The Election

With its recent contested election the USA has entered a political crisis that looks set to endure for at least the next two months, and most likely a lot longer.

Paul Craig Roberts:

If the stolen election stands, America falls.

Whoever is eventually declared the winner, half of America will not accept it.

There’s even talk of civil war

The United States Is At A Tipping Point That Could Lead To Revolution Or Civil War

The USA now resembles the Roman Republic in the 80 years of the optimates (the established Deep State) versus the populares of Julius Caesar (Donald Trump), which ended in the assassination of Julius Caesar, civil war, and the emergence of the Roman Empire under Caesar’s adopted son Augustus.

A new American civil war would not be between the North and the South as in the last one, but between the Democrat cities and the Republican ‘flyover’ country in between them. It would probably result in a military dictatorship, given the enormous power of the US military. And since the military is largely conservative in character, a military dictatorship would most likely be a Republican dictatorship. Democrat politicians like Clinton and Obama and Pelosi would be rounded up, and imprisoned in Gitmo. A civil war would be bad news for Democrats.

But even if it doesn’t come to that, a divided America will be greatly weakened. It probably won’t be possible to maintain an American empire which currently has US troops all over the world (including Britain). The current global 80-year Pax Americana may have just come to an end. And that will mean political instability everywhere.

Perhaps this is far too alarmist. I hope that it is. But right now things are not looking at all good.

The simplest thing to do would be to re-run the election, with stringent safeguards against fraud. But this doesn’t look likely to happen.


Trump attorney Lin Wood tweeted a declaration calling for the president to implement Martial Law and hold a new, safe and fair election if lawmakers fail to protect the Constitution.

Wood wrote, “Good morning. Our country is headed to civil war. A war created by 3rd party bad actors for their benefit – not for We The People. Communist China is leading the nefarious efforts to take away our freedom. @realDonaldTrump should declare martial law.”

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11 Responses to Re-run The Election

  1. Dmitry says:

    1. America will not fall. 2. Right, it will be weakened, but that already has happened. 3. I wish they stopped blaming China, as the Democrats love to blame Russia. 4. What we all need is, a reinvigorated Right in the US, maybe in Britain and… in Russia, too.

  2. Clicky says:

  3. Clicky says:

  4. Dirk says:

    Biden won by a landslide. Resurfaced clips show Donald Trump saying 306 Electoral Votes Is a ‘Landslide’ in 2016, and now Biden wins the same amount in 2020.
    Frank Davis predicted a landslide for Trump. It did not happen.
    Civil war? That happened within boundaries: South vs North. Nowadays there aren’t any Democratic States because the ruling party in that state might be Democrats, but many Republicans also live in that state.
    So if there is a Civil War, will a family voting democratic attack their Republican neighbour who lives in the same street?
    And many Democrats are living in so-called Republican states. Are they going to kill their Republican friends across the street?
    During the Civil War there was a boundary: the Mason-Dixon line. That does not exist anymore. Everything is mixed. A Trumpist lives next to a democrat voter whose neigbour might be a non-voter or a serial killer.
    I don’t see a Civil War.
    For a Civil War to happen, you need one part of the land, ethnically united and culturally united, all living in the same area, to fight another part of the country where everybody has another opinion.
    It is impossible when everybody lives next to a guy they don’t agree with.

  5. Simon Maxwell says:

    One good thing to come from Cheating Joe stealing the election is that his policies such as higher taxes, ‘Green New Deal’ crap and locking down the entire country for months at a time because of the coronavirus will wreak the US economy. Consequently, (with a bit of luck) a lot of the 70 million morons who voted for Cheating Joe will lose their jobs and businesses.

  6. Clicky says:

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