Media Wars

In the confusion of current events, at least one observation may be made: Where you get your news from largely decides how you see things.

According to the mainstream media, Joe Biden won the election fair and square, and will be inaugurated as the next President of the USA,

According to large swathes of the online media, Joe Biden stole the election fair and square, and the result must be contested. For example:

If courts uphold election laws, the vote fraud in the swing states will be overturned, and Trump will be declared the winner.  There is no doubt about the vote fraud. The question is whether Trump in the face of media hostility, Antifa/BLM violence, and weak-kneed Republicans will have the support to see the fight to the end. 

There are at least two realities (and perhaps quite a few more). Which one will prevail?

I don’t pay attention to the mainstream media. I don’t watch TV or listen to the radio, I don’t read newspapers. I get my information almost exclusively from the internet.

In my view, the mainstream media are propaganda media marching in lockstep together to promote one reality to their consumers. And the online media present multiple rival alternative realities.

I used to watch TV and read newspapers, but that ended on 1 July 2007, as I watched in disbelief the news reports about the UK smoking ban that had come into effect that day. According to the mainstream media that day, it was a non-event: it had been universally accepted by everyone, and by 6 pm it was already past history. A colossal piece of top-down social engineering had been successfully implemented. Nobody was questioning it.

It’s the same today. The mainstream media are reporting that Trump has been ousted, replaced by Joe Biden, and it’s already past history. The big news today is that there’s a coronavirus vaccine being unveiled by Pfizer or somebody, and that’s what everybody’s talking about.

But the difference today is that lots of people are questioning this new reality. And the questions are almost all being asked in the online media.

What’s the difference between 2007 and 2020? One answer is that the mainstream media has a smaller and dwindling audience today than they had 13 years ago, and the internet is much faster and more ubiquitous than it was back then. As the mainstream media’s power has been dwindling, the online media’s power has been growing. Has it now become more powerful than the mainstream media in shaping reality?

I suspect we may find out over the next few weeks. If the mainstream media can still shape reality, Joe Biden will become President in January. If the online media are more powerful, then it’s quite likely that Donald Trump will be re-elected instead.

But either way, it’s likely to be the last gasp of the mainstream media. Millions of Americans are just going to stop watching them, just like I stopped in 2007. Already the (mainstream) opinion polls have been completely discredited: they predicted a Democratic wave, and they got it wrong, just like they did 4 years ago. Fox News ratings collapsed after it called Arizona for Biden last week. Why? Because its viewers were getting most of their news from online sources, and comparing the two, and when they no longer agreed they believed the online media reports rather than Fox News.

Why is online media more credible than mainstream media? One simple explanation is that mainstream media are almost entirely scripted and edited: newsreaders read from a script, and so do the actors in comedies and fictions and documentaries. But online media are almost entirely unscripted and unedited: people say what they think. Whether it’s Joe Rogan or Michael Savage or Jordan Peterson, you’re hearing them say what they think. In the mainstream media you’re just hearing people reading lines. One is authentic and real, and the other is inauthentic and false. And that’s one very good reason why people trust the new voices that have been emerging online.

There’s another reason why the online media are more credible: smoking is permitted. In the mainstream media smoking is strictly verboten, except in period dramas. The mainstream media is a smokefree zone. But Joe Rogan will smoke cigars (and much else besides) , and so also will his guests. Tobacco is making a comeback in the online media, although cigarettes seem to still be a no-no. The same is true of alcohol, which is also verboten in the mainstream media: Joe Rogan features plenty of wine and beer being plied among guests. And he cusses liberally as well, which is also verboten in the MSM, of course. In addition, the online media usually don’t have elaborate studios with huge desks: they’re very often set in someone’s front room, with their own pictures and books and curtains and carpets, which also tell a story.

Donald Trump is another master of the new media. He tweets all the time. And he speaks very bluntly (too bluntly for many people). He’s someone who also says what he thinks. When has Joe Biden ever done that? Donald Trump versus Joe Biden is unscripted online media versus scripted mainstream media.

I don’t know who’ll win in Trump v. Biden, but Trump has a lot of advantages.

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18 Responses to Media Wars

  1. Chuck says:

    Regardless of one’s news sources, the election results are an issue to be determined on evidence, and I await learning what actual evidence will be brought in the argument that the election was unfair. It may have been, but we’re hearing only hearsay and the usual hyperbolic generalizations and, sadly, a lot of demonstrable lies. Facts help people arrive at decisions, but facts have been supplanted by propaganda on all sides. It’s certainly a weird way for us to try to form assessments.

  2. Daniel says:

    Well said.

  3. Igrowmyone says:

    Coincidence that Pfizer released the news of their vaccine trial for covid 19 this week after the MMS d cleared Joe Biden the winner,?

  4. RdM says:

    Perhaps you’ve been reading/seeing James Corbett as well?

    I’m half way through this transcript, I haven’t watched the video yet.

    The (concept and availability of) machine generated transcription is interesting, another here:

  5. RdM says:

    So as an aside, in media here today in NZ,

    Law banning vape advertising and sales to under 18s comes into effect.

    Cancer Society Welcomes Vaping Laws

    So who is this “Cancer Society advocacy and wellbeing manager Shayne Nahu”?

    To be continued …

  6. RdM says:

    Would you like him to confront you and tell you how to tell you how to live your life, even in a well-lit alley?

    Interviewed here, just 30+ minutes ago, which prompted me to write this:

    The voice (unavailable so far) matched the face … in my opinion ignorant of the deeper issues and thuggish about controlling the shallow ones in his perception. Well, again, juat in my opinion.

    I’m not in to vaping, although I think the WTA (whole tobacco alkaloids) e-juice products might have something going for them, vs plain nicotine, albeit expensive as USA imports, and also I’ve found here the actual natural tobacco flavour Black Note range, which might be interesting (a combination of both might be better!) if I buy a new modest generic vape pen.

    Which would only be to save money as an occasional expedient and get around smoking bans maybe, except that I don’t really bother or feel the need to smoke on the street – I do keep a flattened RYO in my wallet sometimes in case I have a boring long wait at a bus or train stop – but this new law would make vaping equally inadmissable.

    And as I recall reading, Hon Lik invented it not to give up smoking, but to get around smoking bans.

    Now that’s been subverted and medicalised as a device to get you off tobacco and then nicotine altogether …

    Except for pure as driven snow Pig Pharma nicotine, of course!


  7. RdM says:

    Audio of interview now available (I should have waited! ;-)

    Listen duration 9′ :36″ Add to playlist

    Download as Ogg
    Download as MP3
    Play Ogg in browser
    Play MP3 in browser


    From today it’s now illegal to market or sell vapes to under 18-year-olds and advertising and sponsorship fo vaping products is banned altogether as is vaping in legislated smoke-free areas. The Cancer Society’s manager for advocacy and well being, Shayne Nahu, speaks with Karyn about these changes and how New Zealand is tracking to be smoke-free by 2025.

    How depressing is that! ;=})

    We shall fight them on the beaches …

  8. waltc says:

    OT: since control of the US senate hangs on the January 5 runoff election for two senate seats in the state of Georgia–and holding at least one of them for the Republicans is crucial to prevent an untrammeled progressive juggernaut–and the Democrats are pouring multimillions into the state to back the Democrat opponents–I offer this to Americans who’d like to contribute (anything, no matter how small) to the campaign of David Perdue (R GA) who has the better chance of tne two R’s to win.

    You can google to find a way to donate on line with a card or send a check made out to “Perdue for Senate” to
    PO Box 12077
    Atlanta Georgia 30355

  9. Joe L. says:

    OT: Smoking bans destroyed my social life and made me a recluse. But if this is the future of social engagements, I am destined to be a hermit for the rest of my life, even if smoking bans are repealed.

    Ticketmaster exploring negative COVID-19 test or vaccination to attend concerts

    Wallet? Check. Water? Check. COVID-19 test?

    The pre-concert checklist for music fans is about to get more complicated, as Ticketmaster is planning to check the coronavirus vaccination status of concert-goers prior to shows once a treatment is approved, Billboard reported Wednesday.

    The ticketing giant plans to have customers use their cellphones to verify their inoculation or whether they’ve tested negative for the virus within a 24- to 72-hour window, according to the exclusive report.

    The plan, which is still being ironed out, will utilize three separate components, including the California-based company’s digital ticketing app, third-party health information firms like CLEAR Health Pass and testing/vaccination distributors like Labcorp or CVS Minute Clinic.

    Ticketmaster will reportedly not store or access medical records under the plan. If approved, fans would need to verify that they’ve either already been vaccinated or have tested negative as recently as 24 hours prior to the show.

    This is frighteningly dystopian.

    • Emily says:

      That is so depressing.

      I attended one “virtual concert” about a month ago, just to see what it was like, and it was horrible. It was literally the same as watching a YouTube video of a live concert, except I paid for it. It wasn’t even live, as I had expected, but pre-recorded. I have every sympathy for the artists and the venues who are trying to salvage their livelihoods but this is in no way a substitute for live music and now I wonder if we will ever get back to a real experience. Smoking bans really ruined the live music experience for me in the first place, so I guess it’s not much of a leap from there anyway.

  10. Clicky says:

  11. RdM says:

    In NZ, the zealots saw that potential loophole and made all tobacco ‘equally’ excised.

    So the excise tax on cigar cigarette pipe or RYO tobacco now here is all the same.
    And is insanely high. Oops, tax was increased on RYO years ago too, to ‘equalize’.

    The current excise tax 2020 here in NZD is $1469.03 per kg.
    That’s ~ 1,000.61 USD per kg. (per xe dot com) excise tax before the wholesale & retail prices.

    More than the price of silver!

    Then GST 15% is added on to that excise tax.

    Retail price for any ‘premium’ RYO say 50g Drum is ~$100 NZD.
    Pipe tobacco, even if you can get it, with hardly any retailer carrying it these days, is even more.

    It’s a specialty product, the real thing, the original, if found.

    Years since I had any.

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