Political Crisis

Blatant fraud is what I’m hearing, as Joe Biden looks likely to win the US presidential election.

During the early hours of November 4 in both Wisconsin and Michigan there was a sudden vertical upward adjustment to Democrat votes, and every one of the approximately 150,000 newly found votes was for Biden.  This sudden ballot dump accounts for the lost of Trump’s lead in Michigan and Wisconsin: 


It’s already heading for the courts.

It’s a first magnitude US political crisis. Maybe the biggest ever. More or less anything could happen now.

Whoever wins, the other side is going to say it was stolen.

The USA is going to be in crisis now until at least the end of January, when either Trump or Biden become the next president. That’s the minimum duration of the crisis.

And it’s going to be a global political crisis, as the world holds its breath, and takes one side or the other. Who knows what that might bring.


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8 Responses to Political Crisis

  1. Ben Dhonau says:

    If you are hearing fraud you had better talk to experts in heaaring voices, Remember that the main damage to a fair election is voter suppression by state-level Republicans

  2. RdM says:

    There is some talk debunking this, for instance re Michigan:


    “No, Joe Biden did not magically ‘find’ votes in Michigan” & etc.

  3. Clicky says:

  4. Joe L. says:

    Par for the course for 2020, the worst-case scenario for this election has occurred. Every newsworthy event this year has been extremely divisive and politicized to the max, from authoritarian COVID-19 lockdowns and mask mandates to Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots to a delayed election result and potential voter fraud. The entire fabric of our once great nation is now held together by only a few frayed threads. Predictions of a looming civil war don’t appear as exaggerated as they did a few months ago.

    It seems too coincidental that the result of the most polarizing Presidential election of our lifetimes winds up getting dragged out over multiple days–possibly weeks–fomenting even more tension, fear and anger in a country which already feels like it’s on the verge of boiling over.

    And oh, the hypocrisy and gaslighting. For over three years, the mainstream media pushed the now thoroughly-debunked conspiracy theory that Trump illegitimately won the 2016 election due to interference from and collusion with Russia. Yet now, they all immediately dismissed Trump’s claims of potential election fraud as “baseless.”

    We have always been at war with Eastasia.

  5. RdM says:

    An opinion … for what it’s worth?
    November 10, 2020 5:57pm by kiwi in america
    Is US Election Fraud Real?

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