Douglas Murray Never Noticed

I was watching Douglas Murray complaining about Covid lockdowns and masks and social distancing and all the rest of it, and how immensely socially destructive it all was, and how unnecessary it was.

As I listened, I was thinking: This has all happened before, and it has all happened very recently – with smoking bans. And they were equally unnecessary, and equally socially destructive. When was Douglas Murray going to mention smoking bans?

But he never did mention them.

I strongly suspect that Douglas Murray is a non-smoker who simply never noticed smoking bans, because they didn’t personally affect him. Or maybe he’s an antismoker (although I’ve never heard any antismoking sentiment expressed by him).

But I think that if we now have draconian lockdowns and social distancing and masks, it’s because the powers that be took notice of the lack of reaction (by “thought leaders” like Douglas Murray) to smoking bans, and took this as a green light for any number of new restrictions, which we’re now seeing with lockdowns and masks.

The likes of Douglas Murray are getting what they deserve. They wouldn’t speak up for smokers, and now a smoker like me won’t speak up for them.

“First they came for the smokers and I did not speak out —
  Because I was not a smoker.” (not quite Martin Niemoller)

I don’t think Douglas Adams Murray is a thought leader. I think he’s a thought follower.

Do we have any thought leaders?

Not really.

Oh, and he never got to say anything much about music either.

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16 Responses to Douglas Murray Never Noticed

  1. Emily says:

    Great insight, Frank.

    I am amazed at how readily people are going along with the measures here in the US, particularly the masks. It seems to be another form of enthusiastic virtue signaling to wear your mask proudly the minute you step outside, and I never hear anyone complain about them at all. Of course, I live in a very progressive city so I’m sure it’s different elsewhere.

    • Joe L. says:

      I completely agree, Emily. Mask-wearing has become yet another form of virtue-signalling, and the fact that it has become politicized has intensified it further. Much like Antismoking zealots maturbate their ego by publicly shaming smokers, those with “Trump Derangement Syndrome” wear their masks proudly and shame those who do not comply because it makes them appear to be “woke” and “Progressive” … and the opposite of President Trump. Also, much like Antismokers, they have no cognition that there is zero empirical scientific evidence to support their beliefs. They do it because some highly-paid “experts” said it was the “right thing to do.” It’s terribly depressing.

  2. Dmitry says:

    Well, Frank, but you are a thought leader, on an international scale. You are not as famous as some beauty bloggers with 1 million followers, but sometimes ideas grow like oaks, from an acorn. Calvin or Muhammed might have been very popular (not really instantly, not even them), but how about Macchiavelli or Confucius, not exactly the stars in their lifetimes? Just some respected folks with ideas that somebody discussed…

  3. Russtovich says:

    “I don’t think Douglas Adams is a thought leader.”

    I have to disagree. I think Douglas Adams was a great thought leader. Hitchhiker’s Guide is iconic. :)

    Douglas Murray on the other hand… ;)


  4. Lepercolonist says:

    Since most antismokers would like smokers to die as quickly as possible how about opening bars,restaurants,theaters and sporting events to all smokers ? No mandatory masks since we are all smoking, haha. Then they would bitch that they are being excluded. I’m trying not to exhibit schadenfreude.

  5. Александра Собина says:

    Sorry to say, but we are still a minority. I mean smokers and non-muzzled folks.

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