Q Fun

I’ve been following Qanon on and off over the past year or so.


It’s a nice idea. As I understand it, it goes like this: there is someone from military intelligence codenamed Q who is very close to Donald Trump (perhaps even in the same room), and who leaves enigmatic messages online, and thereby provides Trump with an information outlet separate from the mainstream media. Doing something like this makes some sense, given that the MSM are utterly opposed to Trump, and misreport him all the time. Sample enigmatic recent Q post:

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: f475cc No.10872166
Oct 1 2020 13:42:30 (EST)
[D] party con.
[D] party playbook.
Who are the real racists?

What does it mean? I have no idea. Was it a prediction that Trump was about to get Covid himself? Was that the “C19 event”? Or was the “C19 event” just the current pandemic? Who knows?

But there’s a whole army of Anons who decode these messages, and use them to try to predict upcoming events. e.g Praying Medic and JustInformedTalk

The MSM seems to have just gone crazy about Q:

Following Falsehoods: A Reporter’s Approach on QAnon
Kevin Roose, a Times tech columnist, has watched the baseless conspiracy theory grow from fringe internet subculture to mass movement, carefully calibrating …

As QAnon grew, Facebook and Twitter missed years of warning signs about the conspiracy theory’s violent nature
QAnon posts began threatening violence in 2018. But it would be 2020 before Facebook and Twitter would make major moves to curb QAnon’s presence on …

What is QAnon and why is it so dangerous?
The Guardian US technology reporter Julia Carrie Wong explains the rise of QAnon, the unfounded conspiracy theory that emerged in the US in 2017, and is …

‘Quite frankly terrifying’: How the QAnon conspiracy theory is taking root in the UK
It began in the US with lurid claims and a hatred of the ‘deep state’. Now it’s growing in the UK, spilling over into anti-vaccine and 5G protests, fuelled by online ..

As far as I’ve ever seen, there’s nothing “violent” or “dangerous” about Q. Anyone who thinks there is has been reading that into it. No surprise if the MSM don’t like Q: they’re in competition.

I just think it’s all a bit of online conspiratorial fun. It adds a new dimension to events. But I don’t take it at all seriously.

And Q hasn’t posted anything since 1 October. If he’s always near Trump, perhaps he’s in Walter Reed hospital, recovering from his own bout of Covid?

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15 Responses to Q Fun

  1. Joe L. says:

    Ever so timely, Frank! I just saw this breaking headline pop up:

    Facebook has banned QAnon

    The QAnon conspiracy theory is no longer welcome on any of Facebook’s apps. The social network is banning QAnon from its platform entirely, the company now says.

    “Starting today, we will remove any Facebook Pages, Groups and Instagram accounts representing QAnon, even if they contain no violent content,” the company writes in an update. “Our Dangerous Organizations Operations team will continue to enforce this policy and proactively detect content for removal instead of relying on user reports.”

    The new policy is Facebook’s most drastic step yet to beat back the conspiracy theory, which the FBI warned last year could be a domestic terror threat.

    The company has previously taken smaller steps to limit the conspiracy theory’s spread, but up until now had stopped well short of banning it entirely. In August, the company said it would ban QAnon pages and groups when they discuss violence, and last week said it would ban QAnon ads.


    Like you, I believe “Q” is just a bit of online conspiratorial fun, and I don’t take it seriously, either. But then it raises the question, “Why is there such a strong effort by ‘The Powers That Be’ to silence it?” If it’s all just a “crazy conspiracy theory” like the mainstream media claims it is, why do they feel the need to stifle free speech and censor it entirely? Is it simply that the media outlets view “Q” as their competition, as you suggest? Or maybe “Q” is actually more legitimate than we assume? I’m just happy to see that it’s helping cause more people the think critically and question mainstream narratives. As more people begin opening their minds and thinking critically, it’s only a matter of time before people begin to question the Antismoking pseudoscience and propaganda they’ve been force-fed for decades.

    • Frank Davis says:

      If it’s all just a “crazy conspiracy theory” like the mainstream media claims it is, why do they feel the need to stifle free speech and censor it entirely?

      Well, exactly. Maybe it’s that they’re all control freaks? They can’t stand anyone stepping out of line. Cancel culture.

      It’s one reason why I wrote the piece: I just wanted to draw more attention to Q, rather than less.

      Everything is pseudoscience if everything is controlled. It applies to Covid, global warming, Tobacco Control, and everything else. And we’re now well advanced into a complete collapse of public faith in MSM pseudoscience. The MSM are dying.

  2. Charles Burns says:

    I wish Q really does exist. Trump continues failing to have any Democrat swamp creatures arrested except for that one CIA bookkeeper. I want him to go after the Russiagate perpetrators now and hard. Arrest Hillary, Obama and the whole lot. I guess he thinks it could hurt his re-election to do it now.
    He has asked for a “stand alone” stimulus of another $1200 for everybody. How can the Demoncrats say no?

  3. Doonhamer says:

    Once again I am reminded about an old story, Wasp, by British author Eric Frank Russell.
    Lessons on subversity.

  4. Clicky says:

  5. RdM says:

    I’m re-reading Nisakiman’s blog.
    Thanks to Grandad for keeping it alive!

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