Old Broadcast Media and New Internet Media


Donald Trump says he wants Joe Rogan to host US presidential debate against Joe Biden

This is interesting. In the past the debate would have been hosted by CNN or NBC or something like that. Now the proposal is to have Joe Rogan host it on his podcast.

If nothing else it shows how the old mainstream media studios are giving way to new internet media personalities. In the old media a topic would be covered in a news or current affairs program in about 10 seconds. In the new media the same topic can get chewed over in a discussion lasting three or four hours.

Perhaps it’s simply that the technology is cheaper and simpler. The old media needed big studios with bulky cameras and cameramen and directors and producers, plus a radio or TV transmitter. The new media just needs one guy with a webcam and an internet connection. And he can do it from his bedroom: no need for studios and lights and cameramen.

In this circumstance the one guy becomes the most important element. Can he keep talking? Can he stay interesting? The technology fades into the background. And Joe Rogan  is someone who can do this. So, sure, he could host a debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. He hosts such debates every day. Here’s Joe Rogan discussing doing a Trump-Biden debate (2,01 hrs)

“This is 2020. We have the ability to have that. We’re not talking about 1979… I’d 100% do it.”

It probably won’t happen. Joe Rogan doesn’t think Joe Biden could handle it.

“I’ve seen him fall apart,”

Joe Biden will want to use his friends in the old media, with prepared questions, prepared answers, and limited time slots.

But Trump’s up for it. Trump’s up for anything.

If Biden won’t do it, Trump should just have a discussion with Joe Rogan (who is a Bernie Sanders supporter).

Also interesting is how the mainstream media have picked up this story. e.g. NYT

There’s going to be no getting away from this election for the next six weeks.

If there’s no discussion of smoking bans, it’s because the mainstream media never discuss it. They have their own agenda. If it ever gets discussed seriously, it’ll have to be in the new media.

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4 Responses to Old Broadcast Media and New Internet Media

  1. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Personally i like my printed newspaper every day. I also very much hope Donald Trump wins the US election.

  2. Lepercolonist says:

    Even though Donald Trump is a nonsmoker he is the better choice over the progressives Biden/Harris. Progressives are the worst antismokers. Hillary Clinton comes to mind. In a debate, Trump will chew up Biden and spit him out.

  3. Sok says:

    thar would be a classic, perhaps Trump, Ike and Alex Jones with Frank thrown in for good measure.

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