A Separate Reality

A couple of days ago I watched Forest’s latest Zoom webinar on The Nanny State of the Nation. It featured two people from Public Health. Both wanted more nanny state.

I’ve been calling these kinds of people bullying bastards (and worse) for a long time.

Yet it was still a shock to discover, after hearing both of them speak for a few minutes, that this was exactly what they both were: bullying bastards.

In fact they were worse than mere bullying bastards. They were arrogant, power-hungry, bullying bastards.

And I didn’t really want to hear what they had to say because these people have dominated the media for decades, and they’re the only voices anyone hears.

The only person in the webinar who expressed anything like my own feelings was Pat Nurse, who said she was filled with burning anger at people taking away her freedom to run her own life in the way she wanted, smoking and all. She just wanted to be left alone.

But these people are never going to leave other people alone. They inhabit a separate universe, one that seems to be in profound and perpetual crisis. For a start, in their world there’s an “obesity epidemic”. There’s also even a “child obesity epidemic”.  It’s something that I’ve somehow never noticed. Where I live, hardly anybody ever strikes me as being obese. There’s a school near where I live, and I often see children walking home from school, and none of them have ever struck me as being remotely obese. When I was at school 60 years ago, none of my fellow pupils was obese (except one). But the public health zealots wear different spectacles than I do, and they have re-defined obesity to include carrying the slightest amount of body fat, which they can somehow immediately detect.

And if there’s an “obesity epidemic”, there is of course also a “smoking epidemic” and an “alcohol epidemic”.and a “carbon epidemic” in addition to our current “coronavirus epidemic” – every single one vastly exaggerated.

Why should anyone be bothered about how fat other people are? Smokers exhale smoke, and drinkers can get a bit noisy, and that might bother them. But what do fat people do? Nothing.

Objecting to fat people means objecting to what people are. It’s like objecting to tall people. Or thin people. Or red-headed people.

They disapprove. They disapprove of everything. They disapprove of the world as it is.

And it’s not just that they disapprove, but they want something done about it. And usually what they want are laws to prevent it.

These people are never of their own accord going to leave other people alone. They’re going to have to be stopped.

P.S. Simon Clark has sent me a link to Pat Nurse’s contribution. The whole video is here..

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17 Responses to A Separate Reality

  1. Vlad says:

    That’s been my observation too….it takes a particular type of person to be working in so called Public Health.

  2. Mark Jarratt says:

    A predictable consequence of neurotic nirvana thinkers invading the institutions of government, with baseless belief in the precautionary principle (reversing the burden of proof so unless a substance or activity can be proven to be “safe” it must be banned or controlled). That principle has demonstrably failed humanity.

    Such ignorant sanctimonious infallible dictators have no concept of risk management, economics, ethical philosophy, legitimate functions of government, or the limitations on state coercion under democracy. Overdue for some attitude adjustment and respect for the choices of others.

  3. Emily says:

    I think that, looking at the two speakers from that Forest webinar for example, some of them think they are doing good, and that gives meaning to their lives. It’s just that they believe that their own right to feel a sense of virtue, trumps the liberty and pursuit of happiness of other people.

  4. Rose says:

    I think that it’s been known for a long time that people who stop smoking put on a lot of weight, so smoking cessation is only the first part of the descent into ill health.

    The public health enthusiasts don’t seem to trouble themselves with what happens when you stop inhaling two gases that have been part of the human immune system forever.

    Behind the Headlines: Is diabetes linked to quitting smoking?

    “Quitters face an almost doubled risk of developing diabetes in their first three smoke-free years.
    Researchers from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, studied 10,892 adult smokers, none of whom had diabetes at the start of the study.

    The participants were studied for nine years during which time, 1,254 developed type-2 diabetes.
    In the first three years after giving up, new quitters were 91 per cent more likely to develop diabetes. This decreased over time and after 12 years quitters had no excess risk.

    What is behind the raised risk?
    “Extra weight put on by new quitters explains around a third of the increased risk, the researchers said. A further third of the excess risk is accounted for by systemic inflammation, as assessed by increased leukocyte counts.

    However, after adjusting for this weight gain and inflammation, new quitters were still at higher risk compared with participants who continued smoking.”

    “Patients should, however, be made aware of the risk and advised to consider countermeasures, particularly for heavy smokers, they said.”
    http: //www.gponline.com/News/article/976970/Behind-Headlines-diabetes-linked-quitting-smoking/
    Now requires registering

    “This study found that smokers and recent quitters had a greater risk of diabetes compared to those who had never smoked, but that three years after quitting this risk had reduced. The suggestion that this is because quitters are more likely to gain weight is logical, but it cannot be proven by this cohort study.

    The results of this study do not mean that smoking is protective to health.”

    Increased Bodyweight After Stopping Smoking May Be Due to Changes in Insulin Secretion

    “ScienceDaily (May 7, 2012) — Fear of putting on weight is one of the major reasons why smokers do not give up their habit.

    The reasons for this weight gain are believed to be in part due to metabolic changes in the body, but until now precise details of these changes were not known.”

    Effects of Smoking Cessation on Changes in Blood Pressure and Incidence of Hypertension
    A 4-Year Follow-Up Study

    “The trends for increased risk of hypertension for longer periods of smoking cessation were observed in subgroups of those who maintained weight as well as those who gained weight after smoking cessation. The adjusted increments in both systolic and diastolic blood pressure were higher in those who had quit for ≥1 year than in current smokers. These trends among weight losers, as well as gainers and maintainers, were similar. We observed progressive increases in blood pressure with the prolongation of cessation in men, although at this time the mechanism remains unknown and must be clarified. This study implies that the cessation of smoking may result in increases in blood pressure, hypertension, or both.”

    “Although cigarette smoking has been reported to produce an acute rise in BP under laboratory conditions, 1 review1 mentions a fairly consistent negative association between smoking and BP, and a dose-response relationship has been reported in several studies,4 10 with a lower BP observed at increasing levels of cigarette consumption. In addition, there are studies reporting an inverse relationship between cotinine, the major nicotine metabolite, and BP in smokers”

    “In summary, the findings of the present study imply that smoking cessation itself may result in increasing BP, even hypertension, in men through an unknown mechanism that needs to be clarified.”
    http: //hyper.ahajournals.org/content/37/2/194.full

    Of course, then when you have done your best to please the antismokers and become an over weight ill person, you are next up for the anti-obesity drive.

    And now there is Covid 19 which seems not like antinflammatory carbon monoxide or vasodilatary nitric oxide either.
    Nitric oxide seems to stop it reproducing itself and Carbon monoxide appears to stop the cytokine storm happening.

  5. Александра Собина says:

    I have got a fee;ling recently than my fags are not what they was any more. Went to look for some reasons for it. Found this.
    “it is suggested that nicotine be thoroughly decreased in these products as low as possible”
    Is it true and already on action?
    Got it from here.
    Finally, it can be concluded that the average amount (as well as the percentage) of nicotine in domestic cigarettes are lower in comparison to the imported one. Considering findings of the present study and other published data as well as the highly addictive psychoactive characteristic of nicotine in tobacco products, it is suggested that nicotine be thoroughly decreased in these products as low as possible in order to reduce the chance of damages to human health caused by long-time cigarette smoking. Although the best way and the only safe and effective way to minimize smoking related health risks is to avoid smoking.

  6. Александра Собина says:

    Also have found a bit of guideline,
    my Players are not even mentioned, maybe I’m puffing just clear air.

  7. Clicky says:

    • waltc says:

      Sad. I remember smoking (Sherman cigarettes) in that upstairs lounge shown in the article, after it became aboit the only place to smoke in midtown Manhattan, let alone the only place where smokers were treated with courtesy.

  8. Mark Jarratt says:

    These zealots never stop! And gullible anti freedom slob politicians enable them. Global disgrace.
    Spanish region bans smoking to curb spread.

    A ban on smoking on streets and restaurant terraces when social-distancing cannot be guaranteed came into effect on Thursday in Spain’s northwestern region of Galicia, with other areas mulling similar restrictions.
    Under a law approved by the regional government, smoking in public is not allowed if it is not possible to maintain a distance of 2m between people.
    When he announced the measure the head of the [dictatorial] regional government of Galicia, Alberto Nunez Feijoo, said several [self appointed lifestyle control prohibitionist] experts had warned his administration that “smoking without any restrictions, including on a terrace without any limitations, with people nearby, or in crowded places, without any social distancing, represents a high risk of infection”. [compared to the usual unstated undocumented rate?]
    Officials in the southern region of Andalusia, along with those in the central regions of Castilla y Leon and Castilla La Mancha, said they were considering similar smoking restrictions.
    The [discredited ideologically driven] World Health Organisation has said tobacco users are likely to be more vulnerable to being infected by the virus and could increase the possibility of transmission of the disease since it involves contact of fingers with the lips. [best cuff everyone or make them wear boxing gloves 🥊].

  9. Александра Собина says:

    I saw this too. My comment was run if you can.

  10. Steven simon says:

    I am not interested in how a person looks whether they are obese or not.Its about what they are inside that counts.A good heart and a good soul makes a good person.

    • Joe L. says:

      I share the same belief, Steven.

      However, this problem is intrinsic in the “Progressive” movement/culture. They claim to fight for “equality” and “fairness,” but they always seem to focus on identity and promoting differences between people. When “calling out” the things they disagree with, it more often than not involves highlighting and degrading the other person’s/group’s race, sex, sexual orientation, political leanings, or lifestyle choices, such as being obese, eating an “unhealthy” diet (e.g., fast food), smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, using fossil fuels, etc. Progressivism is, in fact, purely regressive, and those who support it actively engage in doublethink.

  11. Smoking Lamp says:

    Now they are imposing outdoor smoking bans in Spain based on spurious COVID-19 risks.

    “ Surge in Spain’s Covid-19 cases prompts regional smoking ban” https://amp.france24.com/en/20200813-surge-in-spain-s-covid-19-cases-prompts-regional-smoking-ban?__twitter_impression=true

    These false public health claims must be exposed and tobacco control must be destroyed.

    • Rose says:

      Should infect a few more, either their belief in anti-tobacco is too strong to acknowledge an alternative possibility or they don’t like people who smoke having an advantage even in a pandemic.

  12. Clicky says:

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