Compulsory Masks

James Delingpole:

Never mind Brexit. The bitter enmity we saw recently between Leavers and Remainers will be as nothing to the mutual distrust, loathing and contempt we’re going to experience in Britain over the next weeks and months as a consequence of Boris Johnson’s new compulsory masks policy.

Masks are dehumanising, they impede communication, they’re unpleasant and restrictive to wear, they aid and abet criminals, and — unless they’re medical-grade, which most aren’t — and there is no proof, as of yet, that they significantly prevent the spread of Chinese coronavirus, or even prevent spread at all. To make them compulsory, without offering a scientific justification is the biggest assault by government on civil liberty in centuries.

Is the Covid-19 pandemic ever going to end?

Probably not. It’s been going six months now, and has plenty of life left in it.

It can be used as an excuse for more and more restrictions.

Is it a pandemic at all?

Mortality isn’t high. The threat is exaggerated. Just like the threats of environmental tobacco smoke and global warming are both exaggerated. That’s the way it’s done: find some minor threat, and blow it up out of all proportion.

It’s what Piers Corbyn thinks too:


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15 Responses to Compulsory Masks

  1. Александра Собина says:

    “Is the Covid-19 pandemic ever going to end?”
    3 hours ago
    I went to the doctor the other day and asked him how long is this virus going to last and he said how should I know I’m not a politician.

    • Doug says:

      “I went to the doctor the other day and asked him how long is this virus going to last and he said how should I know I’m not a politician.”
      That humour is priceless! However, it will end when both doctors and politicians tire of being in the limelight and dictating every aspect of human behaviour.
      This virus is extremely contagious, but not extremely dangerous. So take your chances and live some life!

    • EG says:


  2. Clicky says:

  3. Rose says:

    “Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell describes himself as an “ER and critical care doctor” for NYC. “In these nine days I have seen things I have never seen before,” he says. Before publishing his video, we confirmed that Dr. Kyle-Sidell is an emergency medicine physician in Brooklyn and is affiliated with the Maimonides Medical Center located in Brooklyn.

    In his video (see below), he goes on to warn the world that the entire approach to treating COVID-19 may be incorrect, and that the disease is something completely different from what the dogmatic medical establishment is claiming.

    “In treating these patients, I have witnessed medical phenomena that just don’t make sense in the context of treating a disease that is supposed to be a viral pneumonia,” he explains.

    He talks about how he opened a critical care using expecting to be treating patients with a viral pneumonia infection that would progress into Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS). But that the disease acted nothing like ARDS. “This is the paradigm that every hospital in the country is working under,” he warns. “And yet, everything I’ve seen in the last nine days, all the things that just don’t make sense, the patients I’m seeing in front of me, the lungs I’m trying to improve, have led me to believe that COVID-19 is not this disease, and that we are operating under a medical paradigm that is untrue.”

    More from Dr. Kyle-Sidell: (emphasis added)

    In short, I believe we are treating the wrong disease, and I fear that this misguided treatment will lead to a tremendous amount of harm to a great number of people in a very short time… I feel compelled to give this information out.”

    COVID-19 lung disease, as far as I can see, is not a pneumonia and should not be treated as one. Rather, it appears as if some kind of viral-induced disease most resembling high altitude sickness. Is it as if tens of thousands of my fellow New Yorkers are on a plane at 30,000 feet at the cabin pressure is slowly being let out. These patients are slowly being starved of oxygen.

    And while [patients] absolutely look like patients on the brink of death, they do not look like patients dying from pneumonia… I suspect that the patients I’m seeing in front of me, look as if a person was dropped off on the top of Mt. Everest without time to acclimate.

    He goes on to explain that ventilators, in some cases, may be doing far more harm than good.

    When we treat people with ARDS, we typically use ventilators to treat respiratory failure. But these patients’ muscles work fine. I fear that if we are using a false paradigm to treat a new disease, then the method that we program [into] the ventilator, one based on respiratory failure as opposed to oxygen failure, that this method being widely adopted … aims to increase pressure on the lungs in order to open them up, is actually doing more harm”

    When in 1952 our government felt it might be responsible for a great many deaths from the Great London Smog because it had sent all the clean coal for export, it opted for a blame the victim strategy.

    Fear of political embarrassment led to government cover up of link between air polltion and cancer

    “In 1953, Dr Guy Scadding, speaking on the television programme Matters of Medicine, had expressed a belief that air pollution was as much a factor in whether someone developed lung cancer as smoking, citing the significantly higher number of deaths from the disease among those living in polluted cities, as opposed to the countryside, and assuming that rates of smoking were likely to be similar in both populations.

    A few years later, in 1957, the Medical Research Council was planning to issue a statement saying although smoking was a significant cause of lung cancer, up to 30% of cases might be caused by air pollution. But the Cabinet committee on cancer of the lung, fearful of another political embarrassment which could be caused by stressing the air pollution connection, asked the MRC to reconsider its statement. On 31 May 1957 a modified version was published, which asserted that although it was likely that atmospheric pollution did play a role in lung cancer, it was ‘a relatively minor one in comparison with cigarette smoking’.
    https: //

    “Perhaps the reason why MMS is less tumorigenic than expected in humans is because of the presence of other MSS components that inhibit or prevent tumorigenesis. For example, it is well known that MSS contains numerous anticarcinogens present in quantifies significantly greater than those of the PAHs of concern. When one reviews the history of these four PAHs in MSS or CSC it is clear that many unanswered questions remain.”

    Having been treated by a different method than one of the ventilators everyone had been clamouring for, our Prime Minister seems to have opted to blame obesity and not wearing masks.
    As we are still suffering from the 1957 ruse, this might continue for a very long time.

  4. Doug says:

    The angry mayor in Toronto wants to make it a LAW to wear masks in residential buildings, even in an empty elevator! The active virus infections are as low as they have ever been – less than a smidgen of 1% of Toronto’s population. Makes sense now, doesn’t it? These nice governors still want to be the bully!

  5. Joe L. says:

    Is it a pandemic at all?

    Mortality isn’t high. The threat is exaggerated. Just like the threats of environmental tobacco smoke and global warming are both exaggerated. That’s the way it’s done: find some minor threat, and blow it up out of all proportion.

    Exactly. Stoke fear and create division by turning citizens against one another by propagandizing ideologies which are supported by pseudoscience. That’s the modus operandi.

    And I’d like to add that the man interviewing Piers Corbyn wouldn’t let him complete one goddamned sentence. This biased bully is the furthest thing from an impartial journalist, continually interrupting Corbyn and trying to make him sound foolish. This is a tactic employed by the corrupt mainstream media which has become all too common with these subjects. They did it to anyone who refuted the antismoking pseudoscience, they do it to all Climate Change “deniers” and they are now doing it to anyone who argues against the COVID-19 propaganda. The mainstream media (and now social media, as well) are the controllers of the narrative. They are the Ministry of Truth.

  6. Rose says:

    On my daily search of the news headlines, I regularly find articles on Nitric oxide, but any articles on the progress of nicotine patches and the ace2 receptor trials have long since ceased.

    Nitric oxide, a ‘miracle molecule,’ could treat or even prevent coronavirus, top doctors say
    26 July 2020

    The treatment potential for the safe, and widely used gas, not to be confused with its cousin, nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is being tested at Massachusetts General Hospital.

    “I have every reason to believe that the inhaled nitric oxide will be quite effective in relieving all of that inflammation and the destruction in the lungs which is how the SARS-CoV-2 virus kills humans,” said Dr. Louis Ignarro, who won a Nobel Prize in 1998 for his breakthrough discovery of the molecule and its positive health impacts.

    Nitric oxide, a colorless gas that is naturally created in the body dilates blood vessels to speed up blood and oxygen flow. Inhaled nitric oxide is widely known for saving many oxygen-starved newborn babies with heart defects.

    Ignarro said the biggest issues in severe COVID patients, which can ultimately lead to death, are inflammation and blood clotting.
    “Nitric oxide prevents the blood from clotting, so it’s a no-brainer, if you can get that nitric oxide in the lungs, you can prevent the blood from clotting and dilate the arteries,” said Ignarro.

    He added that the molecule can also fight some bacteria, parasites and viruses. It is safe and is already used as a rescue therapy for patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome.
    Studies during the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome outbreak in 2004 demonstrated that nitric oxide was effective in killing that virus, a type of coronavirus.”
    “I’ve been calling it a miracle molecule for years and years,” said Ignarro.

    “One MGH study, which is currently recruiting participants, is aimed at severe COVID-19 patients that have been intubated and admitted to the intensive care unit. They will receive inhaled nitric oxide to determine if it improves outcomes.

    Another MGH study will assess inhaled nitric oxide as a treatment for patients with mild to moderate cases of COVID-19.
    Patients in that group will get inhaled nitric oxide for 30 minutes, two times a day for two weeks in hopes that the treatment prevents the disease from getting worse and leading to intubation.

    A third MGH trial is aimed at health care workers with exposure to COVID-positive patients. The workers will be given inhaled nitric oxide before and after their shifts to see if the treatment could protect them against the virus.”

    “A group of Medical School researchers has discovered a bizarre twist on the harmful effects of car exhaust and cigarette smoke: nitric oxide, a component of both pollutants, can help treat a deadly type of pneumonia.

    “Instructor in Anaesthesia Dr. Jesse D. Roberts, Jr., a member of Zapol’s research group, said the discovery also explains why mountain climbers short of breath often claim that smoking cigarettes makes them stronger. The seeming paradox may be due to the presence of nitric oxide in cigarette smoke”

    “And nitric oxide may only be the tip of the iceberg. The idea behind the treatment, that pollutants that are toxic in high doses are actually essential chemicals in the human body, may open a whole new world of safe drugs for other diseases.

    Carbon monoxide, another toxic gas present in automobile exhaust, has also been shown to be a chemical messenger between cells, Brain said. “It’s remarkable that it’s escaped everyone’s notice for so long,” he said.”

    “According to Zapol, it all reduces to one simple thing. “Good things hide in pollutants and cigarettes,” he said”

    Nevermind, I’ll keep trying.

  7. RdM says:

    Thanks so much Rose for your unstinting unerring works.
    I hope you can have these collected and safely held, to be published elsewhere securely.
    Forces doesn’t seem enough.

    Have you thought about this?
    Or should we save each breadcrumb separately ourselves.
    Ideally collected, a cake, or at least an array of biscuits? ;=})

    Else it’s diving through all the comments and saving individually.
    But you have originated the whole archive.
    Could it be in one collection?

    Please remember to save and archive ;- maybe to publish elsewhere as well, later.


    ~ Ross

    • Rose says:

      Forces no longer works, Frank posted Rose’s Garden on here and a lot of it is missing.
      Computer illiterate remember, anything past 2010 is saved in my head.

  8. Александра Собина says:

    “These nice governors still want to be the bully!”
    It takes some time for kids to fed up and leave a new toy.

  9. DP says:

    Dear Mr Davis

    If masks worked they would have been used 4 months ago when transmission was at its height. They don’t, so they weren’t.

    This seems to be a case of too much, forever, so has one of that nice Mr Johnson’s best mates gone long on face nappies and needs to shift a few billion? Or is it a simple case of corony capitalism?

    The Law, signed by the man himself, Mr ‘PHE can’t count’ Hancock:

    I haven’t heard any results of the ‘urgent review’ into PHE counting of corona deaths. How long does it take government to change the program that checks newly deceased against positive tests and eliminate those who tested positive more than 3 or 4 weeks earlier?

    This post by Mr Rick Hayward puts this year’s extended ‘flu season in perspective:


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