We had the first thunderstorm of the year in Herefordshire yesterday, and I found myself wondering if this was supposed to be evidence of  a “climate crisis” or even a “climate emergency”:

in January 2020 issue of the scientific journal BioScience, a group of over 11,000 scientists argued that describing global warming as a climate emergency or climate crisis was appropriate.[14] The scientists stated that an “immense increase of scale in endeavor” is needed to conserve the biosphere

But over the past 70 years of my life I’ve seen lots of thunderstorms in England, and yesterday’s  seemed no worse than any of the others. There was nothing unusual about it.

I simply don’t see any “climate emergency” or “climate crisis” happening.

I might feel differently about it if there were thunderstorms and torrential rain every day, but there aren’t any more than before. I see little or no change in Britain’s climate.

What I instead see is an attempt to use exaggerated claims of climate change to justify not just political change,

NASA’s Dr. Kate Marvel: “Climate justice and racial justice are the same thing, and we’ll never head off climate catastrophe without dismantling white supremacy.”

but also a Marxist-Leninist revolution:

Lund University academic: ‘To Halt Climate Change, We Need an Ecological Leninism’

along the lines of the coronavirus lockdown:

“If you were able to intervene to protect us from the virus, you can intervene to protect us from the climate crisis as well, the implications of which are much worse.”

I wonder what Lenin would have made of it all.

Anyway we now have meaningless “climate justice” rubbing shoulders with equally meaningless “racial justice” and “white supremacy.”

And now cancer is being added into the mix

Physicist Dr. Ralph Alexander: “Now the most preposterous claim of all has been made, that climate change causes cancer.

The coronavirus lockdown was, of course, itself the unnecessary  response to yet another exaggerated threat,

The result, as Nigel Farage points out, is loss of trust in the mainstream media:

“Whenever I turn on the BBC, it could be Channel 4, it could be Sky, it doesn’t matter… we are completely bombarded by a narerativ that somehow we are awful, terrible, backward, knuckle-dragging, racist people, and we should be deeply ashamed. Not just of who we are today, but everything we’ve ever stood for as a nation. That message, that narrative is coming out of mainstream media constantly, day on day on day,” he lamented.

Everyone is just switching off.

With luck there’ll be another thunderstorm today.

And another one tomorrow.

Hurray! We’ve just had another thunderstorm.

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25 Responses to Thunderstorms

  1. Rose says:

    Perhaps they are just trying to make everyday life more exciting for themselves and justify their own existance. Creating eddies and flourishes in the flow of ordinary life, we all do it, I’ve filled my garden with cabbages and brussels when they announced a pandemic, because I’ve never grown them before and they might come in useful.

    I can’t tell any over all difference in the climate of this bit of Yorkshire over my 66 years, but now I’m old enough to have an opinion. The people from other countries I’ve met over the years have been very pleasant and taught me interesting things I didn’t know before, if they share my accent I know we have a lot in common, if they don’t we try anyway.
    I don’t recognise the lot shouting about racism on the TV and blaming everyone for things that happened centuries ago.
    Should I get angry with modern Italians for the Romans destroying our knowledge of history to the extent that their propaganda, excuses for invading a trading partner and that we were a bunch of savages was still being taught to me as truth in the 50’s? Thank heavens for modern archaelogy setting the record straight.

    As for the Normans they enslaved the whole country, and it’s taken over a thousand years to get some of our previous rights back.

    The Status of Women in Anglo-Saxon England
    “In general, Anglo-Saxon England was a golden age of independence, power, wealth, and education for women.”
    “The first (laws) were perhaps those of King Aethelbert of Wessex in the mid 7th century and they continued to be written through the time of Alfred the Great in the late 9th century to that of King Canute who died in 1035. And, perhaps surprisingly, many of these laws dealt with the well-being of women.”

  2. Rose says:

    I was feeling rather dull and bored last night and beginning to forget what day it is as they all seem so similar these days, but I didn’t pick a fight with anybody, I delved into memory instead and felt much better for it.

    Split Part 2

  3. Clicky says:

  4. Dmitry says:

    Dear Rose, if you remember the Groundhogs, maybe you heard of something called From Home To Home. That’s the LP, not the group. There was only one LP recorded, then the group kinda disappeared, but I still remember it (was a schoolboy and all). Could not find anywhere in the world later on, and don’t even remember the name. Only the music.
    As for that media, they loved scaring us with total disasters, they were exuberant to upgrade the scare in the lockdown days, so they want more and all the time. Imagine that media owned by the Normans after 1066 – now we all are in the new norman, or the new normal, etc.

    • Rose says:

      These Dmitry?

      “From Home to Home is a 1970 album by the English prog-rock group Fairfield Parlour.”
      I don’t think I do remember them, I was more Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin.

      • Mark Jarratt says:

        You have excellent musical taste erudite Rose. At one stage (on stage) I could reasonably claim quite comprehensive skills in playing Hendrix tracks, but the Led Zeppelin polyrhythms and time changes were and are challenging and difficult. Unsure if I would have the endurance to play a 4hr rock gig these days. The sax player lives around the corner in Canberra but our bassist is nuttier than squirrel excrement. We intend to do more jazz rock fusion stuff but lack a full play list.
        Q: what do you call someone who hangs out with musicians? A: a drummer.
        Q: what did the drummer get on his IQ test? A: drool.

        • Rose says:

          Sorry about this, but it’s the best I can do, it cuts off the end of the song but it is also an illustration of why British young people in the late 60’s knew all about what was happening to people in the South

          Hendrix plays Ilkley!

          “Did you know that the legendary Jimi Hendrix once played a gig in Ilkley? Not likely, we hear you say. But it really happened – back in March 1967! Forty years on the BBC is returning to Ilkley to find out what happened on the night!

          Ilkley. Not exactly the capital of Rock ‘n’ Roll. But for one night in 1967, this genteel West Yorkshire spa town got everyone talking thanks to the legendary Jimi Hendrix’s unforgettable gig at the posh Troutbeck Hotel! You’ve been sending in your memories of the night to help BBC Look North and the BBC West Yorkshire website mark a very special rock’n’roll anniversary! But first of all, why not relive those heady days of the..err…Spring of Love?!

          It was March 12th 1967 that this surprising footnote to rock history took place. Jimi and his band The Experience had travelled to Ilkley after a poorly-attended date earlier that evening at Leeds’ International Club. Even legends have to start somewhere, but whereas he’d been met with relative indifference in Leeds, Ilkley would be a different matter… ”

          “The Troutbeck Hotel was the venue for Hendrix’s historic gig, and it was dangerously over-full before the band even took to the stage. Reports suggest up to 900 fans squeezed in, a mere 700 people more than the place could accommodate! Of course, this broke all the hotel’s regulations and licences, but things were different in those days…”

          I wasn’t there, I was too young, but I had a huge poster on my bedroom wall that unnerved my Mum.

      • Dmitry says:

        Thank you so much!!! This stuff sounds weak today, but for me it’s an important part of my past life, the part that I thought went away completely. Led Zeppelin is of course a step higher than that. Jimmy… hm.

        • Rose says:

          Then I’m very glad I found it for you.

          Something from the mists of time that still gives me shivers too.

        • Rose says:

          Ok, what happened to RDM, just happened to me
          Must be this page, I checked the link before I posted it and the link still works on mine.

          It was “I Feel Free” by Cream , in case you are wondering.

  5. Doonhamer says:

    The BBC realy think that their audience is thick.
    In times past they would forecast thunder or thunderstorms.
    Now just to increase the awe they forecast Lightning and Thunder and Rain.
    And just in case some people misunderstood, they show little dark clouds with scarey jaggy lightning sparking out.
    What surprises me is the BBC, with their love of scarey sound effects, do not have a great thunder crack sound followed by the sound of something sizzling.

  6. Lepercolonist says:

    Climate change wackos are upset that the Chinese Flu is garnering the headlines in the media.

  7. Mark Jarratt says:

    I note a credulous commenter on the Deccan Herald link claimed 800,000 die annually from “second hand smoke”… yeah sure matey, and government always act in the best interests of citizens, and never lie or obfuscate… Pass more Kool Aid… 🍼

  8. RdM says:

    Weird that suddenly on refreshing this page all of Rose’s videos have gone blank.
    I was enjoying them before. And the sentiments, discussion.
    Now they’ve just gone! The videos have disappeared!

    Well, I was inspired enough to look up early Led Zep. As a test.

    My first ever outdoor rock concert was Led Zep Feb 1972, summer outdoor stadium.

    Look at the comments … I was there at 19, 20 later that year. Hash, LSD, what?

    On a random quick search, early Led Zep, this;- does it work?

    Led Zeppelin Live Performance – January 9th, 1970 (Jimmy Page’s Birthday)

    The whole show, it seems, but allow it past the first rough track to seamlessly go in to
    2. I Can’t Quit You Baby

    I’m sure there are many more live concert recordings, that one of just many …

    So young, there, though, and 50 years ago!

  9. RdM says:

    Well, on posting that, Rose’s videos seem to have come back…
    So how about another quintessential English band, The Incredible String Band.

    Minotaur’s Song – The Incredible String Band

    Almost apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan?

  10. RdM says:

    FFS! How is the The Incredible String Band link being hijacked like that?
    Unbelievable, but it is!
    Well, how about this??

    Look for the Hedgehog song yourself, play the whole mix if you find it:
    Oops, the Minotaur song… is where we started;- a bit Gilbert & Sullivan?

    Anyway, just another quintessential English folk psychedelic slightly rock band to note…

    I give up;- the interweb is difficult tonight! ;=}))

  11. Rose says:

    It’s still raining

  12. RdM says:

    Ah yes that album. on LP

    A daring cover, one of several variants published.

    In it’s day! ;=})

  13. RdM says:

    Re Thunderstorms, you have this:

    I have this:

    The predictions are impressive …

    Apologies for the flood of posts … drinks after midnight! ;- )

  14. RdM says:

    How about
    and a reminder of

    Move your mouse around, observe, hover Help, look at Groups.
    You can find the Starlink chain in there too, where it is now.

    Amazing stuff, all free to see.

  15. Careful Frank! You’ve pissed off the Climate Change gods! They’re now aiming lightning at you!

  16. RdM says:

    Great thunder and jungle music here, thunder at start and especially at end finale, well recorded.

    From Yello’s album Flag, which I have on LP and a CD copy of for comparison, the 2nd to last track, Tied up in Red. There are so many great tracks on that album. Also on One Second, look it up!

    I found two versions on YouTube, both with just cover art, which might signify (more resource devoted to) better audio quality, not sure, but one the original and one a 2005 remaster.

    The latter sounds louder, more punchy, all that. Look up “Loudness Wars”. Still, maybe not bad.

    Anyway, let’s see if these YouTube links hold true, or are randomly hijacked to something else…

    First up (I was going to do it the other way around) the original. Then, the 2005 remaster.

    I used to turn the stereo right up for the closing seconds;- it’s quite well recorded thunder!

    Cheers for now! ;=})

    (and I so hope that works out.) (and maybe introduces some folk to Yello – earlier Yello!)

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