Meaningless Mantras

Do we have a “Climate Crisis”?

I keep hearing about it. It even has is own Wikipedia page.

But I still haven’t seen it anywhere. So I don’t think there is one.

And what is “Climate Justice”?

What the heck has the climate got to do with justice?


Bill Maher” on Defund the police”:

Many people are simply unclear about what “Defund the police” even means, he said during his opening monologue.

So that’s meaningless too. Some people are saying that “Defund the police” actually means “Reform the police.” But “”defund” doesn’t mean the same thing as “reform”.

And what about the latest: “Silence Is Violence”?

Silence is not violence. They just happen to end in “-lence”. That’s all they’ve got in common.

All these confections of words are essentially meaningless.

And there are more and more of them. Readers can no doubt think of several more.

Using them is a way of ending debate, because nothing is being said by using them.

And that’s probably the intention: To prevent debate.


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11 Responses to Meaningless Mantras

  1. Clicky says:

  2. Александра Собина says:

    I do not really understand this BLM madness. For UK I think more appropriate would be OLM, old lives matter.

  3. Smoking Lamp says:

    I have an idea… “Defund tobacco control.” After all, tobacco control is a political movement designed to persecute smokers and attack tobacco companies. It denies people and corporation s their rights to pursue lawful activities (smoking, congregating with other smokers, selling legal products) in the name of an ideology. Manipulated data and propaganda are used to propel this ideology which has become a lucrative grift for its champions. Tobacco control relies on manufactured crisis to empower a small group of activists and their corporate sponsors. Relentless propaganda and suppression of dissent enable the movement to consolidate the gains of their early ‘confidence tricks’ (like imposing the smoking ban based on manipulated data an intense lobbying).

    This intense social engineering benefits few beyond its own insider cult. Among those few are gangsters that gain profit from filling the legitimate demand for tobacco in light of prohibition and near-prohibition. Take the case of South Africa where the government has banned sales of cigarettes during the pandemic (obviously a step toward long-term prohibition) based upon false health concerns about smoking and Covid-19. Gangs have exploited the situation for profit and power. Check out this story from a South African newspaper, Daily Maverick: “Dlamini Zuma turns cigarettes into illicit drugs as the underground economy takes over.”

    Once again tobacco control,activism fuels criminal enterprises and deprived citizens of their liberty.

  4. Stephen Helfer says:

    I think “defund the police” means to give a lot of control over police funding to liberal organization so they can implement policies they favor. These policies might include banning the hiring of white males on police departments as well as removing any white males in senior positions; giving community organizers arms and police powers to enforce housing, commerce, and social diversity and inclusion; and monitoring businesses, neighborhoods, and schools for overt or subtle signs of
    systemic racism, homophobia, or intolerance.

  5. Steven says:

    What did blm expect when they started desecrating statues.Churchill was a hero in my eyes and no doubt in many others eyes.Im Jewish and if it wasn’t for him my parents would have never survived if hitler had conquered this island.And where do you think black people would have ended up?

  6. Rose says:

    Tomorrow is the day that we are allowed to go to the shops and buy non essential items and try as I might, I can’t think of any non essential items I want to buy.

  7. Clicky says:

  8. Rose says:

    National Smoking Rates Correlate Inversely with COVID-19 Mortality
    14 June 2020

    Click to access 2020.06.12.20129825v1.full.pdf

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