Tucker Carlson: Smoking Protective Against Covid-19

Mandy Vincent dropped in this video earlier today:

with a note saying Tucker Carlson had mentioned that smokers were less likely to get Covid-19 at 14:05 minutes into the video.

I watched it, and that’s pretty much exactly what Tucker did, adding that it wasn’t something he’d been expecting to say.

It wasn’t part of a longer report about it. It was really just a one-liner dropped into something else he was saying, and afterwards I thought it really needed expanded coverage, but it was great that it had made it onto Fox News in a  minimal form.

I was going to run it on my blog, but when I came back the original hour-long video had been replaced by a one-minute long one.

The original video was ill-edited. The first 10 minutes were from some other show, and the latter half had long commercial segments. Maybe it was going to be edited down into smaller segments?.

Or was it that Tobacco Control moved fast to suppress what Carlson said, because it was so dangerous to their cause?

I first got this story from Joe L in February, and I’ve been watching it (and helping it) propagate across the Web since then. And clearly it’s now reached Fox News. It’s gone mainstream. I saw it, and Tucker’s live audience (which is a big audience) would have seen it too.

And I think that  this story is likely to be a catastrophe for Tobacco Control. Tobacco is medically protective against Covid-19? Really? That could start millions of people smoking again. After falling for the past 50 years, smoking prevalence may now start rising.

I think the medical establishment are already in big trouble with Covid-19. The WHO is under attack, and so are all the medical experts. They’ve been riding their fake “tobacco epidemic” for decades, but now a real epidemic has showed up, they’re demonstrating their incompetence.

This story isn’t going to go away. Roobeedoo found a French doctor repeating it. So it’s going on propagating.

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26 Responses to Tucker Carlson: Smoking Protective Against Covid-19


    I would never encourage anyone to defy the ruls, its really bad and you must not do it)



  3. It’s been absolutely surreal how the media has ignored it. Even if we just use the CDC study as “The Gold Standard” we show just over 3% being smokers/ex-smokers and almost 97% being nonsmokers.

    Can you IMAGINE the storm that would take the airwaves if back on Feb. 11th you’d proposed that you’d examined the stats coming out of China and had noticed that “although 25% of Chinese go jogging every day, only about 5 or 10% of the CoVid’s victims are joggers! It seems that jogging is an incredibly effective defense against CoVid!” And then a few weeks later you noted as well that the US CDC had run a massive study of over 6000 CoVid victims and discovered that only 2% of the CoVid victims were active joggers despite almost 20% of the US population being active joggers!

    It would have made headlines around the world! It would have been hailed as the equivalent of the Salk Vaccine against polio!

    But when those kinds of figures involve smoking we actually see the research not just being treated as invisible, but we also see when the followup research comes out the next week they simply DROP the traditional “jogging” measurement with the excuse that it’s just a subset of “physical fitness” so there was no need to note it.

    It feels like we’re living in a Lewis Carroll looking glass world.


  4. Joe L. says:

    Frank, as I mentioned in yesterday’s comments, the Tucker Carlson video you posted above is only 1:01 long for me. I checked for other video clips of the same broadcast and they are all also either ~1:00 or ~0:01 long. It appears Google/YouTube is now actively truncating these videos to either censor Tucker Carlson, or to prevent copyright infringement at the request of Fox News. However, I doubt it is the latter; I would assume in that case they would remove the video completely. I asked if anyone else could find an actual, working, full broadcast, because I can’t.

  5. Igrowmyown says:

    To admit that smoking tobacco protects the individual against coronavirus infection would for health bodies, governments and the media be the equivalent of admitting that the earth was not round after all but indeed quite flat. It’s not going to happen without some influencers breaking rank.

  6. slugbop007 says:

    Maybe the Tucker Carlson clip is only 1 minute long. Maybe it is longer and can be found on a FOX podcast of the same program?


    • Joe L. says:

      As Frank described above, this video originally contained the full ~hour long video of Tucker Carlson’s broadcast. Without warning, the video became a ~1 minute video that doesn’t have a clean start or end; the video appears to have been automatically truncated down to a random 1-minute segment of the broadcast (which doesn’t include the coverage of smoking having a protective effect against COVID-19). I have definitely found full episodes of Carlson’s program on YouTube in the past, so this is unusual. Upon searching for other uploads of the 4/13 broadcast, every other video which claimed to be of the full broadcast was either a random ~1 minute clip or a random ~1 second clip. It appears to me that an automated censorship algorithm is truncating these videos to prevent people from watching them.

  7. Roobeedoo2 says:

    Found a podcast. Listening now – he mentions the report that cigarette smokers are less likely to die of Covid-19; “much less likely” at 5:44…

    • Joe L. says:

      Thanks, Roobee! While this is called a “podcast,” it’s actually just the audio track from the telecast with the video removed. Thus, it appears the new censorship algorithm must have been programmed to match frames of video from the original program and truncate those files, overlooking this one because the video has been removed. I would like to watch the broadcast with video, but this is better than nothing.

      I remember when Google’s motto was “Don’t be evil.” I also remember when they removed it from their code of conduct in 2015. I just never expected them to become so evil this quickly.

  8. Clicky says:

    • Joe L. says:

      Great news! Trump stuck to his word. The US will withhold funds from the WHO for 60 to 90 days, during which time the administration will evaluate what to do next. I hope the US winds up pulling out of the WHO entirely. Down with the WHO!


    I keep tellin people this, they won’t listen, I can see it in their eyes. Brainwashed.)

  10. Doug says:

    The WHO’s legacy: saving people from possibly developing some harm from Second Hand Smoke over a lifetime, while ignoring a virus that kills in weeks. With the funding cut, no more fancy Tobacco Control conventions for the WHO! Good riddance!

    • smokingscot says:

      I don’t think they need to fuss about it. Sott ran this article yesterday showing that Gates and Bloomberg are the two largest private contributors to the WHO. More can step in to place funds from their tax evading “foundations”.


      And if there was any doubt about money being syphoned off from other geopolitical groups, then the “voluntary” contribution from the UN is proof. That’s TC’s stated aim. Also, each individual state in the EU pays into the WHO, yet so too does the EU itself??? And if one cares to look at the funders for FCTC, you’ll find the same anomaly.

      I’d mention this crap about taking money from private individuals was initiated by Ted Turner way years ago, probably when he was hitched with the Barbarella chick.

  11. Lepercolonist says:

    Bravo, Tucker Carlson. You will not hear this on the left-wing, progressive MSM.

  12. Walt Cody says:

    I watched it in real time and IIRC it was just basically a two-liner. IOW, likely nothing cut. But keep in mind that the same people who hate smokers also hate Carlson and disbelieve anything said on Fox. And the rest of the media will continue to suppress it and the experts will continue to press people to quit as a way to prevent catching the virus. As does the Surgeon General almost anyntime he’s on air.

  13. Joe L. says:

    The original video was ill-edited. The first 10 minutes were from some other show, and the latter half had long commercial segments. Maybe it was going to be edited down into smaller segments?

    That’s interesting. It’s possible the uploader purposefully edited those other clips onto the beginning and end of the video to circumvent this censorship algorithm. I’ve seen other videos on YouTube in years past–of movies and other copyrighted material–where the audio was pitch-shifted up or down a semitone and the video was shrunk down like 10%, leaving a black border around the video as a method of modifying the data enough that the YouTube copyright infringement algorithm wouldn’t hit on it and take it down.

    However, I don’t believe this is an issue of copyright infringement, because I have found full broadcasts of Tucker Carlson’s program on YouTube in the past, and videos which infringe copyrights are taken down completely, not truncated to ~1 minute or ~1 second in length. Something is very suspicious here, and I smell censorship.

  14. Dmitry says:

    Thanks to you, Frank, and the rest of the people here and on other sites, I’ve just sent my 4th column on the tobacco protecting people – and the wild reaction of everyone in TC. And that’s what I wrote about these miserable monsters: why don’t you, people, imagine those who were actually burning other people for claiming that the Earth was not flat? Not to mention that they were not letting these people speak out, were chasing them out of their jobs and dukedoms, etc.
    Mind you, the science has been telling that the Earth was round even in the 6th century BC. But the establishment, whatever it was, didn’t give a shit about science. And then, in around 17th century, it became abundantly clear that it’s round – so imagine what these flat-earthers were saying and doing at the time… Same as now. Anyway, it was a long and gradual process.

  15. slugbop007 says:

    We can’t put a monetary value on all the denunciations, invective, social ostracizing and other forms of daily harassment and public shaming that the virtue signalling members of our society, along with the media, goverrnment quangos and various other agencies, hurled at us for the past twenty or so years, but we certainly could put a monetary value on all the tax increases that we have had to endure over this same time period. I want my money back! I want our money back! It’s our turn for a Master Settlement and their turn for a trip to The Hague!


  16. slugbop007 says:

    In their zeal to connect tobacoo consumers with the COVID-19 virus Tobacco Control may have stuck its collective neck out too far this time around. Let’s hope so.


  17. Vlad says:

    It made the DailyMail as well:
    Two New York University studies looking at 8,000 patients found being over 65 or having a BMI above 30 were the biggest risk factors for COVID-19 admissions. The researchers said ‘surprisingly’ there was no association between smoking and an increased risk of falling seriously ill with the virus.

    Just 5 per cent of all COVID-19 hospital admissions were tobacco users – three times less than the 15 per cent of smokers in New York City. It is not clear why this is but one study from China suggested smokers face a lower risk of catching the virus.

  18. slugbop007 says:

    Great tongue in cheek headline from Christopher Snowdon’s article today:

    WHO’s sorry now?


  19. slugbop007 says:

    The World Bank/IMF/GlobalLink/UN/WHO/EU/Public Health/Media cartel pressured governments around the world to impose Social Distanciing on tobacco lovers twelve plus years ago. So, If you need any tips or advice on how to improve your Social Distancing skills, text, email us or call us, toll free, at 621 311 208 523 815. Certain conditions apply.  Operators are waiting. Call now!


  20. Александра Собина says:

    On “WHO’s sorry now?” some links does not work and video without sound. Is it just me?

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