Praying For Boris

4 am, and I can’t sleep. Sat in bed with a roll-up and a glass of water, wondering what to do. Why not write a one-off, middle-of-the-night blog post?

Our prime minister, Boris Johnson, is unconscious and in intensive care.

And that’s unreal, almost fictional. And I’m praying for him. Praying that he makes it through the night. Years ago he sent me several signed copies of a few of his books, and a big cigar that took me about an hour and a half to smoke on a lawn in Devon one sunny day. So I have a small personal connection to him.

He’s in great danger, suffering from a new disease of which the medical profession is only just beginning to gain experience. He could easily die. I pray he doesn’t. I hope that in a few weeks he returns to the House of Commons to a round of cheers as prime minister again.

Meanwhile the country is leaderless at the height of a pandemic. The acting PM is someone called Dominic Raab. I know nothing about him. Is there going to be a power struggle in the Conservative party as Boris floats between life and death?

It’s not just here in Britain. The coronavirus pandemic has taken over the whole world. We’re all in the same boat together, caught in a very strange storm. Everything is changing. And it’s making what was happening beforehand seem trivial, unimportant.

Earlier today I was reading that the coronavirus pandemic  might bring the demise of the EU. It had shown how little solidarity the EU had, when it refused to provide assistance to Italy. What’s the point of the EU? The open borders are now closed. Europe is  being run by its nation states, not by Brussels. Perhaps the EU has already ceased to exist? The coronavirus was far too strong for it.

With the UK in lockdown, lots of companies have ceased to trade. Are they all going to restart trading one day in a month or two, as if nothing had happened? I bet they won’t. I think Britain’s high streets will be filled with empty shops that closed and never re-opened. But that’s a future coronavirus outcome, yet to be unveiled.

Is anything going to be the same again? Not just here in Britain, but everywhere else as well. This is looking more and more like a six-month global hurricane that’s going to leave everything broken. And when it’s put back together, it won’t be the same world it was. It’ll be a transformed world.

Are we still going to have Identity Politics after this? Are we still going to have Climate Change? Are people still going to be “woke”? Are they still going to hate Donald Trump? I think it’s all in process of being swept away. I think all that is going to look like past history. I think people will wonder why anyone was ever concerned about all those silly, unimportant concerns. We’ll all be different.

Maybe I won’t even be bothered about smoking bans in pubs, because there won’t be any pubs. In Britain they’ve all been closed, and quite likely many will never re-open. I often write about how life changed on 1 July 2007, but I now think that everything is changing again right now in 2020.

And we’re not yet even at the climax of this storm yet. It’s been blowing for 3 months, and has another 3 or 6 or 9 months to run. And already it’s had huge impacts. It’s changed the perception of China in the world, and it’s changing the relation of China to the world. It’s probably changed China as well. In fact it’s changed the relationship of everyone to everyone else. It’ll be a new political universe when it’s over. Everything will have shifted around. There’ll be a new reality.

Am I overstating things? Isn’t it much more likely that, in a years time, we’ll be seeing much the same world we were seeing before it all started?

The odd thing about this pandemic is that we’re all in this storm together, everywhere in the world. And we don’t want anyone to come out of it badly (not even China). It’s an uniting event, not a divisive one. We’re all going to feel closer together than we were, for having all been through the same thing, like passengers who survived a plane crash.

It’s going to be years before things recover, before everything settles down again.

Praying for Boris is praying for a world in which everything is being swept away, including prime ministers. It’s praying for everything and everyone, including people that I don’t like.

And now with the dawn breaking, maybe at last I’ll sleep.

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18 Responses to Praying For Boris

  1. Timothy Goodacre says:

    I am praying for Boris too Frank. I really hope our relationship with China is held strictly at arms length in the future and we stop outsourcing manufacturing to China.

  2. smokingscot says:

    Raab was not an MP in 2006, however his voting record is to keep the big ban (by not voting) and the rest is here.

    He is however a passionate believer in our exiting the EU and I’d suggest that’s one of the main reasons Boris chose him.

    Nevertheless I too wish Boris all the best. He’s a tough old bird and he’s got a sprog to look forward to. But he is mid 50 and tad too tubby. It’ll be down to his will to live, even if he’s likely to suffer some form of lung damage.

  3. Rose says:

    It was a great shock and I am deeply worried for Boris, particularly after that video yesterday, but though reportedly they have given him oxygen they haven’t put him on a ventilator yet.

  4. Александра Собина says:

    I do not pray for Boris. I may if he would release tobacco tax at least. Lifting ban takes time.

  5. Timbotoo says:

    I hope that he makes it.

  6. Александра Собина says:

    Sadly I do not believe it any more. Lets better pray for Nigel Farage.

  7. Clicky says:

  8. Walt Cody says:

    None of us knows what this “post war” world will look like, but the lasting economic effects (a worldwide Great Depression?) will certainly change things. The Left, unfortunately not without reason, sees it as an opportunity to impose –I think not just socialism but communism-lite, and I’m left to wonder how many more people will be ready if not eager to accept that. For the rest, they’re not letting up on their green and identity agendas. AOC is demanding (wait for it) reparations to “black and brown” people because she claims the virus is “hitting them hardest.” (Perhaps it’s also selecting transgenders.) As part of the pork-filled $2T relief bill, the Left tried to (tho ultimately failed to) include clauses demanding that corporations have diversity quotas on their boards, that airlines keep meticulous records on the exact amount of greenhouse gasses expelled by each flight, They are also busy connecting the spread of the virus itself to “climate change. ” and celebrating how empty streets have purified the air. They also see this as an opportunity to impose “medicare for all” which some polls are showing more people now support, as well as a permanent universal guaranteed income. I fear that those who feel they need the latter two will buy the whole diet. I hope I’m wrong and that, as you hope, the green/identity stuff will be seen as trivial pursuits against the magnitude of the reality.

    And I still wonder why I suddenly have to post thru fb rather than automatically as for years.

  9. Rose says:

    Delingpole: Trump Offers Boris Coronavirus Drugs Not Available Through British Health Provider

    “Anyone who considers this to be overreach by Trump — doesn’t the UK have a perfectly good National Health Service already? Isn’t it known domestically as ‘the Envy of the World’? — might consider a letter that appeared over the weekend in the Sunday Telegraph, written by Dr Steven R Hopkins of Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire.

    It says:

    “The chief medical officer, Professor Chris Whitty, has banned doctors from treating Covid-19 with anything other than paracetamol and in severe cases, oxygen.

    Colleagues have rightly condemned this response, which ignores the experience of doctors overseas. Professor Whitty’s position is that British doctors may not use therapies that have not undergone double blind controlled trials here. This could condemn many thousands to avoidable death through a failure to recognise that different rules should apply when patients are dying at such a rate.

    The drug hydroxychloroquine is well-known, with a well-understood side-effect profile. It is safe. It also has a recognised mode of action in preventing replication of the virus. Comparison of the death rates in South Korea and Italy strongly suggests that it works to dramatically reduce the death rate. Evidence from India is similarly encouraging.”

  10. AndyDan says:

    I too hope that Boris comes through this. The signs are looking good now as he is out of ICU.
    It was a great gesture of support from President Trump, a genuine Anglophile. He was supportive of the previous PM and had that thrown back in his face, it wouldn’t surprise me if that was repeated, sadly.
    This virus is indeed unpleasant, but when the mortality figures come in over the whole year, will probably be little more than a blip, if that. ( I recommend Hector Drummond’s site, if you want to keep tabs on that and the media lies)
    Nobody knows what will happen post Corona; it’s likely to be worse than the virus imo, but I could well be wrong.
    FDR’s words are good to think on though:
    “We have nothing to fear except fear itself”

  11. Joe L. says:

    A couple hours ago, in his daily COVID-19 press briefing, President Trump stated that the US will be withholding all funding for the WHO and his administration will be investigating the organization for their failure to recognize (or failure to publicize) the potential severity of this pandemic earlier. He said, “[The WHO] called it wrong. They missed the call. They should have called it months earlier. They would have known, and they should have known–and they probably did know.” It’s about time a powerful government holds these corrupt, unelected bureaucrats’ feet to the fire! Down with the WHO!

    • smokingscot says:

      Hi Joe,

      Trump has a handle on what’s going on with this entire healthist racket. Top down it’s a putrid swamp of parasitic creations. And when a real one comes along, the academics, professors, used car salesmen, the ex journalists and the ex librarian have sweet bugger all to contribute.

      The pen pushing prat heading Public Health England allows only oxygen and headache treatment for Covid 19, while the anti smoking fuckwits ignore stats from China and the US showing smokers to be remarkably resilient to the bug, to push a minute blip that seems to indicate the opposite.

      The same seems to be happening in the USA and there’s no doubt whatsoever that they are very comfortable to hide behind their reasons for existence, be it procedures, or fctc to sacrifice people. They really do have exactly the same mentality as Anders Behring Breivik, he who slaughtered a bunch of kids in Sweden. Or any of the so called Jihadists.

      What kills with them is bullets, trucks, knives. What kills with our lot is misplaced empowerment.

      Trump is correct to threaten the WHO and to make 100% certain the $115,766,922 America contributes to their budget is spent correctly.

      “I’m not saying I’m going to do it, but we will look at ending funding.”

      Is what he went on to say.

      So while the UN and the WHO have both said to cut down on travel to help reduce igreenhouse gases, it won’t come as a surprise that the Tobacco Control COP 9 is still scheduled to take place in the Hague in November.

      Bringing together the crème de la crème of highly paid “tobacco control professionals” from all corners of the globe to chat amongst themselves as no outsides are allowed to observe, or question. To enjoy fine cuisine and five star accommodation for five consecutive days. Then the chosen few will have a follow on meeting where they’ll tweak fctc before presenting their revised “treaty” to their legislators to pass into law.

      If Trump can set up a permanent oversight of both UN and WHO, then that excess in indulgence will cease. They can do the whole thing by video link forever – and the money saved used for genuine needs.

    • Александра Собина says:

      Well done Trump! I will prey he do it.

  12. Douglas Hall says:

    Hi Smoking Scot,
    The WHO failed to protect humanity from COVID. Back in February I think, someone on this blog went to the WHO website and saw that WHO was clearly more obsessed about the “tobacco” pandemic and not COVID. COVID can kill within weeks, and smoking may (or may not) harm your health over a lifetime. The WHO had the wrong priority.

  13. Александра Собина says:

    A bit more for Boris. I did my curious about Rishi Sunak, because he was the last who got into my pocket by raising taxes on tobacco. So it turned out that his main advantage is that he is rich. Education does not stand out. He wrote a book that even a teenager could write “A Portrait of Modern Britain”
    Why Boris chose him is a mystery to me.

  14. smokingscot says:

    Hi Alex,
    He was chosen because of his absolute loyalty to Boris and his willingness to accommodate Dominic Cummings. Oh and his colour scheme probably played a very small part in it.

  15. Grimble says:

    Take a listen to David Icke on Londereal:

  16. Александра Собина says:

    Hi Smokingscot,
    I thought of his colour scheme, but did not think it could be enough. Maybe the main reason is loyalty then. Is it enough(?)

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