I live in a quiet English country town. It’s even quieter now. Pretty much all I can hear outside my window is the chirping of birds and gusts of wind.

I’ve been listening. I’ve only heard 3 cars in the last 30 minutes. Normally it’s 5 or 10 times that. And normally there’s the sound of lawnmowers and hedgecutters and the distant sounds from the new estate being built half a mile away. And occasional greetings exchanged. Children calling.

I have a neighbour who normally steps outside for a cigarette every half hour or so. I hear the clicking of his lighter. No sign of him today. Everyone is staying indoors, it seems. So is he smoking indoors now, or has he stopped smoking? I know he’s at home, because I’ve heard his dog bark once or twice: if he’s not at home the dog barks non-stop all day.

I haven’t been outside for weeks, since I started getting food delivered. And since I only ever shave when I go out, it means that I’m growing a beard.

In fact, shortly after food started being delivered by the local Tesco supermarket, it stopped being delivered. You have to book a delivery slot online. When I started there was next day delivery. Now all the delivery slots are booked solid for the next 3 weeks, despite Tesco doubling or tripling the number of delivery slots. My online delivery shopping days seem to have ended as soon as they’ve begun.

But I found that there’s an online pizza and kebab and burger delivery outfit in town. So I’ve been buying hamburgers and kebabs and pizzas, and (wonder of wonders) milkshakes that I haven’t bought in decades. So right now I’m living on reheated pizzas and burgers, with added milkshakes. I could happily live this way for months.

Another slight change: I’ve started drinking water, plain simple tap water. It’s partly because I’m finding that the milk that gets delivered goes off more quickly than usual, so I’m cutting down on using it. It means that when I do make a mug of tea, it tastes like ambrosia. Tea has never tasted better in recent days.

The aim of the lockdown is to prevent transmission of the new coronavirus. And if the rest of Britain is like it is round here, it’s going to stop it dead. And this is something that people are doing of their own volition: there’s no police or army presence, no loudspeakers ordering people around.

All the same, it must be a shock to most people to find everything shut: pubs and cafes and restaurants closed, shops closed, cinemas and theatres and art galleries closed.

It’s no shock to me. It’s  the way life has been for the past 13 years. British smokers have been under lockdown for 13 years since 1 July 2007. They’ve had no pubs and cafes and restaurants and shops and  cinemas and theatres and art galleries – none that they’re welcome in, leastways – for nearly 13 years. It’s why I never go anywhere: I’m unwelcome in my own country.

And now everybody is experiencing what smokers experience. Now everybody knows what it’s like to no longer have a local friendly pub or restaurant to visit, because that’s closed to them too now. Now everybody knows what “social distancing” is like, as they no longer see any of their friends.

One difference is that when (if?) the UK lockdown ends in few weeks time, the smokers’ lockdown will continue, and intensify. And that’s because the coronavirus lockdown is a response to a genuine (if slightly exaggerated) sudden health threat, while the smokers’ lockdown is a carefully planned piece of social engineering. The aim of smoking bans isn’t to protect anyone from anything: the aim of smoking bans is simply to stop people smoking.

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23 Responses to Lockdown

  1. RdM says:

    Only slightly OT, I just found this, quite recently posted:

    “That’s not social distancing!”

  2. Mark Jarratt says:

    Identical totalitarianism, tobacco control zealots and COVID-19 lockdowns both elevate so called public health above all other values of liberal democracy. Your body belongs to the Vaterland. The restrictions on movement, economic activity, and penalties for leaving house arrest are all features of authoritarian police states. This environment of mass hysterics is far more socially damaging than even the most malevolent virus. Do not destroy the village to save it. 🔥

  3. David says:

    Everybody is experiencing what smokers do? That’s sheer hyperbole. The 2007 smoking ban was annoying and inconvenient but it didn’t effect everything. It didn’t effect going to church or to concerts, neither of which allowed smoking long before the ban. The lockdown has closed both churches and concert halls. I miss going to church. I miss going to concerts and I will miss it especially this summer if, as I fear, the Proms are cancelled. But then smoking is only one of my many pleasures and by no means the most important. For you it seems to be the center of you entire life and that sounds rather sad

    • Roobeedoo2 says:

      Regardless, churches have been forced to bear the sign of the Tobacco Control beast, David, along with every other indoor ‘public’ space since 1st of July 2007…



    • Александра Собина says:

      For David

      Smoking is not the only joy in my life, I also like red wine, meat, the beach, etc. The problem is that someone, wants to make me change my priorities and habits. Just because someone doesn’t like the smell of my cigarette, I have to quit smoking. The question begs: what about perfumes, someone may not like the smell of my Gucci too. My cigarette is dangerous to others as well as my perfume. At my 58 I have not seen a single person who suffered from the so-called shs. The question remains: why should I, and why some one is trying to force me.
      Have a good day and enjoy your fag while you can.

      • smokingscot says:

        Millions have found they’ve got time on their hands and the demands on broadband providers indicates they’re turning to the web.

        David states his reasons why the lockdown affects him – and that’s fine.

        His final sentence was not called for, showing a lack of understanding about the blog master, who discusses a whole variety of issues besides smoking. But also because he has the audacity to think we might give a fuck about his opinions.

    • Frank Davis says:

      The 2007 smoking ban was annoying and inconvenient but it didn’t effect everything

      In your case it would seem that it didn’t affect everything. But in my case it did.

      The 2007 smoking ban quite simply destroyed the old pub experience. I could never abide sitting inside a pub with a pint of beer, sans cigarette. So I always sat outside where I could have them both, but only on sunny days. The circle of friends and acquaintances I’d built up at my local pub dissolved overnight. Formerly busy pubs emptied (and closed).

      I no longer felt any part of society after 1 July 2007. And indeed the intention of the smoking ban was always to drive smokers like me out of society. We had gradually been made into persona non grata for 30 years, with creeping bans elsewhere (it was for many years possible to smoke in cinemas and theatres and concerts). In 2007 we were comprehensively kicked out, exiled to the outdoors. And that’s where I’ve stayed. And all my attitudes to everything have changed completely along with that experience.

      As a churchgoer, you were part of a community. So was I once. But it was the pub that was my church, and where I met all my friends.

      • Timothy Goodacre says:

        Me too Frank. I bitterly resent being forced out of my pubs. I will never forgive these bastards who inflicted this on us. Coupled now with the fact that the UK tobacco offer is now the narrowest its ever been. For quality you are virtually forced to source abroad if you can. So many old folk i knew where forced into loneliness because they could no longer enjoy a pipe and pint with their friends lunchtime or early evening. The likes of ASH and their Public Health chums literally want us to die. Unforgiveable.

  4. Rose says:

    Coronavirus breakthrough: New vaccine set for mass production in MAJOR development
    Apr 2, 2020

    “BRITISH American Tobacco (BAT) has claimed that it could have a vaccine against COVID-19 ready as early as June, in what would be a major breakthrough in the fight against the lethal virus.

    The vaccine is being developed from tobacco plants, by its US biotech subsidiary, Kentucky BioProcessing (KBP). KBP has already started pre-clinical testing and if all goes according to plan, then production of the vaccine will begin in June. The subsidiary has a track record in developing treatments for lethal viruses, having worked on a vaccine for Ebola, during the epidemic in Africa in 2014.”

  5. slugbop007 says:

    Reply to David, April 2 2020

    The smoke pollutants (from burning incense) can cause respiratory system dysfunction and produce more particulate matter than cigarette smoke, 45 milligrams per gram, compared to a cigarette’s 10 milligrams per gram. (3) If that’s the case then perhaps a study of the prevalence of lung cancer deaths in priests and nuns throughout the centuries should be done?

    Most people think that Cancer is a modern disease. I think it has always been around since who knows when, just like diptheria, measles, malaria, smallpox, you name it. Some viruses mutate, some fade away, some die out and some increase with strength.


  6. Fredrik Eich says:

    If you remember the discussions on rain and lung cancer, well there is a study on the subject.

    For the first time[sic], a study finds an association between living in cold, wet regions and increased cancer prevalence. The conclusions are surprising and likely to spark debate.

    from medical news.


  7. slugbop007 says:

    This is the latest dangerous blather from our self-appointed Churchillian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau:

    “Listening to public health rules is your duty. Staying home is your way to serve. So, be smart about what you do, about the choices that you make. That is how you will serve your country, and how we will all serve each other.”

    Public Health has now become an excuse for Totalitarian rule.

    I think that the success of the Climate Change Disaster Rally at the end of last September, 2019, really went to their heads. This time, though, instead of asking us to fill up the streets for The Great Cause, they want us to stay home and keep them empty. We really are a bunch of sheep. Worse, the money that has been subsidizing this public health above all else obsession was extorted from us through taxpayer paid propaganda, lies and deceit, officially rubber stamped and put into law by our respective governments.


  8. Frank Davis says:

    This German video (with English subtitles) debunking Covid-19 has gone viral.

    • beobrigitte says:

      This comes a little as a surprise. Last week in the daily briefing Prof Wieler (Head of Robert Koch institute) was accused of under-reporting the number of daily deaths to which Prof Wieler replied that this may be the case as extensive population testing and removing infected individuals from circulation was priority and the number of test kits available does not allow for post mortem testing also, therefore this is not done in Germany.

      • beobrigitte says:

        April 3. Reality check.
        Last night I hosted the first skype meeting with my local friends, 2 of which are front line NHS workers.
        For the time being they do have PPE, although they can’t say for how long it will be sufficient.
        Both stated that the numbers of infected people listed by the government are plain wrong. Both are reaching breaking point now.
        One of them: “People are admitted, come to the ward and die. Every day at least 4…5…6… It has been like this for weeks”.

        I do not know why this government declined the EU ventilators. Nothing to do with charity, it was still it’s RIGHT to have them. Now they are gone.

        Lock-down. Yes, it is an infringement on peoples’ rights. But with being entitled to RIGHTS there are also RESPONSIBILITIES. I did NOT need a BAN. I chose self-isolation nearly 3 weeks ago. Partly because I am one of the over 60s who, if catching it, will be given sedatives and left to die but MOSTLY because I do NOT wish to pass the virus on.

        You do have the right to continue following e.g. Breitbart, David Icke, Zerohedge etc.etc.etc., who I, too, call dangerous, blathering “deep state” idiots. This one worked well for Hitler and by the looks of it is working again in 2020. There are better ways to fight smoking bans.

  9. smokingscot says:

    Breibart has picked up on the smoking may protect you from the virus.


    It’s alt media, but is widely read. Amusing to see a troll pound away on pages 1 and 2 of the comments – and get sideswiped.

    • Joe L. says:

      Great find, smokingscot! I’m happy to see this getting a wider audience! The study referred to in the Breibart article appears to be a meta-analysis of seven Chinese studies (previously we were aware of four) which indicate that far fewer smokers are hospitalized due to COVID-19 than nonsmokers. It also mentions the following tweet which indicates that even the US CDC is reporting similar statistics!

      Yet all the while we have the WHO and ASH fearmongering smokers into quitting with zero evidence to the contrary.

  10. smokingscot says:

    Seems their decision to include current smokers has backfired. Other health bodies will not make the same mistake. They say only 14% of Americans smoke, so with only 1.3% them getting the virus, that is important information, as is the fact they are in no greater need of admission, nor ICU beds than the general population.

    It’s former smokers who seem to have a tougher time of it, which is another reason why detailed stats like this will be suppressed. And they certainly won’t want you to know if the families of current smokers have similar characteristics.

    What has been omitted as a serious risk factor is obesity… odd.

  11. Frank, you might want to try another source for milk orders. I’ve been ordering through Amazon Prime and have found that it stays top of the line fresh for at least three weeks (maybe four!) in my fridge. Of course I keep my fridge cycling between 31F and 35 F, which is cooler than a lot of fridges get, but Amazon packs their cold stuff in insulated bubble wrap and it stays VERY cold from the market/warehouse to my house.

    MJM, who orders three to four gallons at a time… hey, I need SOMETHING to wash all that chocolate down!

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