All Change

I keep coming across rather startling headlines:

The CDC Was Fighting Racism & Obesity Instead Of Stopping Epidemics

We all knew this, didn’t we? They were fighting racism and sexism and obesity and smoking. Those were what mattered to them.

When this is all over, are they going to be able to go back to fighting racism and obesity? When WW2 ended, did people go back to doing whatever they’d been doing before the war began? No. It was a different era. Everything had changed. It was all change with everything.

And some of them can see that they’re fast becoming irrelevant

Greens desperately trying to harness concern about Covid-19 for their fake climate crisis.

With luck, when it’s all over, most of these former concerns will seem rather stupid. Did we really ever worry about that?

Perhaps China has started already.

China Takes Axe To Alternative Energy Funding, Slashing Subsidies For Solar And Wind

I’d be quite happy to take an axe to wind farms, and demolish all the windmills. And replace them with coal. Yes, coal. Nice sooty coal. Same with solar farms. Grow something useful. Like tobacco.

I heard yesterday that, in a newly-virus-emptied pub somewhere, they’d brought out the ashtrays. It made sense: Now that the non-smokers have been driven out of the pubs as well, it had all gone full circle, and people could go back to the way it used to be. In an empty pub, smoking bans cease to apply.

The more extreme the experience of the coronavirus pandemic, the more likely it is to sweep away what came before. There’ll be new and pressing concerns. Like toilet paper. People are being robbed of toilet paper. Was that conceivable just a week ago? People are not going to be interested in racism and obesity: they’re going to be concerned about toilet paper.

Or drones:

Spanish Police Are Using Drones To Yell At Those Disobeying Quarantine

Some people think that the ruling class will seize this opportunity to advance preexisting authoritarian agendas, but Steve Turley thinks it’s the end of globalism:

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19 Responses to All Change

  1. slugbop007 says:

    This from France:

    IN PARIS …

    Many have been observed ignoring the one-metre (three feet) safe inter-personal distance in queues at the essential businesses that were allowed to stay open. Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said people ignoring the measures were “idiots”.

    Here in Québec there is a 9 meter rule for smokers. That’s 9 times more. I guess tobacco smoke is 9 times more dangerous than COVID-19. 

    I would be nice if these lunkheads would review many of their past remarks and rulings. They are full of inconsistencies.


    • Rose says:

      Yes, but the 9 metre rule was for the purposes of denormalsation to make you look like a threat and humiliate you.

      The one metre rule is to protect others from a genuine threat of illness and death and I don’t think it’s enough, 2 metres sounds safer.
      Viruses do don’t do humiliation.

  2. slugbop007 says:

    To Rose:

    That doesn’t change the fact that to this very day tobacco smoke is medically/offricially/legally/socially is still considered nine times more dangerous than the COVID-19 virus by the Quebec Health Minister, the Mayor of Montreal, the Premier of Quebec, McGill, other Montreal Universities and Quebec Tobacco Control.


  3. Twisted Root says:

    There is hope that when this is over that there will be significantly less tolerance for fanatics, scaremongers and incompetents. A pithy rhetorical identifier for purveyors of non-existent second hand smoke and climate change nonsense would be useful. The best I can come up with is fantasist.

  4. Александра Собина says:

    Some how I can hardly believe in it. They will nicely turn thing how it is best for them, what they have done before.
    Maybe it become even worse if people will be told all it happened because of smokers and tobacco.

  5. Rose says:

    Tobacco Control, Stigma, and Public Health: Rethinking the Relations

    “The AIDS epidemic has borne witness to the terrible burdens imposed by stigmatization and to the way in which marginalization could subvert the goals of HIV prevention. Out of that experience, and propelled by the linkage of public health and human rights, came the commonplace assertion that stigmatization was a retrograde force.

    Yet, strikingly, the antitobacco movement has fostered a social transformation that involves the stigmatization of smokers. Does this transformation represent a troubling outcome of efforts to limit tobacco use and its associated morbidity and mortality; an ineffective, counterproductive, and moralizing approach that leads to a dead end; or a signal of public health achievement? If the latter is the case, are there unacknowledged costs?”

    “The Massachusetts tobacco control program noted, “Norms that allow smokers to smoke in most venues, including while at work or home, provide little incentive to quit.” Florida’s tobacco control efforts sought to “deglamorize” smoking, and the extent to which students were “less likely to buy into the allure of tobacco” was viewed as a mark of their impact.

    California’s campaign to “denormalize” tobacco consumption sought “to push tobacco use out of the charmed circle of normal desirable practice, to being an abnormal practice.” Lauding the efforts of the California Health Department, Gilpin et al. embraced the force of social conformity, noting, “In a society where smoking is not viewed as an acceptable activity, fewer people will smoke, and as fewer people smoke, smoking will become ever more marginalized.”

    It’s been quite painful reading what they had been quietly planning for us over so many years.
    I had no idea.

  6. Александра Собина says:

    I guess tobacco smoke is 9 times more dangerous than COVID-19.

    It is for sure for some brainwashed individuals. :)

  7. beobrigitte says:

    Globalist new world order??? And I thought that was just some disgruntled German’s (like a friend of mine’s) new flat earth……. just like the Reichsbürgerbewegung.
    Oh, well. Common sense did die a good few years ago.

  8. Joe L. says:

    The WHO is still trying to “fight racism,” even in the midst of this pandemic:

    WHO official warns against calling it ‘Chinese virus,’ says ‘there is no blame in this’

    What’s wrong with calling SARS-CoV-2 a “Chinese virus”? The virus originated in China, for Christ’s sake! How is that “racist”? It’s just a simple fact! Hell, we’re still calling the virus that caused the last great pandemic “The Spanish Flu,” even though many epidemiologists believe the virus actually didn’t originate from Spain. This is utter insanity! The WHO and the CDC have been (and are still) focused on the promoting Progressive agenda (i.e., eliminating specific behaviors from society (e.g., “racism,” obesity and tobacco use)) instead of preparing to handle a novel, contagious pathogen, which is what they were supposedly created to do. These organizations need to be burned to the ground, and the sooner the better!

  9. waltc says:

    I think western civilization was itching for an apocalypse. Climate change was the preferred vehicle but it was still somewhere out there–always 12, 20,40 years off. So now we’ve got this “any minute now” thing. I don’t downplay it; I don’t know enough about it to do that, nor really do any of us, caught in the crosshairs of contradictory information and surrounded by ubiquitous hysteria. Nor do we know what makes some, of all ages, relatively immune and others doomed. But I too wonder if the aftermath will wash away the trivial concerns of the Woke (who seem more and more ridiculous to more and more people) or not. Perhaps when the world starts worrying instead about massive unemployment or a second Great Depression, they’ll stop worrying about pronouns and secondhand smoke. Or not. May we all live to find out.

    • Roobeedoo2 says:

      Walt, because of the warnings for people with underlying health conditions and/or living with someone elderly with underlying health conditions, most of the council I work for are working from home, leaving a skeleton crew in the building. Spookily enough, the building itself was formerly opened by a notorious smoking drinker, on 31 October 1967…

      *Plenty of smokers and their fiery killing sticks, standing around outside at lunchtimes, Clicky…/pats snout… Queen mum’s the word indeed…*

      I did ask the Director of Public Protection today if I could smoke while I work, seeing as how I now appear to be self isolated at work but without the comforts of my home. He said no, but it did afford me the opportunity to bring up the subject of Klaus K and Frank’s Coronavirus susceptibility findings, and the benefits of smoking generally. I even got him to agree that smoking does have benefits, and potentially huge ones. He thinks he was humoring me, but we do what we can. Who knows, maybe now he’ll notice that smokers are holding the fort ;)

      • Ask to see the specs and even the actual machinery settings on how many air changes per hour they’re running at. If they won’t show them to you, then the only way you’ll know you’re getting a safe amount of ventilation is if you smoke and can observe whether “The Clouds Of Instant Death” are being whisked away along with the virus.

        Smoke-banned places should be avoided at all costs during the Plague.

        • DP says:

          Dear Mr McFadden

          Perhaps the airlines’ salvation will be to make smoking compulsory on all flights, at least for the smokers on the flight. It might be a bit draconian to make non-smokers smoke, especially since second and third hand smoke is so efficacious.


  10. slugbop007 says:

    Let’s not forget the United Nations, the Global Link Network, the IMF, the World Bank and Health Ministeries the world over. Plus people like Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, etc. They all work in concert and they should all be ashamed for what they have wrought..


  11. Smoking Lamp says:

    The WHO and global public health movement were captured by tobacco control prohibitionists. Social engineering replaced epidemic control as a priority, Now the specialists needed to manage pandemics are scare but propaganda-driven social activists are in over supply. Tobacco control must be destroyed!

  12. RdM says:

    Some cheap humor, then …

    Hitler reacts to being quarantined by the Coronavirus

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