The Stuff Of Nightmares

Yesterday on Drudge:

BREAKING: Mike Bloomberg ‘wants Hillary Clinton as his running mate’, sources close to his campaign tell Drudge

It’s the stuff of nightmares: together they’d make a virulently antismoking presidency.

As mayor Bloomberg banned smoking in NYC, purely on his own initiative. As President, he’d ban smoking in America. And he’d be backed by Hillary in doing it.

Michael Bloomberg has set out to buy the US Presidency with his $50 billion fortune. It’s quite shameless. He’s buying ads everywhere. He’s even reported to have already outspent what Hillary Clinton spent in 2016.

And it makes a lot of sense to have Hillary as his running mate. It would boost his candidacy to have someone on his ticket who actually got more votes than Donald Trump back in 2016. The Clintons more or less own the DNC, and if Bloomberg owns Hillary Clinton, he’ll also own the DNC. A Bloomberg-Clinton Democrat combination would win the nomination using super-delegates just like Clinton won it in 2016, despite Crazy Bernie being a lot more popular than her. The same looks set to happen again in 2020.

It would be great for Hillary. It would put her in the White House, where she wanted to be. Of course, she wouldn’t be President, but she’d at least be Vice-President, and just a heartbeat away from the Presidency. Shortly after being elected, Michael Bloomberg might well find himself added to the Clinton Body Count. After all, 78-year-old Bloomberg would be the oldest US President in history (Trump is currently the oldest, 70 when he was elected). How long is he likely to last?

It’s not hard to imagine: Michael Bloomberg would take office in January 2021, and die a month later by accidentally falling down the White House stairs or something, and Hillary Clinton would become President.

But could a Bloomberg-Clinton Democratic ticket beat Donald Trump? Perhaps it could. It would produce a campaign just like the 2016 Clinton campaign, but with Bloomberg’s billions added. Michael Bloomberg might even take a back seat to Hillary: she’d make all the speeches, shake all the hands. He’d just quietly oversee the process, and pay all the bills.

Vanity Fair:

While Bloomberg can claim that he’s a better, even-keeled, more-qualified version of Trump, he’s certainly not a political outsider, nor is he a grassroots hero. He has no natural constituency, besides charter-school Democrats, the set of Morning Joe, and fellow members of the donor class. His stubborn brand of plutocratic centrism, as well as his overzealous use of stop-and-frisk tactics, would likely be a nonstarter for progressives, as well as the blue-collar workers who flipped to Trump in 2016.

With Hillary on the ticket, it doesn’t really matter what Bloomberg’s personal track record is, because it will effectively become another Clinton campaign, and a re-match with Trump, particularly if she’s far more visible than Bloomberg. This could be a presidential campaign in which the vice-presidential candidate is more important than the presidential candidate.

If this political alliance doesn’t happen, Michael Bloomberg may well still become the Democratic presidential candidate, simply by by buying it. But would Americans vote for him purely on his own merits? He has very little charisma. And in NYC he was the Republican mayor of the city, not the Democrat mayor.  To many progressives he’ll probably just look like another old white man, not much different from Trump. They’d wonder which one they hated more.

There’s been no comment about this from either Bloomberg or Clinton. Nor any from Trump either. The Bloomberg campaign has responded::

Michael Bloomberg’s campaign is downplaying a report claiming the billionaire presidential hopeful is considering former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as his vice presidential running mate.

“We are focused on the primary and the debate, not VP speculation,” Jason Schechter, the campaign’s communications director, said in a statement to Deadline Saturday evening.

If nothing comes of it, Trump looks set to win re-election in November. But if Drudge is right, and it’s going to be Bloomberg-Clinton versus Trump-Pence, it could all get very interesting.


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6 Responses to The Stuff Of Nightmares

  1. Mark Jarratt says:

    Coverage of the Bloomberg candidacy oddly seems to exclude references to his hard coercive paternalistic policies, over tobacco and smokers, fizzy drinks, fats he dislikes, and the rest of his I know best policies. Although not much of a gambler, I predict his campaign will crash and burn. Good riddance.

    On another matter, after some ten months, the anonymous unaccountable prohibitionists who dictate Australian government tobacco control policies have managed to collate the 75 submissions received in response to their loaded “consultation” on tobacco control legislation.

    It is somewhat encouraging to note that the majority of submissions, apart from the usual rabid capnophobes, seek less not more petty officious intrusion into consumer free choice and autonomy.

    75 submissions indicates tobacco control is not the existential concern and threat to the much vaunted “public health” the self interested zealots claim.

    I commend the responses, as some light reading. Some submissions, doubtless from the cowardly bullies lacking the courage of their convictions, are fully redacted.
    The usual sanctimonious “justification” for the consultation is here:

    My submission is here:

    The UK PHE conducted a disturbingly similar survey in Sept 2019, from memory…

  2. Twisted Root says:

    The spread on the number of days before President Bloomberg commits suicide by hanging himself from a door handle by a paper towel is 150 – 175 days.

  3. Timothy Goodacre says:

    There is no doubt that as far as smokers are concerned Bloomberg is a nasty little shit.

  4. smokingscot says:

    I don’t think we’re looking at anything more than another effort to get Trump out of the White House. Should Bloomberg succeed then it’ll be a case of a large number of advisors all discussing policy with Mike popping in at the end to approve, or give further guidance. He’s renowned as a hands off guy.

    Yes he’s got to beat Trump though he’s got the advantage of much of the MSM being rather upset at being described as Fake News. On the other hand he’s bang up against the gun people as well as the huge silent majority who don’t go with this climate change BS. Plus many smokers, folk who like burgers and other fast foods, in short those who prefer to think for themselves and to enjoy life.

    As an aside, why dd BoJo go with Huawei. Maybe, just maybe the twit thinks Don’ll lose it.

  5. Lepercolonist says:

    If Bloomberg/Clinton win the election I can see smoker[Uyghur] re-education camps across the U.S.
    Beat it into those despicable deplorables that use tobacco.

  6. smokingscot says:

    And to prove a point about Mike’s Green Agenda; here’s an article about how he’s pushing it using State Attorney General’s, paid for by another one of his “foundations” (a means by which he’ll be able to influence is for many centuries after he’s passed over. Him and Soros and Gates).

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