Nothing Skewed

Somebody suggested to me yesterday that the coronavirus study that appeared to show that smokers had protection from the disease may have been skewed:

Something that may be skewing those figures might be a large number of children who are victims.  The table didn’t seem all that clear about it, but it’s quite possible that the combination of non-smoking women and children could be accounting for most of that 85% – 15% skew.

I don’t see what’s unclear about the table. Here’s the relevant part again:

There were only 9 children out of 1099 people in the study. And only 459 (41.8%) of the people in the study were women. If the numbers are skewed at all, it would seem that they are skewed  against there being large numbers of non-smoking women and children. There isn’t a large number of children in this study. Nor is there a large number of women.

Of course, there may be other unknown factors skewing the study. But at the moment I can’t see what.

In other news, after cheering him on to victory a few weeks ago, James Delingpole has now despaired of Boris Johnson:

I can’t believe I’m having to write Britain’s epitaph so soon after the joy and jubilation of Brexit Day but look at what Boris Johnson’s ‘Conservatives’ are offering a bemused nation:
⊕ Higher taxes (Mansion tax, pensions raids, etc)
⊕ An explosion of grand, unaffordable, and pointless infrastructure projects
⊕ A war on motorists
⊕ No more cooking or heating with gas
⊕ Elevation to the House of Lords for MPs who opposed Brexit
⊕ More green levies and regulations
How is any of this nonsense materially different from the ‘fully automated luxury communism’ Britain would have experienced under Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour?
I don’t think it’s any exaggeration to say that Boris Johnson’s Tories are the most extreme left-wing Conservative administration in the party’s history. Under cover of Brexit and in the guise of reaching out to all those working classes voters in the Midlands and the North, the Conservatives are rolling out radical measures so aggressively Socialistic that it makes Tony Blair’s benighted era look like Margaret Thatcher’s heyday.

I can’t say that I’ve despaired of Boris. I simply never had very high hopes in him in the first place. The British political class lives in an introverted world of its own, quite separate from the British people. And it will remain that way until ordinary British people find their way into the British political class, and the political class starts truly representing the British people.

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4 Responses to Nothing Skewed

  1. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Yes this government is starting to look alarmingly left wing and in thrall to the Extinction Rebellion nutters and their junk science.

  2. Clicky says:

    • beobrigitte says:

      The tobacco plant is valuable for the production of vaccines. It will be interesting to follow this up considering the current trend of the destruction of tobacco companies.

  3. beobrigitte says:

    Chris Martenson has read the paper and addresses this table in this video.

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