Conservative Websites

Steve Turley has a list of conservative websites that he visits regularly. I’m a regular visitor to Breitbart and ZeroHedge now that I’ve become somewhat conservative, so it could be handy to have a few other sites. Here’s a copy of his list, with his comments.

Breitbart Breitbart is my go-to site. Founded by the late Andrew
Breitbart, the site offers perhaps the most thoroughgoing
nationalist populist perspective on the world. One of the best news aggregate alternatives to
DrudgeReport, Whatfinger offers a great overview of headlines
from the conservative web universe.

The Gateway Pundit Jim Hoft has put together a great site
dedicated to exposing the “wickedness of the left.” I check this
site several times a day for headlines.

The Liberty Daily The Liberty Daily is an amazing news aggregate
site that bills itself explicitly as a conservative alternative to

Washington Examiner An excellent online newspaper for

The Daily Caller Originally founded by Tucker Carlson, The Daily
Caller is very much like a conservative alternative to the
Huffington Post.

The Western Journal The Western Journal is a conservative,
libertarian, pro-family site that often has very good articles.

Liberty Nation Good complement to

Rantingly A conservative alternative news aggregate to Drudge.
Liberty Nation Good complement to

Gab Trends A news aggregation site based on trends on
and the web browser Dissenter.

News Ammo Another very good conservative news aggregator. Good sight for a summary of conservative articles.

Voice of Europe An excellent resource for the rise of nationalist
populism throughout Europe.

Info Wars Despite being de-platformed, Alex Jones still provides
some very impressive news coverage.

Instapundit Instapundit is an awesome aggregate website run by
Glenn Reynolds, professor of law at the University of Tennessee.
Zero Hedge A good site for both financial and conservative news
and opinion.

Zero Hedge A good site for both financial and conservative news
and opinion.

The Epoch Times An excellent nationalist and traditionalist
newspaper. While Fox News has been disappointing of late,
featuring a number of never-Trumper pundits, their website still
remains a valuable go-to resource for conservatives.

Matthew Goodwin’s Twitter @GoodwinMJ Matthew Goodwin is a
political scholar who specializes in the rise of nationalist populism
throughout Europe. He’s an excellent resource for very informative
and enriching articles as well as spot on analysis.

The College Fix A great resource not just on the cultural Marxist
insanity infesting college campuses, but also on the growing
number of colleges closing their doors for good.

The Lid Nice collection of headlines of interest for conservatives,
often with humorous images.

Suggestions welcome for additional entries.


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4 Responses to Conservative Websites

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks Frank. Very useful.

  2. Dmitry says: – that’s the site of the Heritage Foundation, USA. American Thinker and American Interest are good, too. To think of it, the conservatives have built up a real information empire in the last 3-4 years. Or, maybe, they’ve always been around, only thing nobody paid attention.

  3. Lepercolonist says: is a very good site for conservative essays.

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