Before and After-Smoke

Daily Mail:

Cigarette butts still emit harmful chemicals for at least a week after they have been stubbed out, experts have found.

Researchers warn ‘after smoke’ could damage health due to the ‘significant’ level of airborne nicotine coming from butts.

Most chemicals are emitted by the cigarette butt 24 hours after being extinguished.

But five days later, tests revealed concentrations of both nicotine and triacetin – a plasticiser in cigarette filters – had only halved.

The amount of nicotine released from an old butt over seven days was comparable to that emitted by burning one cigarette, the team found.

It never stops, does it?

It never ever stops.

Why not ‘before smoke’? Leaking out of cigarette cartons before they’ve been opened.

In other news:

Petition For WHO Director General To Resign Reaches Over 210,000 Signatures

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11 Responses to Before and After-Smoke

  1. Timothy Goodacre says:

    All rubbish Frank isn’t it !! Just as well I don’t meet any of these idiots !

  2. beobrigitte says:

    I.AM.SPEECHLESS!!! (Don’t worry, it won’t last!)

    Isn’t it fascinating that the anti-smokers try and sneak in more fear mongering idiocy at a time when there is an ongoing epidemic (some people already call it a pandemic!), thus demonstrating that LIVES DON’T MATTER.

    At the end of the article there is a video.
    Study finds cigarette smoke can make bacteria more drug resistant.
    To the anti-smokers:
    This won’t matter as the bacteria will be dead, anyway. Firstly due to the antimicrobial properties of nicotine

    Click to access mjm4907.675.pdf

    And secondly due to “all-these-deadly-molecules” the anti-smokers keep finding in cigarettes.

    I love it when idiociology backfires.

    I must say, even without mentioning the 2019-nCoV the commenters are destroying the anti-smoker comment rhetoric. Perhaps their overuse has become too evident.

    • beobrigitte says:

      In other news:

      Petition For WHO Director General To Resign Reaches Over 210,000 Signatures

      Here I will need to be corrected – I know little about politics or economics and have just finished my read around the subject.
      As far as I understand this, the WHO has declared the global health emergency far too late and somehow thought that air traffic in and out China was no problem, although it called the situation “of grave concern” and begs for money to fight the outbreak.
      Then there is Taiwan which is a political mine field
      Taiwan is denied membership of most international organisations including the WHO, a UN agency, due to the objections of China, which considers it a Chinese province with no right to participate unless it accepts it is part of China, something Taiwan’s government will not do.
      Since when is politics the business of the WHO? Has this club forgotten it gets paid for dealing with situations like the one we are experiencing now, regardless political system(s) of the areas affected? The WHO’s action does not look very humanitarian.
      It is actions like the WHO involving itself into politics making this situation worse! My personal list of questions following the end of this epidemic is growing.

      • beobrigitte says:

        I am right now watching this:

        Answers to journalist questions I find evasive, contradictory (we know that the number of cases is incorrect due to a large number of factors, one being lack of diagnostic kits) and quite frankly insulting.
        We know we have to use a multiplication factor to get a close estimate of the actual number of people infected in China and that this disease can be transmitted during the incubation stage.
        The WHO officials, for not declaring an epidemic before 30.1.2020 should be severely fined. The WHO officials, ignoring their own guide lines, NOT declaring this outbreak a pandemic should serve a rather long prison sentence.

        Here the WHO’s PRIORITY:
        news yesterday:
        WHO outlines steps to save 7 million lives from cancer
        4 February 2020| News release| Geneva, Switzerland

        WHO highlights a wide range of proven interventions to prevent new cancer cases. These include controlling tobacco use (responsible for 25% of cancer deaths), vaccinating against hepatitis B to prevent liver cancer, eliminating cervical cancer by vaccinating against HPV, screening and treatment, implementing high-impact cancer management interventions that bring value for money and ensuring access to palliative care including pain relief.
        (bold = my emphasis, note that tobacco is blamed for 25% of deaths!!)

        That reminds me
        https: //
        WHO, how is this “crisis” going?

        There is an urgent need for TRANSPARENCY!!!

  3. Barry Homan says:

    In other news, even just saying the word cigarette can trigger cancer.

  4. smokingscot says:

    They take 2100 fag butts, place them in a sealed, stainless steel container, then measure for the chemicals emitted.

    That works for them, it makes for great headlines, but it’s nowhere close to reality. No one lives in a property that’s hermetically sealed – and when discarded, most domestic ashtrays are cleaned when full, or at the end of the day. When exposed to the outside, they degrade rapidly (just look at plant pots in beer gardens).

    Same thing with when they test cigarettes, they run them in a purpose built machine that puffs the ciggie right down to the filter. The machine only measures the smoke, it doesn’t allow for the air we take in to take a puff, nor that we do not smoke every inch of the fag; we actually smoke about half of them.

    • beobrigitte says:

      They take 2100 fag butts, place them in a sealed, stainless steel container
      Which looks not much bigger than a microwave!! Look at the picture of the “walk-in” container they state they used.

      Transparency is urgently in need to be demanded!!!

  5. Smoking Lamp says:

    This is outright lunacy and propaganda designed to persecute smokers.

  6. Joe L. says:

    “After-smoke” … I love it! Please, Tobacco Control, I beg you to release more of these ridiculously absurd, contrived “studies.” The more ludicrous the claims get, the more people begin to realize that they are being fed ideologically-driven propaganda disguised as science.

  7. Alan Deane says:

    The BBC are rerunning “This Life” a drama about young lawyers in early 90s London.Awesome amount of cigarette smoking in every scene and location.I had forgotten how free we used to be…

  8. jaxthefirst says:

    Am I the only one on here who thinks, whenever one of these “let’s have a new go at the smokers” stories comes up now, thinks “Oh dear. It must be a bad news day!” They always seem to be trying to engender the same breathless excitement as the antis, back in the day, displayed when they first dreamt up the Passive Smoking scare. But now that everyone – even non-smokers – have got pretty bored with every illness ever known to man being blamed on smoking (particularly as virtually all of those illnesses have continued to rise inexorably, despite the decades-long decline in the number of people smoking and the exposure of non-smokers to ETS. They should surely be falling by now?), these new forms of “health hazards” from cigarettes have a kind of pathetic hopefulness about them, no? The image of flogging a dead horse springs to mind. Hello? Daily Mail? I’ve got a bit of news for you …. no-one, not even non-smokers, are interested any more. Seriously. They’re just not. Get some new ideas. Or a new target group. Or, better still, try spending your time reporting on some real news, not fabricating silly, obviously desperate, stories. There’s a whole world of real life happening out there whilst your journos are busy making stuff up ….

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