Pure Political Theatre

American politics is always more exciting than British politics. It’s far more dramatic. British politics is like an Ealing black-and-white comedy B-movie, while American politics is a Hollywood technicolor blockbuster Ben Hur or Bullitt. And in Donald Trump there’s an American president who is a larger-than-life A-list actor in the role, with an A-list wife on his arm. It’s one reason why everyone in Hollywood hates Trump (particularly Robert De Niro): he’s stolen their thunder, and brought Tinseltown to Washington.

Here in Britain we’ve had Brexit, and now the comic Megxit. But next week American politics is going to give us the Impeachment of Donald Trump, opening on Broadway. It’ll probably have a good car chase as well. You can’t do car chases on English country lanes. You need big, wide, rollercoaster roads in San Francisco for that.

I’ve thought that the Democrats in the House of Representatives were just making fools of themselves by sending articles of impeachment to the Senate, where they were just going to be thrown out. But yesterday I read an article in ZeroHedge by Tom Luongo which offered a different perspective:

The Democrats would not be pushing for this if they didn’t think they have the votes in the House and the Senate to get this done. Ignore the conventional wisdom on this. They were wrong in the UK.[about the courts upholding Johnson proroguing Parliament]

They will be wrong here, unless Trump has something else up his sleeve.

His removing John Bolton and refusal to attack Iran is driving the neoconservatives to apoplexy. They want their holy war against the apostate Shi’ites and they will get it. Mike Pence will be their avatar until such time as he can be removed through a sham election in 2020.

If this wasn’t the case they wouldn’t be risking what’s left of their political future defending a senile old man, Joe Biden, who they don’t actually want to be the candidate anyway.

It’s a coup folks.

Might this be true? Might the Republican Senate vote Trump out of office? Could he be gone from the White House in a couple of weeks’ time? Really???

As things stand right now, the conventional wisdom is that Trump is going to be re-elected in November, and the Republicans will very likely win back the House from Democrat control. So why the heck would the Republicans want to remove a popular president, and jeopardise the Republican party’s chances in November? They’d be shooting themselves in the foot.

Tom Luongo’s answer is: The Deep State. Trump may be popular with the American people, but he’s not popular with the Deep State that’s really in control, because he hasn’t started enough wars. And now they’re going to get rid of him, using senators who are more beholden to them than they are to the American people.

If he’s right, then we’re going to find out that there really is an unelected Deep State that can (and will) override the American people’s vote, and topple a sitting president. And if he’s wrong, we’ll find out that there isn’t really a shadowy Deep State running America, but it actually is a functioning republic in which people’s votes really count.

So that’s the underlying plot of this new drama. Is the Deep State going to topple Trump, or will the democratic will of the people prevail? It’s political theatre of the first order. It’s a Shakespeare play. And it’s going to be as gripping as Ben Hur or Bullitt. And it’s going to be real.

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5 Responses to Pure Political Theatre

  1. smokingscot says:

    Traditionally US presidents given a 2nd term tend to take the gloves off and go for broke with what’s important to them. IMO he’s not been able to get to grips with the swamp – and he will if he gets another 4 years.

    So it’s a fight for survival – and we the smoker know they’ll stoop to anything to stay in business. I say this because tobacco control, the deep state or the swamp are all facades of the same thing.

    What’s admirable is Trump seems to be able to handle what is extreme pressure, indeed he seems to thrive on it. 2021 to 25 may amaze. Then watch as he grooms a successor to take up the reins.

    • Barry Homan says:

      Will that successor be Pence? He’s in favour of smoking.

      • Joe L. says:

        He was, at least until 2009. I haven’t heard/read any public statements from him on the subject of smoking since then, though. I can only hope that he hasn’t been “convinced” to change his opinion since becoming VP.

  2. Lepercolonist says:

    Republican senators will be committing political suicide if they vote to impeach Trump. Not going to happen. Tom Luongo has it wrong.

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