A Very, Very Black Mark

Shortly before Christmas Donald Trump tweeted that, as part of an omnibus bill, he was going to “raise the smoking age to 21. BIG!” I saw it as a Black Mark For Donald Trump. I thought at first it just applied to the US military, but it seems it applies to all 50 US States. Which makes it a very, very black mark for Donald Trump.

Up until now, given that a while back Trump tried to stop smoking being banned in his New Jersey casino, I’d thought that, even if he didn’t smoke himself, he wasn’t an enemy of smokers (like, for example, Hillary Clinton). I may have to re-assess this view.

And it would seem that Michael McFadden has been thinking pretty hard about this development. He sent out links to several of his thoughts. Like this one on Quora:

What is the minimum smoking age in 2020?

Up until the tail end of 2019 it was zero in 28 states in the US: i.e. no legally mandated minimum age. If you could fire up a Marlboro in your baby stroller you could sit there and smoke away to your heart’s content.[1]

But with the signing of the new and massive Federal Appropriations Bill, President Trump MAY have raised it to 21 throughout all fifty states.

You’ll note the emphasis on MAY. That’s because of

      1. I am not certain if the bill specified purchase or use.
      2. I am not certain if it is, in a real sense, a “law,” since it was in an appropriations bill.
      3. I am not certain if the federal government an actually make such a law or whether it simply intends to act like a mob boss and threaten the States with extortionate financial losses to their federal drug enforcement programs if they don’t bend over and cooperate with federal wishes.

He has a number of other posts on the subject here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Which adds up to quite a few thoughts.

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5 Responses to A Very, Very Black Mark

  1. Timothy Goodacre says:

    This raising of the age to 21 has caused much anguish amongst young smokers in the USA. There are many negative comments on Reddit/ Cigarettes. You can die for America before you can smoke. Bollicks isn’t it !!!

  2. Joe L. says:

    From my research (which I posted recently in a comment along with links to the bill itself and the existing laws it amends), the new bill appears to simply raise the minimum age required to legally purchase tobacco in the US. It does not appear to implement a minimum legal age for possession or use of tobacco products.

    However, this does nothing to erase the fact that this truly is a very, very black mark for Donald Trump. With a stroke of his pen, the US government now considers an 18-, 19-, or 20-year-old person mature enough to vote and also to voluntarily risk one’s life for the country by serving in the military, but not mature enough to purchase a pack of cigarettes.

  3. Charles Burns says:

    It’s 3. That’s how Federal power always makes an end run around state power. All powers not specifically allocated to the Federal government revert to the States. That’s our joke of a Constitution. Btw, it’s a selling and buying age. There is no “smoking age.”

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