White Island Tourist Ban Next?

There seems to have been something for everyone in the IG report that came out yesterday. But AG Barr took a different view:

Attorney General William Barr, meanwhile, says that the report “now makes clear that the FBI launched an intrusive investigation of a U.S. presidential campaign on the thinnest of suspicions that, in my view, were insufficient to justify the steps taken.”

Also in disagreement is US Attorney John Durham, who is running a concurrent investigation into the 2016 election for AG Barr.:

“I have the utmost respect for the mission of the Office of Inspector General and the comprehensive work that went into the report prepared by Mr. Horowitz and his staff. However, our investigation is not limited to developing information from within component parts of the Justice Department.  Our investigation has included developing information from other persons and entities, both in the U.S. and outside of the U.S.  Based on the evidence collected to date, and while our investigation is ongoing last month we advised the Inspector General that we do not agree with some of the report’s conclusions as to predication and how the FBI case was opened.” -US Attorney John Durham

And now it will all drag on for another six months or more, with nothing happening.

In other news:

Bannon Says Hillary Will Run In 2020 To ‘Save Democratic Party From Michael Bloomberg’

Of course Bloomberg could always say he was running to save the Democratic Party from Hillary Clinton.


Martin Baxter’s Electoral Calculus Model estimates a Tory majority of 46 based on opinion polls from 02 Dec 2019 to 07 Dec 2019, sampling 10,827 people.


Questions are being raised over why tourists were allowed on Whakaari / White Island…

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has not commented on the future of tourism at White Island, saying only that tourism operations had taken place there for 30 years but it was “a very unpredictable volcano”.

“There are obviously, in context of that, questions that will need to be answered for the public and those who have been affected.”

I bet that they ban tourism on White Island. Health and safety trumps everything these days. If they can ban smoking in pubs, of course they can ban tourism on active volcanoes. After all, the smoke hazard from volcanoes must be at least as bad as the hazard from smoky pubs.

And then, once they’ve banned tourism on White Island, they’ll next ban tourism in New Zealand, which is, after all, just a much larger volcanic island than White Island. And they’ll make New Zealanders wear hard hats outdoors all the time, just in case. Better safe than sorry. That’s the bansters’ mindset. They’re always looking for something new to ban.

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5 Responses to White Island Tourist Ban Next?

  1. garyk30 says:

    As a sign of their virtue, they will probably ban volcanic eruptions.

  2. MarieC says:

    It is completely bonkers that tourists were allowed to walk right up to the crater of an active volcano. These things are not predictable and getting fried or beaten to death by flaming rocks falling from the sky is taking “experience tourism” just a step too far.

    • Frank Davis says:


      If you think this, then I suppose you must also think that it’s completely bonkers that people are allowed to walk right up to the sea shore, and even paddle and swim in it. The sea is not predictable, and getting swept out to sea and drowned by huge waves breaking on the shore is surely also taking “experience tourism” just a step too far.

      Where does it end?

  3. smokingscot says:

    Found it amusing that the smoke in Australia is now so dense that it’s setting off smoke alarms. The poor wee didums, but they’ll still go righteously indignant if anyone lights up in a no smoking area, now close to anywhere.


  4. ianl says:

    >”They’re always looking for something new to ban”

    Not necessarily new, just something else.

    And here’s the rule of thumb: the “something else” has to be what people enjoy. This ensures the naggers are always in your face.

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