Ignoring The Election

I’m thoroughly sick of Brexit. We’ve had three years of it slowly dragging on. So I’ve been doing my level best to ignore the current UK Brexit General Election campaign. And I’ve actually been very successful. I’ve hardly noticed it at all. And there’s only about a week to so to go. That’s what comes from not having either a TV or a radio, or reading any newspapers.

As far as I’m concerned there’s never been any debate about who not to vote for: I was never going to vote for either Labour or the Lib Dems. I will never vote any party in which 90 – 95% of the MPs voted for the 2007 smoking ban. That’s all I want to know about any MP: did they or did they not vote for that obscene piece of legislation? Nothing else really matters.

As far as I can make out from the opinion polls, the Conservatives are expected to win a comfortable majority. And this might perhaps be because Jeremy Corbyn is unelectable, and the Labour party is a complete mess. It used to be a very slick organisation back in the time of Tony Blair, but since then it seems to have lost its way. Fifty years ago, the old Labour party used to represent the common working man, but who does it represent now? As far as I can see they represent more or less everybody and anybody except the common working man. They now represent a sort of rainbow coalition of immigrants and greens and Muslims and assorted progressives. And many of these people either don’t regard themselves as being British, or feel ashamed to be British because of the British Empire, the Industrial Revolution, the Slave Trade, and twenty or thirty other Things To Be Ashamed About. But can you really win a British election running on a anti-British platform?

It seems to be much the same in America. The Democrats all seem to be ashamed of America in the same way as the British Left are ashamed of Britain, but for a slightly different long list of Things To Be Ashamed About. And Donald Trump’s crime is to not be ashamed of America, and to want to Make America Great Again. And that’s why the Democrats are trying to impeach him, as far as I can see. But can you win a US election running on an anti-American platform? I doubt it, somehow.

I hope Boris wins a majority next week. And I hope Donald wins a majority next year. But I have my doubts whether Boris will actually deliver Brexit. And I have my doubts whether Donald will Make America Great Again.

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8 Responses to Ignoring The Election

  1. Timothy Goodacre says:

    I quite agree with you Frank. The Democrats are a disaster for the US in the same way that the socialists are here. A big problem for the UK is the BBC. Run as it is by a London centric Remainer elite intent on pushing their multicultural agenda on us. The BBC should be abolished in my opinion.

  2. waltc says:

    Yes, entirely parallell. Except here the consuming rage against Trump makes even otherwise sane Liberals willing to vote for Mao or Stalin if that would get rid of him.

  3. Clicky says:

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