Not Coming To Their Senses

Chris Snowdon asks:

Is the USA coming to its senses on e-cigarettes (and cigarettes)?

It seems that it’s Donald Trump who may have come to his senses.

President Donald Trump has reversed plans to ban flavoured e-cigarettes amid a national youth vaping crisis, US media report.

He announced plans for a ban in September, but reportedly decided not to enact it this month because of possible job losses and voter pushback.

It’s not just vaping. Cigarettes as well.

U.S. regulators are hitting the brakes on plans to force tobacco companies to drastically reduce addictive nicotine in cigarettes, retreating on an ambitious public-health initiative that comes amid increasing worry about nicotine use among young people.

The Department of Health and Human Services has dropped a proposal unveiled two years ago to cut the nicotine in cigarettes to nonaddictive levels, according to a regulatory document published Wednesday.

Going back to the first question: Is the USA coming to its senses on e-cigarettes (and cigarettes)?

Probably not. The levels of insanity reached in this matter aren’t going away any time soon. It’s probably simply that Trump has a much better idea how Americans think than the rest of the political establishment. I noticed that when talking to Fox and Friends a few days ago, asked about Bloomberg, he immediately pointed out Bloomberg’s lifestyle interventionism as a liability. Trump knows that people don’t want to be told how to live their lives. He knows that’s a vote loser. He may not smoke or drink himself, but he’s not a bullying Tobacco Controller like Bloomberg.

Chris Snowdon also pointed out:

Vapers have done a great job of getting on the street and letting Trump know that they will not be voting for anyone who takes away their e-cigarettes.

Why have vapers done a great job, but smokers haven’t? The explanation is probably simply that the war on smoking has been going on for 100 years, and the war on vaping has been going on for less than 10 years. Vaping is still something that’s very new, and vapers have been incensed at how rapidly the antismokers have rushed to condemn vaping as even worse than smoking. They can see the blatant lies that are being told. They can’t see that the same lies were told about smoking cigarettes, because those lies are part of the furniture: they’re well-established lies.

But that’s the modern environment. It’s one of outrageous lies being told about everything. If you want to get anything done, it seems the only way to do it is by telling monstrous lies.

Why are we in such a world of lies? My guess is that it’s something that started in WW1 and continued in WW2, and has continued ever since. In wartime, you have to tell lies all the time. You have to conceal your intentions. You have to deceive. And once people had started lying and deceiving and misleading during wartime, they just carried on doing it even when the war was over. And now they lie about everything, all the time. And they think nothing of telling the most outrageous lies. They think it’s normal standard practice.

But it’s not. And the consequence of telling lies all the time is that people stop believing. They stop believing everything they’re told. Confidence collapses. And that’s where we are right now.

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10 Responses to Not Coming To Their Senses

  1. Fredrik Eich says:

    On the subject of governments telling lies (rightly or wrongly), there is a great three hour long documentary on BBC iplayer called HyperNormalisation by Adam Curtis. Trailer below. Well worth a watch.

  2. smokingscot says:


    Saw this comment and hope it’s okay to share.


    Bloomberg’s decision ‘not to investigate Mike’ Bloomberg is no surprise — corporate media never antagonizes its owners

    Danielle Ryan is an Irish freelance writer based in Dublin. Her work has appeared in Salon, The Nation, Rethinking Russia, teleSUR, RBTH, The Calvert Journal and others

    Monday, Nov. 25, 2019

    The decision by Bloomberg News not to investigate its now-presidential candidate owner Michael Bloomberg WAS MET WITH MUCH PEARL-CLUTCHING ONLINE — but why the fuss? It is just admitting how corporate media works.

    In a note to staffers, Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait announced that the organization’s editorial board would be suspended and that a handful of its members would take a leave of absence to work for Bloomberg’s campaign.

    Most importantly, Micklethwait said, Bloomberg will continue the “tradition of not investigating Mike.” In the interest of fairness, the same policy will be extended to his Democratic rivals. Phew!

    This is the source article and it’s in the comments

    And this is his first TV commercial

    So it begins. And let’s be clear; if he does get the job then the same conditions will apply. A 180 of what Trump has been subjected to.

  3. RdM says:

    Hmm, perhaps one can watch a copy somewhere?

  4. Lepercolonist says:

    The WWI propaganda that the Germans were roasting Belgian babies was not corrected until after the war. Good point.

    It was a no-brainer for smokers to vote for Trump considering Hillary Clinton’s position on smoking.
    In 2020, Trump will still need these voters. He better loosen-up.

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