Bizarre News Items

About the first piece of news I saw today:

Lawyer dies after being shot when gun being used as evidence is dropped in court

Couldn’t someone have made sure it was unloaded before bringing it into a crowded court? And do shotguns habitually go off when dropped? Who was holding it when it was dropped? Did they have a finger on the trigger? Might this have been a murder that took place during a murder trial? The whole thing is unreal. It’s stranger than fiction.

I think I’ve had an overdose of politics in recent months. I can’t raise any interest in the current General Election campaign. I’m sick and tired of politicians. I just wish it was over and done with.

It seems to be even worse in America, where Democrats have started an impeachment inquiry into a telephone conversation that Donald Trump had with someone in Ukraine. I really can’t see what the fuss is about. And it seems to me to be making the Democrats look like a bunch of clowns. It’s become a bizarre piece of political theatre.

The truth is that the Democrats have wanted to impeach Trump ever since he was elected. He wasn’t supposed to win. She was. It was Her Turn. And they’ve been looking around for some impeachable offence for the past three years, and not finding any. So now they’ve just invented one, out of thin air. They want to impeach him for something he said. Or for something that a “whistleblower” says he said. Only the whistleblower won’t testify in public. And the hearings are being held in secret. The whole thing is a joke.

Couldn’t they impeach him for something he is well known to have actually done? Couldn’t they impeach him for covering his steaks with tomato ketchup? Tomato ketchup! Surely that’s an impeachable offence. And if not, then it ought to be. Evidence:


…Prominent on the menu was “Stewed Beef Steak in Tomato Sauce,” an homage, perhaps, to Trump’s love of steak with ketchup—the tomato sauce that the Chinese claim to have invented hundreds of years ago

The Chinese invented tomato ketchup? Doesn’t that mean that Trump’s love of steak with ketchup is also collusion with the Chinese?

At times like this I really just want to stop listening and do something else.

And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.  I’ve been thinking about geography. Yes, geography.

And one thing I came across last night was the remarkable view of the Earth below, showing that the Pacific ocean occupies pretty much one entire hemisphere of the Earth.

It’s huge. Most maps don’t do it justice. I always knew that the Pacific was larger than the Atlantic.  I never realised how big it really was until I saw this view of it.

How come pretty much all the continents are on one side of the Earth? One plausible explanation has always seemed to me that the continents arrived on the surface of the Earth in the space of a few hours – splat!! – when the Earth passed through a cloud of dust and rocks. How else can it be explained?

And it also looks like the continents have begun to ooze slowly round onto the other side, with New Zealand leading the pack, and Australia following closely behind, followed by New Guinea, Borneo, Sumatra, Java, and Malaysia.

Many of these islands look like they’re being pulled and stretched, and are sliding past each other. The weirdest island of all is Sulawesi, which looks like it’s spinning in an eddy. And maybe that’s exactly what they’re all doing, as they flow southeastwards in the wake of Australia.

Anyway I think that’s more interesting than most of the news we get these days.

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16 Responses to Bizarre News Items

  1. The middle of the Pacific would make a great no smoking area. We could dump all the antis in it and they could have all the clean air they want

  2. Algernon Struthers says:

    The great Pacific Ocean ‘garbage patch’ which according to some estimate covers 8% of that ocean’s area. Collectively the patches’ sizes – using artists’ impressions (imagination is essential in this day and age…) are about twice the size of the UK.
    These massive patch splodges have never actually been photographed. However, examples are given using piles of garbage off Dubai – which are “similar to the Pacific patch,” again, use your imagination regarding the Pacific patches! There’s other places too, off Africa, where of course they also treat nature as a magical garbage dump.
    Honest dialogue about the issues of developing countries and their garbage would be more useful than the usual West blaming and damned lies, all somewhat off topic, but meh, Frank was talking about the Pacific :) At least the climate liars, hypothetical patch promoters don’t get a poke at smokers!
    Regarding the squeezing of the westward islands around the Rim of Fire; could be similar to how sunspots work. The spots tighten like rubber bands until they break and throw the plasma into the universe. So there’s a squeezing of the sun’s electromagnetics, (the sunspot cycle) which looks kinda like the Pacific’s islands crowded on the westward edge. May well be a parallel with sunspot activity, so that earth movements could involve serious electromagnetics.

  3. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Democrats in the US are the same as Remainers in the UK. Very, very undemocratic !

  4. microdave says:

    “It’s huge. Most maps don’t do it justice”

    Having done Los Angeles to Auckland, back in ’96 (C/O an Air New Zealand Boeing 747), it certainly is huge. Hours and hours with NOTHING but sea visible out the window. Then, occasionally, a speck of an island would appear. I remember measuring distances with Google Earth, and looking for the few places with runways long enough for 747’s to land – I think there were only three! And now, under ETOPS, that journey is routinely undertaken by twin engined jets. I don’t care how good the MTBF figures are for current turbofans, I’m not keen on being over that much bugger-all for 4or5 hours on a single donk…

  5. Not sure where it is at the moment, but SOMEwhere on my computer I have a view of Earth that I took one day a few years ago when I “elevated” to 50,000 miles or thereabouts and began playing around with different POVs. The image I took makes it look as though the Earth might have virtually NO LAND AT ALL!

    Ahhh! Got it! :)

    ::sigh:: And now I can’t figger out how to paste the danged thing here. Frank, sending it to you: can you put it up for me? Tx!


  6. Clicky says:

  7. Charles Burns says:

    I am not now not have I ever been an admirer of Donald Trump, but I still don’t understand what the “high crimes and misdemeanors” are that Democrats are pinning on him. Don’t think it’s illegal by US law for a President to pressure a foreign leader to investigate a corrupt company (Burisma?) even if a Democrat happens to be involved in the corruption, even to the extent of threatening to withhold US military aid. Once evidence of the Bidens’ involvement with Burisma comes out the whole impeachment game will backfire on the Democrats, and they will lose in 2020 by a bigger margin than in 2016. Am I right?

  8. andyyoungmfg says:

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