Little Support for a Nasty Little Man

I think that if there’s one person in America who is nastier than Hillary Clinton, it’s probably Michael Bloomberg.

Hillary banned smoking in the White House: Michael Bloomberg banned smoking in New York City. So, in this respect at least, Bloomberg has hurt far more people than Hillary.

Waltc (who lives in New York, and experienced Bloomberg’s smoking ban) drew attention a few days ago to a 2007 piece about Bloomberg:

The only thing we have to fear, to his [Bloomberg’s] thinking, is a lighted cigarette or a decent French fry. As author of draconian bans against smoking and, later, transfat, he has repeatedly made it clear — without embarrassment or irony — that these are the terrors that should really preoccupy the world.

“Think of all the press attention to 9/11,” he said to Vanity Fair in 2003, implying a hysterical and criminal waste of ink, while peremptorily reminding us: “That number of people die every year in the city from secondhand smoke.” An effusion well characterized by columnist Tony Blankley as downright “deranged.”

How, Blankley wondered, could anyone other than a “candidate for examination by the master for lunacy” find a moral, let alone physical, equivalence between “the consciously evil slaughter of thousands of souls” and gauzy mathematical projections about secondhand smoke deaths? (Which are based “on disreputable junk science,” as Blankley notes, and are exponentially inflated by the mayor’s obsessive zeal.)

With Bloomberg now apparently running for the US presidency in 2020, he’s been apologising to potential voters for his past behaviour:

NEW YORK (AP) — Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is reversing his longstanding support of the controversial “stop and frisk” police strategy ahead of a potential Democratic presidential run.

Addressing a black church in Brooklyn, Bloomberg says of the practice that often led to the disproportionate detaining of blacks and Latinos that he “can’t change history” but he now realizes “I was wrong.”

Bloomberg says if anyone was wrongly stopped by police, “I apologize.”

The “stop and frisk” practice gave police wide authority to detain people they suspected of committing a crime. Bloomberg aggressively pursued the tactic when he first took over as mayor in 2002.

Bloomberg told the congregation Sunday that he wants to earn back the trust of black and Latino communities.

I wonder if he’s going to apologise to New York smokers for what he did to them?

One thing that puzzles me about “stop and frisk” is that I believe it was introduced by the previous mayor, Rudi Giuliani. So maybe he’s not actually apologising, but instead taking a shot at Giuliani, who now acts as lawyer for Donald Trump.

The 77-year-old Bloomberg, as Smokingscot  points out, may also have had some sort of facelift to smooth out the wrinkles.

But it seems that neither the facelift nor the apology are helping much:

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is failing to garner significant support for his longshot presidential bid nationally, a Reuters/Ipsos poll released this week shows.

Bloomberg, who signaled his intention to jump into the crowded Democrat primary field this week by filing paperwork to appear on the ballot in Arkansas’ March 3 presidential primary, is failing to see any sort of significant support nationally, according to the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll.

The poll, which surveyed 2,235 adults between November 12–14, 2019, showed only three percent of Democrats and independents supporting the former New York City mayor.

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5 Responses to Little Support for a Nasty Little Man

  1. Algernon Struthers says:

    Bloomberg apologizes to criminals and the insane, but forbids smoking as dangerous. Yep, US Democrats have weird priorities, and their logic is just as hypocritically mind-boggling. Worse still, UK Labour seems to be copying them.

  2. Dmitry says:

    In the meantime, the people who started the antismoking onslaught, are having big trouble in the US. Have a look at the link, it’s about the current troubles of the Big Pharma in the US. All the familiar names are there, all these people who fought their tobacco competitors. And of course they do not apologize to smokers, they are now too buzy for that.

  3. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Bloomberg is certainly a very nasty man. Using his money for social engineering. Makes you want to do away with his sort wherever you encounter them !

  4. smokingscot says:

    I’m in no doubt he’s had a procedure to smooth out his wrinkles, however my gut tells me it’s most likely he started on Botox around the same time as he flew over to open his new office in London. Then the comment was that he was seriously dehydrated, but no he wasn’t; the early treatments can led to a certain numbness. Also he’s only smoothed his face; the neck’s still the same old turkey job.

    However I am pleased he’s spending money, however small, to test the waters for a full blown attempt at the White House, because I always gain satisfaction when these dictatorial types place themselves under total press and public scrutiny. I recall Stanton-glantz-phd when he first tried to get the entire tax hike assigned to UCSF and failed. (He gets about 20% and he wasn’t the lead figure at the second attempt).

    I’ll take Bloomberg’s money, also Branson and Gates – indeed any number of philanthropic billionaires. I’d even say nice things about them, if the money’s right. But that doesn’t change the fact I abhor the lot of them.

    And that’s why they constantly get things so wrong. They effectively buy their adoration and in each case they’re employees, suppliers or beneficiaries in one way or another.

    Of course the same applies to tobacco contollers; they fall into the same category as the guy who cleans out septic tanks. FCTC makes governments have them, but it doesn’t make them liked. Hence the private huddle at every COP because -as they discovered in India – people despise them.

    So go for it Mike boyo, because you’ll be hammered in the Democrat debates – and Trump’ll stomp all over your vertically challenged butt.

  5. Little Support for a Nasty Little Man
    There is a god, after all.

    The 77-year-old Bloomberg, as Smokingscot points out, may also have had some sort of facelift to smooth out the wrinkles.
    He still has the ugly face with less wrinkles than before of a man whose face conveys hatred and no care for the people he hurts. Who wants to be around him? Only those who want to beat him up!

    Bloomberg, who signaled his intention to jump into the crowded Democrat primary field this week by filing paperwork to appear on the ballot in Arkansas’ March 3 presidential primary, is failing to see any sort of significant support nationally, according to the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll.
    Not surprised. Who wants this self-righteous, respect-less, free choice denying tobacco control puppet running a country? He ran New York and look what happened to the people renting a place there!!!

    Wise response, Americans!

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