Weird Weather Warnings

Woke up today to all sorts of weird weather warnings:

Does that mean that there’s going to be snow in the yellow area? Or that we’re in for yellow snow? Isn’t the whole image a bit yellowish? So snow everywhere?

There only seems to be yellow around Manchester on this one. So maybe it’s only snowing in Manchester? Or is there purple snow in Cardiff?

What’s this one all about? What do all these orange-trimmed triangles mean? I guess the blue waves along the bottom of each mean “water”. But what does the black blobby thing above the water mean? Is it a motorcycle? Or a levitating house? Or a threatening dark cloud? Or an asteroid impact?

It’s all very confusing.

I don’t know what any of it means.

Perhaps it’s something to do with Brexit?

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5 Responses to Weird Weather Warnings

  1. Charles Burns says:

    The triangles seem to indicate that houses will be floating away on water, with red being many floating houses and orange not quite so many. It snows in November in the Midlands?
    Here in New England it has been fiercely cold, mid January style. I notice that often our Atlantic coastal storms work toward your way via Newfoundland and south of Iceland.
    Suspect this week of freakish cold combined with Western Atlantic storms is panicking UK forecasters. Wednesday morning woke to a 6 degree “feels like” wind chill factor, and unusual November cold for the foreseeable future.
    Some years it’s like that. After 70 years in New England/NYC, I have seen it all, but no pattern year to year.
    Looks like a good day to stay in with a nice Havana cigar, if that were still legal. Sigh** Weather never cooperates for outdoor smoking punishment. Guess I will do my monthly bills in my car again. Can’t do Bills without the aid of tobacco. May the Antismokers collapse in need of joint replacement surgery today (I curse them each day with diseases the Antismoking causes.

  2. slugbop007 says:

    Hello Mr. Davis,

    I have a monthly subscription to The New York Review of Books. This just came into my mailbox this ;morning, an article on Big Pharma. Please excuse the length of the link, I don’t know how to shorten it. Hope it goes through.


  3. smokingscot says:

    Here’s a visual interpretation of the black wobbly bits

    Except in reality they’re clayish.

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