Nothing Is Really Going To Change

I’ve been vaguely keeping an eye on the UK General Election campaign, wondering what the outcome might be. I’d be a lot more interested if one of the parties was campaigning to repeal the smoking ban, and send Deborah Arnott to prison. But no-one is doing that. So nothing is really going to change.

I think that if Nigel Farage had anything to do with it, he would repeal the ban. But he is essentially all about Brexit. He’s Mr Brexit. The smoking ban is something rather secondary for him. It’s primary for me.

It seems he’s done a deal with the Conservative party, promising to not run Brexit party candidates against sitting Conservative MPs (like my one) in exchange for a rather tougher line from the Conservatives:

UK General Election: Putting ‘Country Before Party’, Farage Won’t Stand Against Existing Tory MPs

But then he’s called for reciprocal measures by the Conservatives:

Farage Calls on Boris to Put Country Before Tory Party and Stand Down in Labour Areas

Whether the Conservatives will do this is open to question. How can they increase their (non-existent) majority if they can’t win seats from Labour?

Boris seems to have pulled the Conservative party behind him. But the Labour party is showing signs of disintegration under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. The resignation of the party’s deputy leader hasn’t helped:

General election 2019: Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson stands down

Nor does it help that several former Labour MPs have told people to vote Conservative:

Vote Tory, urge Ian Austin and two other former Labour MPs

I’m hoping that Labour suffer a catastrophic defeat under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, if only because the little bastard is one of the 90% of Labour MPs who voted for the smoking ban back in 2006.

I’m hoping that the same thing happens to the Lib Dems, 95% of whose MPs also voted for the smoking ban in 2006. I’m ashamed to say that I used to vote for the Limp Dumps.

And from all that I read, it seems that it’s believed that the Conservatives under Boris Johnson look set to win a healthy majority, and Labour will be destroyed in its former heartlands in the North.

Will anything change as a result? Is Boris really any different from Theresa May? He’s already done a “deal” with the EU which Nigel Farage has condemned as the same “deal” that Mrs May did with them. And nobody should be surprised, because the British political class remains committed to membership of the EU, and they’re not going to let the British people change that any time soon. In fact, I think they’re quite likely to do a “deal” whereby Britain remains locked inside the EU, and the key gets thrown away.

My guess is that Boris will win a victory for the Conservatives, simply because the other lot are even worse. And then, like Theresa May, he’ll kick the can down the road, keeping Britain inside the EU.

The result, in a few years time, will likely be an explosion. And not just in Britain, but throughout the EU, as more and more countries attempt to escape from the tottering empire. Why should any British smoker want to belong to the antismoking EU?  More to the point, why should any smoker living anywhere in Europe want to belong to this bullying, browbeating organisation?

Nobody pays any attention to smokers like me. But I continue to think that excluded and reviled smokers are going to become a powerful new political minority that politicians will be forced to court. They’re about the only minority around that’s still being actively persecuted. And minorities always gain strength from their persecution. They’ve got something to be angry about that most other people don’t. And the longer that they’re banned and excluded and reviled, the angrier they’ll get. Nobody “gets used to” persecution.

I think I’d quite possibly vote Labour if Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers was running the Labour party as a climate sceptic party:

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1 Response to Nothing Is Really Going To Change

  1. AndyDan says:

    Piers Corbyn is an interesting character. He’s obviously sound on climate change and has seen that it’s a scam for transferring wealth from the poor to the rich. But, he’d also like to see his brother as PM. Jeremy Corbyn’s economic policies will impoverish the average man in this country without really affecting the elite.
    I conclude that, like most of us, Piers’ fields of knowledge are limited.

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