How Smoking Bans Kill

Hat tip to Igrowmyown for drawing attention to this story:

Drinker, 34, … left badly injured in car crash at pub’s smoking area that sparked murder probe

The Spinnaker Inn is a pub in Colchester. Here’s the pub’s covered smoking area.

The car mounted the pavement, and smashed through the missing side of the timber shed, and killed one of the people sat inside it, and badly injured several others.

In the Daily Mail photo at right, the car is shown before it was removed, looking like it had been neatly parked in a garage.

I’d guess that the driver has been charged with murder, because the police probably know just how nasty some antismoking zealots are.

But I suspect that the driver simply lost control of his car (captured on camera right, as it mounted the pavement on Saturday night).

And here’s one possible explanation for how this might have happened: November 5 is Guy Fawkes night in Britain, when fireworks are set off all over the country. The night fell on last Tuesday, but most of the firework displays took place on the preceding or succeeding Saturday.

My guess: There was a particularly spectacular  firework explosion in the sky in front of the driver. Maybe even his companion yelled “Wow!! Look at that!”  And he looked, and he kept on looking. And while he was looking at the sky, his car mounted the pavement. The accident happened because he took his eyes off the road.

Further evidence for this hypothesis: Hythe Quay, the road on which the accident happened, winds along beside a river (right). The driver was approaching from the north (red arrow), and the road at this point is curving left. All he had to to do was keep going straight on, and he would have mounted the pavement, and smashed into the smoking shelter.

If the smokers in the smoking shelter had been inside the Spinnaker Inn, rather than the highly-exposed, flimsy shed outside, they’d have had solid brick walls all around them for protection, and most likely nobody would have been killed or injured. They were only killed and badly injured because the smoking ban inside Britain’s pubs had pushed them out onto the street, where they were in far greater danger.

So this is another example of how smoking bans kill people by pushing them to the margins of society, so that they die of cold, or fall off roofs or balconies, or out of windows. It was the same in Paris when Islamic terrorists were shooting up bistros in Paris, killing the smokers who were sat outside.

In fact, my nearest local pub in Herefordshire may have experienced something very similar to the Spinnaker Inn. It has a large garden with a fence round it, and a busy road right next to it. One day I arrived and found that a large chunk of the fence was missing: obviously some vehicle had run off the road, and through the fence. Someone could have been killed, and if they had been they’d most likely have been smokers,

They say that smokers die younger. Now you know how that happens.

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2 Responses to How Smoking Bans Kill

  1. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Just shows that landlords should have the option of making their pubs smoking or nonsmoking like in civilised countries like Denmark.

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