The Plans Always Go Wrong

I hate making plans. Plans are like straitjackets. They constrain you to doing something or other for a certain period of time. It’s like going to prison.

But if I make plans for myself, I can at least abandon the plan, or change the plan, more or less at will.

The same isn’t true when other people make plans for me, when other people make plans for what I should do. It’s even worse when their plans have the force of law behind them. It’s tyranny.

Yet we live in a world in which lots of people have no compunction whatsoever about making plans for everybody, and not just themselves. More or less everything that happens is part of someone’s plan. If a new supermarket opens somewhere, it’ll be because the management planned to do this, months beforehand. If a new road gets built, it’ll be because some local authority planned doing this months earlier. Even when people go on holiday, they make plans about where to go, how long to stay, what sights to see, what to eat, how much sun tan lotion they need bring with them.

I like to live at the disposal of chance. I like things that just happen, completely unplanned.

Tobacco Control is chock full of people who are making plans for other people than themselves. I think they’re extremely arrogant. I think they’re extremely presumptuous. I don’t see what right they have to make plans for other people. But they seem to think nothing of it.

And if you’re going to make plans for other people, your plans will have no effect if you can’t get them to do what you want them to do. So planners always need to be able to force other people to do what they’ve planned. And usually the force they use is the force of law. And so no sooner than the planners have planned something that everyone else must do, they’ll be asking for their plans to be made legally binding on them, because otherwise their plans will come to nought.

Planning what other people are to do is the same as controlling other people. Planning is another name for control. And planning and control always require force. So a planned, controlled world is a prison world in which everyone is kept in place by force.

The opposite of planning and control is freedom. And the controllers in Tobacco Control hate freedom. They hate the idea of people doing what they themselves want to do, rather than what somebody else wants them to do. They’re terrified of freedom because absolutely anything might happen if people are free.

The more elaborate any plan is, and the more people it involves, the more likely it is that the plan will go wrong. And so if you’re making plans for millions of other people, it’s a sure certainty that the plan will go wrong.

In fact, it’s a sure certainty that all plans always go wrong. Even my planned shopping trips, which involve just me, go wrong. I get delayed. The shop is out of stock of one of the items I wanted to buy. I forget to buy something. And so on. Real life never goes according to plan, and so real life is constant improvisation.

It is said that, in war, the plan is the first casualty. It’s true not just of war: it’s true everywhere else as well. You can make all the elaborate plans you like, but you can be sure that things will start going wrong from Day One. And so you’ll find yourself always tearing up your plans, and improvising instead, reacting to whatever happens as it happens.

Tobacco Control’s plans for everyone are plans which, like all plans, have gone wrong. After all, we were all supposed to have stopped smoking by now. And that alone is an indicator that the plan has gone wrong. There are lots of other indicators as well: like the completely unexpected appearance of vaping devices. Instead of stopping people smoking, smoking bans have resulted in the appearance of completely new ways of smoking. How wonderful! Doesn’t that indicate not just that their plans have gone wrong, but that they’ve been a catastrophic failure.

And Tobacco Control’s plans are actually global plans. They want to make everybody the whole world over stop smoking. Isn’t that rather over-ambitious? Isn’t it something that was always bound to fail? Wasn’t it a plan that could even have been called “Our Failed Plan”?

The same of course applies to Climate Control’s plans to de-carbonise the world’s economies. Good luck with that! You haven’t a hope in ever succeeding. Your plan was doomed to failure from the outset.

The same applies to every other plan that anybody has got for anyone else. It’ll never work.

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9 Responses to The Plans Always Go Wrong

  1. Mark Jarratt says:

    Pertinent and accurate. Some underemployed thug with a pointless make work job (bar doorman in Enmore Rd Sydney) told me last night I was smoking “too close” to the door of his seedy establishment, doubtless unprofitable because the best customers have been exiled outdoors by force of law inflicted by those po-faced dictators who would never patronize such a place. This is while diesel buses trundle by, but dilute tobacco smoke in the open air is the major threat. Evidence of medical and scientific illiteracy. Obey. I was not a customer, nor will I ever be. The next day there was considerable evidence of civil disobedience at Tamarama beach. Smoking is banned in the open air by the arrogant prohibitionist tobacco controllers of the NSW Govt even if nobody else is within shouting distance and even if it’s blowing a gale. Didn’t stop me and numerous others. They can’t arrest all of us, for consuming a legal astronomically taxed mostly harmless product. Insane and neurotic fanaticism is no defensible basis for official and officious hyper regulation.

    • Algernon Struthers says:

      At last check, Australia had the most ‘security services’ of any country. Then there’s the traffic cops. Must be worse now that the anti-smoking Nazis stepped into action. There always seemed to be someone there who wanted to mind your business – everything you darned-well did, but the UK isn’t like that so much… yet :)

    • Power To The Beachers!

      Of course they could always try ticketing the folks… who, in their bathing suits would have to simply state their names for the write-ups: Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Taffy Trump, etc.

      Way to go Mark! Keep their feet to he fire down there!
      MJM, having fun thinking of the government trying to enforce a ban along the entirety of the Australian coastline…

  2. Roobeedoo2 says:

    Today is the 30th anniversary of that other ‘9/11’ and a good example of when plans go wrong…

    ‘“It was not predestined,” said Anne Applebaum, the historian and columnist. “It was not a triumph of good over evil. It was basically incompetence — and chance.”’

  3. Algernon Struthers says:

    “Accident of History” Wtf, accident?! It was no accident, people had, had enough of the Commie BS. But yeah, I expect no less BS from the pro Commie / Nazi NYT.

  4. EG says:

    People make plans and God laughs.
    The best things I ever experienced in my life were not planned.

  5. Smoking Lamp says:

    Tobacco control is tyranny. And like other forms of tyrannical oppression the top down mandates rely upon useful idiots for enforcement. Tobacco control must be destroyed.

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