Why Are They All Such Control Freaks?

It never ends. From the comments:

64% of adults support smoking being banned in all cars

This isn’t about health. This is about control. These people want to control other people. The clue is in the second word in the name: Tobacco Control.

Why are these people all such complete control freaks? Why are they always on the watch for what other people are doing? Why can’t they just mind their own business?

What does it matter if 64% of adults want something? Someone should simply tell them that they can’t have it.

I was offered an invitation of some sort to The Battle Of Ideas. I didn’t go. I never go anywhere these days. But Simon Clark went, and recounted some of his experiences:

This year I was asked to take part in a session that asked the question, ‘How can we deal with problem lifestyles?’, to which the organisers added, ‘Whose responsibility is it to deal with people who smoke, drink or eat ‘too much’?’ and ‘Should the state step in?’

Why have the ways that other people live become “problem lifestyles”? What precisely is the problem? Why should it be anyone’s “responsibility” to “deal with it”? Why should the state step in? Is it any different if people smoke, drink and eat, than if they read books, hum tunes, or do crossword puzzles?

Anyway, the Independent yesterday published an article that, had it appeared 24 hours earlier, would have been worth mentioning in the meeting. Headlined ‘Alcohol consumption will soon follow smoking and meat-eating in becoming a social evil’, it argued that ‘The number of units people drink is declining and consuming less may soon become a badge of honour in the same way not smoking or not eating meat have become.’

Who decides what is and isn’t a “social evil”? Who decides what “new norms” there are to be? Has meat-eating become a social evil? Not for Jordan Peterson, it seems:

Peterson adopted an all-beef diet on the advice of his daughter, Mikhaila, who had been following a similar meat-based diet in what she claims was a successful attempt to treat her chronic auto-immune problems. Peterson père claims that the diet has worked for him as well.

How subversive can you get? I love the idea of an all-meat diet, purely as a counter to all the other diets that are around these days.

All of which reminds me of an idea I had way back in 2007, shortly after the introduction of the UK smoking ban. And it was that smokers should start wearing rings to which white tubes with red tips were attached (right). So when the police pull you over, you say: “No, officer, I’m not smoking. This is just a rather elaborate ring that I like wearing. I’ve got another one just like it on my other hand too. See?” The white tubes might be long or short, fat or thin. And they need not be white. They might also be torches, with LEDs in their tips, that light up when squeezed. “No, officer, this isn’t a cigarette: it’s a torch. I always like to have one handy.” Or, “No, officer, this isn’t a cigarette: it’s a food blender and coffee stirrer. It’s got a little propeller in the tip, that starts when you tap the end. Perfect for when there are no spoons available and you don’t want to dip your pinky in your coffee.”

Well, are you going to be thrown out of a restaurant for wearing a slightly unusual ring? At what point does a little tube stop looking like a cigarette, and start looking like a middle finger?

Why are all these people such control freaks? What is that impels them to “intervene” in other people’s lives. I suppose that if you’re in a bus doing 70 mph, with the driver slumped over the wheel, his hands hanging limply by the floor, you might feel the need to intervene, grab hold of the wheel, take control of the bus. Or is it that these people have come to realise that they’re living on a little spinning rock that’s revolving around a white hot star, and it’s all totally out of control, and has always been totally out of anyone’s control, and always will be.

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16 Responses to Why Are They All Such Control Freaks?

  1. Smoking Lamp says:

    The entire social control movement is based upon manipulation. It exploits the human need for acceptance and takes it to absurd (albeit predictable) ends. After all we have seen this before in witch hunts, programs, and sadly smoking bans. Now we see a move to ban meat and alcohol. It seems the eugenics movement is back full steam. But it really is about power and exploiting others to gain power. That quest for control is the ultimate seed of destruction for the controllers. They will as always overreach. Hopefully tobacco control will crash soon. But as in all the prior waves of self-accepted destruction much will have been lost and the residual pain will persist. Tobacco control must be destroyed and liberty restored!

  2. Rose says:

    Why are all these people such control freaks? What is that impels them to “intervene” in other people’s lives
    Their wages.

  3. Timothy Goodacre says:

    It is none of anybody’s business what you do on your own property. How long before we have to wear yellow stars like the Jews had to in Nazi Germany ? All these control freaks need dealing with hard !

  4. Clicky says:

  5. Fredrik Eich says:

    Do you remember us discussing the strong correlation between rain and lung cancer?
    Well, I found another study that found this correlation too!

    P3: Anyway, apparently the more it rains the more lung cancer there is… in males. (Figure 8) and… it appears to be true in women too, although not quite as strongly… the r-squared’s are… well actually are huge…

    Interestingly , here is another version which is revealing in it’s attitude

    P3: Anyway, apparently the more it rains the more lung cancer there is.. in males.. (Figure 20) and… um… Living proof of the dangers of software that’s too easy to use. And uh… it appears to be true in women too, although not quite as strongly… and in neither case it’s very… the r-squared’s are.. well actually are huge…

    One would think that such a strong correlation would be of great scientific interest, it should be on the front cover of Nature but as the best explanation for it is atomic weapons testing fallout, it is of far greater political interest.

  6. Barry Homan says:

    One thing is persistent in this control-freak age. We are never being forced, threatened or coerced into doing something, instead we are being forced, threatened and coerced into NOT doing something. I feel it’s because the control freaks of the world are failures, uncharismatic idiots who have no real influence, no sufficient drive and so can’t ever attain their real goals or make their own mark. Lacking the ability to lead, they compensate by waging war: singling out others from whom they can take away things. They simply want to punish, and why? Because they can’t prosper. In this they feel that they’ve at least achieved something.

    • jaxthefirst says:

      I suspect that being forced NOT to do something is merely a forerunner to later being forced to DO something, probably because it’s easier to achieve, so, if you are an aspiring Social Controller, you start there first. Having manipulated the mindset of the public into naïvely believing that they – the “experts” – are all-knowing and have the public’s best interests at heart, by using fearmongering and hysterical health claims (all the same ones, always, regardless of the “sin” in question), and they’ve managed to brainwash people into believing that they feel oh so much better for having given up all those nasty “sins” (even when actually it’s obvious to everyone around them that they are as miserable as sin itself!), it’s then actually just a short step to using the same tactics to start making them do things that essentially they’d rather not do. Exercise, hours of sleep, some kind of “mental stimulation,” some kind of “emotional expression,” obligatory “social interaction,” partaking in one or more of a range of “approved” hobbies, Green activities, semi-compulsory voluntary “charitable” works – you name it, if they decide they want people to do it, they’ll try and make them.

      And the sad thing is, most of the bovine public will obey them. As Rose has pointed out on here several times, there’s a reason they started the ball rolling with smoking all those years ago, because there are countless studies indicating that smoking tobacco increases a person’s critical faculties, i.e. smokers tend to question what they are told, whereas non-smokers tend not to, so that life is much easier for Social Controllers if they can make sure that the majority of the public are herd-mentality, accepting believers who will do just as they are told, like obedient little serfs – which, by and large, most people today are – when presented with the flimsiest of “reasons” by their betters. So, making people do things will be easy-peasy, now that so few of them smoke. In many ways the Controllers’ toes are already in the water (Fit4Life, Change4Life, Let’s Get Active, five-a-day, Cameron’s Big Society etc etc). It’s the reason why so many of the New Targets – drinkers, the overweight, fast-food lovers, car drivers, non-exercisers etc – can’t see the connection between their newly-persecuted status and that of already-persecuted smokers, because they’ve all but lost the capacity to make those kinds of connections. Just watch this space – compulsory, “fun” exercise sessions coming soon to a town near you!!

  7. waltc says:

    I think in addition to a power play it’s also just another example of tribalism and what Freud called ” the narcissism of small differences.” (I’m better than you are because of my [skin color, religion, sect of our communal religion, college degree, degree from a better college, because I’m thinner, don’t smoke, don’t eat meat, exercise more, believe in global warming and the EU, hate Trump and Nigel, and so on] but also because I have power and you don’t and my power is the power to ostracize and control you.

  8. Charles Burns says:

    I don’t believe the 64% figure is true. Consider the source. More fraudulent manipulation of polls.

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