Never-Ending Brexit

I have no idea what’s happening with Brexit. Nigel Farage was saying a few days ago that it was possible that tomorrow Parliament could topple Boris Johnson as PM and replace him with Jeremy Corbyn, or maybe Ken Clarke, or somebody else. But, unsurprisingly, it seems they can’t agree on who to replace him with, so this probably won’t happen.

Another possibility floated by Nigel Farage was that if Parliament succeeded in forcing Boris to ask for a Brexit extension beyond 31 October, then another EU member state (most likely Hungary) could veto any extension.

One reason why Hungary might be sympathetic to Britain is because it has its own history of trying to escape from an empire. In 1956, Hungarians in Budapest revolted against Soviet control, and were bloodily suppressed, with thousands killed by Soviet tanks. And now that they’ve become part of the new EU empire, they’re proving to be as independent-minded as ever.

Now that the EU wants its own army, it had me wondering whether we might see EU tanks on the streets of London and other English cities, to prevent Brexit Soviet-style. But the EU hasn’t got an army yet, and anyway the cities mostly voted Remain. So this probably won’t happen.

Another possible event might be a big freeze at the end of October, at the peak of the current British political crisis:

After a chilly and damp start to October, a big freeze is set to swoop across Britain as winter sets in early. In just over a week, experts predict the mercury could plummet as freezing temperatures grip the country. Meteorologists believe it could be the coldest winter Britain has experienced since 1963 – the bleakest conditions in 56 years.

I bet the experts are wrong. They usually are, as far as I can see. But a big freeze would exacerbate a political crisis, as MPs struggled through snow to get to Westminster.

If the political situation in Britain is bizarre, the situation in the USA seems to be equally bizarre, with Nancy Pelosi seeking to impeach Donald Trump (but without a vote in the House). The reason: Trump asked Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden for corruption. Trump has also suggested that China do the same with the Bidens. And Joe Biden’s presidential campaign looks like it’s sinking under the weight of the allegations against him. And Biden is about the only old-style, middle-of-the-road presidential candidate in the race, all the rest being radical socialists of one flavour or other, of a kind that Americans will never elect. So once Joe Biden is gone, Trump should have no trouble being re-elected president in 2020. And so the only way to get rid of him is to impeach him for something, anything.

Unless of course Hillary Clinton jumps into the race, as some people think she will:


“She is running. She’s just trying to decide how to fit her way in,” he told Fox Business Monday evening, predicting that she could take over the centrist lane from Joe Biden.

Unfortunately, Britain is going to be dominated by the Brexit crisis for the rest of October. And even then that won’t be the end of it.

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9 Responses to Never-Ending Brexit

  1. Frank Davis says:

    Hillary Clinton is readying a presidential run for 2020 in the wake of former frontrunner Joe Biden’s imploding campaign. This is the establishment’s last chance to cling to power before Trump totally demolishes their New World Order agenda.

  2. Roobeedoo2 says:

    Ugh! That harpy’s like a cold sore.

  3. ianl says:

    No matter how the politicians duck and weave and lie, the UK Supreme Court will not let go – Brexit is last month’s stale fish and chips. The Supreme Court has shown its’ absolute willingness to destroy both some popular vote or other and any Executive action it (the Court) dislikes.

    This Court is a Tony Blair “gotcha” and it works exactly as he intended. The only way out is to re-stack it – over several generations. So no hope.

  4. jaxthefirst says:

    I may be politically naïve – which is probably why I never entered the filthy world of politics – but I don’t quite understand why Donald Trump would need to ask the president of Ukraine to dig the dirt on Biden. If Trump suspected there was dirt there to be dug, then surely in his position he could quite easily have done it himself (or got one of “his people” to do it) without dragging some foreign power in to do it for him. After all, that’s what many people opposed to Trump – and indeed to Clinton – did in the run-up to the election. They dug around in the archives and made a few phone calls and recruited their friends in the media and – hey-presto – suddenly they’ve “discovered” something scandalous to hurl against whoever they were hoping would lose. Some of it, e.g. Clinton’s e-mails and the Whitewater affair, had already been pretty widely publicised and just needed to be resurrected, whereas Trump’s “changing room banter” story had to be teased out from a less public arena and re-fashioned into a Big Story, but either way in both cases the “scandals” were all home-grown and home-announced. So why the need, in this case, to get someone from Ukraine to do all the digging?

    • Joe L. says:

      The company to which Hunter Biden was appointed to be a (seemingly highly unqualified) board member, Burisma Group, is a Ukrainian company. Thus the Ukrainian government would have the jurisdiction to conduct an official investigation.

    • melinoerealm says:

      Greek police again stated for the zillionth time, they won’t enforce it. They even hinted it’s all a ‘communication’ game by the new government, which means the government isn’t that interested either, and only publicly appears interested for a while.

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