Motorised Ashtrays?

This sounded rather amusing:

Their relationship has long been fraught with bitter clashes and the sporadic volley of brutal insults.

But after decades of feuding, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are currently enjoying a fragile peace and as such, the latter will do anything to maintain the equilibrium.

That includes, it has emerged, using a motorised ashtray that sucks in cigarette smoke to avoid upsetting the health conscious Jagger, 76.

The circular device was spotted backstage on the band’s No Filter tour that is due to conclude, after two years of touring Europe and the US, this weekend.

It sounds like the Rolling Stones are almost as divided among themselves as Britain itself is about Brexit.

But why was the tour called No Filter? Isn’t it because smoking cigarettes with no filter is the bad-ass way to do it, and the Rolling Stones were always supposed to be a bad-ass band? Or was it that Keith decided what the tour was going to be called, and it was too late to change it when Mick found out?

Has anyone ever seen a motorised ashtray? I’ve never seen one. Maybe it’s one of these:

Built-in system reduces second hand smoke
Helps eliminate cigarette and cigar odors
Washable filter for long lasting performance
Cordless battery operation works anywhere

I wonder if it sounds like a vacuum cleaner?

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16 Responses to Motorised Ashtrays?

  1. RdM says:

    Telegraph is behind a paywall for me, but …
    They seem to be doing OK.

    OK, the main fan club.

    But Daily Mail has a note too.

    Well big deal.

    I seem to remember fan extraction ashtrays from before but am unsure now …

    Any other examples?

    Will they be collectible, in a few tens of years, or more?

    I reckon, yeah !

    Nice, but so what?

    Well, it’s a thoughtful way to localise and reduce outside spill, emissions from frankly the stinky smoke from tailor-made cigarettes, from their paper wrap, that Keith still smokes. Maybe.

    I’m smoking Manitou Organic no additive tobacco in clean burning paper …

    Not so convenient to roll on stage, so … I don’t know.


  2. Clicky says:

  3. Clicky says:

  4. RdM says:

    “I wonder if it sounds like a vacuum cleaner?”

    I wondered if a “motorized” ash tray might follow its paired human smoker around, with onboard AI, and always be present as a receptacle .

    Silently, indeed.

    May as well have weapons and a suit of amour ready as well.

    Jeeves! ?

  5. Igrowmyown says:

    How can you be health conscious at 76? Whatever genes you have inherited are playing their closing symphonies,your living history is hugging you closely and you’ve surpassed the biblical threescore years and ten. For health conscious insert fear of mortality.

  6. RdM says:

    Apparently not quite the original version (expand comments) but maybe close:

    Even the Bad Times Are Good


    Regards, at 66 !

  7. smokingscot says:

    There are stacks of early photos of Jagger posing with a cigarette, so that of itself is unlikely to be the issue.

    Two highly talented individuals will inevitably clash, the remarkable thing is this lot have managed to overcome their differences and re-form. Both Richards and Jagger have made their own albums, however they do lack the spark that’s “The Stones”.

    Frank’s correct, Jagger has had significant health issue and is likely to be under medical supervision (another common feature with seriously good celebrities – usually drug related however).

    Because of that Richards’ is doing the same as I would with a good buddy who’s had it rough, I’d accommodate. So he probably does leg it outdoors when he won’t get mobbed – and the ashtray’s more a pacifier than a needful piece of kit. That said, in all the interviews I’ve seen of Richards, he usually takes a couple of drags, then forgets about the cigarette.

    Add to that the fact Jagger’s latest child – a boy – is all of 2 years old and yes it’s selfish of Jagger, but it does take two to make one, so I’d imagine he wants to clean up his act so he can at least enjoy the wee thing for a few more years.

    Same story with Rod Stewart and Elton John.

  8. RdM says:

    “why was the tour called No Filter?”

    This a good question, and something I’d wondered about.

    It’s an idiom that I hadn’t come across before, perhaps?

    And like this?

    But I gather it can also hashtag refer to unmodified photos …

    Telling it straight?

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