De-normalising Normality

Rush Limbaugh wasn’t actually talking about smoking, but he may as well have been.

Now, to me, the dangerous thing here is… I mean, these people exist and they’ve always existed, but they have this arrogance of supremacy and contempt about them that they automatically conclude that they are the ones who are normal and that they are the ones who are in the majority and that they have the right, not just to disagree with these people, but to go out and destroy them, to impugn them.

I think if you had to boil down the thing that worries me most about the country, it’s not a specific thing. It is what is becoming and what has happened to these formally universally accepted characteristics of “normal,” and now those characteristics have become the definitions of a threat, the definitions of a problem. They have become the characteristics that the left wants to destroy. Now, I understand why.

It’s because the left knows it’s not normal, and nobody wants to run around thinking they’re abnormal. Nobody wants to think that. So these people are weaponizing and attempting to redefine what’s normal with them and their beliefs and behaviors as the definitions, which, okay. But what do they do with people who then no longer qualify? Then there’s out and out punishment! They want to punish these people who always have been the definition of normal because they never were normal in these people’s minds, and it’s time that they essentially be wiped out.

I grew up in a world of smoking, and for me smokers have always been the definition of normal. But antismokers want to punish smokers, because they never saw smoking as normal. Antismokers want to wipe out smokers and smoking.

They’ve quite deliberately set out to de-normalise smoking. That’s the word they use themselves: de-normalise. Which means that it used to be normal, and they’re trying to make it no longer normal. They’re trying to de-normalise normality.

In fact, it’s not just smoking that they’re trying to de-normalise. They’re trying to de-normalise more or less everything. They’re trying to de-normalise Christianity. And to de-normalise patriotism. And to de-normalise heterosexuality. And to de-normalise language (or at least de-normalise words like “he” and “she”). And de-normalise meat-eating. And so on.

I think the idea is that if you can de-normalise pretty much everything, then you can define a new set of norms. And then you’ve redefine normality from being one thing to being something else. And if you can re-define “yours” to be “mine”, then what was once yours will become mine.

The ultimate aim is political. To achieve some sort of socialist utopia, you de-normalise Capitalism, and you normalise Communism.

But up at back of all this is a belief that norms actually can be redefined. Which is like believing that lies can become truths, if repeated enough times. And that’s how Tobacco Control works. It works by telling lies about tobacco. It tells lie after lie after lie.

The lying has never been more obvious than when it came to vaping. As soon as e-cigarettes appeared, the antismokers instantly started telling lies about them too. Because that’s all that the antismokers in Tobacco Control have always been doing: telling lies.

And that’s all that Public Health does: tell lies. They tell lies not just about tobacco, but also about alcohol, and sugar, and fat, and meat, and salt. And it’s all lies. It’s non-stop, wall-to-wall lies.

Something Winston Churchill once said:

In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.

And Tobacco Control and Public Health are fighting a war. And so they tell lies. They tell whole brigades and battalions and armies of lies.

But in their case there has ceased to be any truth that is being protected.  All they have is a pack of lies. There’s nothing else.

But I think the truth eventually defeats the lies. Three equations: 1+1 = 1,  1+1 = 2,  1+1 = 3. One of them is true, and the other two are lies. I think I know which one is true, and it will always be true, regardless of how often the lies are repeated.

And I think it’s the same with normality. Normality is also a kind of truth. And normality wins out in the end. In fact, it won out at the beginning, because that’s why it was normality to start with.

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8 Responses to De-normalising Normality

  1. Rose says:

    Tobacco Control don’t exactly tell lies, it’s more like being economical with the truth or presenting truth in such a warped way that the public are misled.

    How everyone nearly lost their favourite foods in the interests of purity, in the end they seem to have relied on general ignorance instead to get their bans.

    Food Standards Australia NewZealand
    4 August 2004

    “Many commonly and widely consumed vegetables of the nightshade family (Solanaceae) such as potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants and capsicums naturally contain low levels of nicotine.
    Nicotine has also been detected in cauliflower and tea – two non-solanaceous plants.
    Recently there have been a number of attempts overseas to deliver nicotine medications presented as food, such as in bottled water or in lollipops.

    A concern expressed by health authorities is that the addition of tobacco or nicotine in food may promote or legitimise the smoking of tobacco or the use of smokeless tobacco products.

    VicHealth proposed a modified Option 2 – Allow the use of Nicotiana species in all foods but restrict the level of nicotine to the level demonstrated to be safe and not to be therapeutic or psychoactive.” ?

    “The option was raised to prevent foods such as the nightshades, known to naturally contain low levels of nicotine, from being banned.

    Option 1 in this Proposal
    addresses the concerns of VicHealth by preventing the addition of nicotine to food, while permitting the sale of foods that naturally contain nicotine, such as the nightshades.”

    Click to access P278_Nicotine_FAR_Final.pdf

    Exposure to Second-Hand Smoke Widespread

    “Nearly 9 out of 10 non-smoking Americans are exposed to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS, or second-hand smoke), as measured by the levels of cotinine in their blood, according to a study conducted by HHS’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    In 2007 there were very few references to the nicotine content of popular vegetables and almost all in scholarly works, now they are all over the internet

  2. I do wonder what is the end game for these idiots. I see they want to minimise meat consumption now, and no doubt other luxury products. Are we to be beaten back to a feudal life style? DDR museum in Berlin very interesting, Thousands of folk living a totally planned out life, and thus unable to cope with freedom and the absence of direction. Every time these idiots direct me not to do something, I am reminded of how much we are forced to give up. No one elected public health. Their role is to make sure the water supply is safe, and we don’t have to eat rotten food.
    Had a lull at work the other day, it happens. Colleagues zoned out and watching sport. I’m outside for a tab, I say. Filthy smoker he says. Substitute the word smoker for Jew, Muslim, or any other group, and he would be in the cacky. A middle aged white tax paying worker has less rights and less protection in law than a cockroach.
    Another excellent post Frank, thank you.

  3. Yvonne says:

    PragerU have a YouTube video more or less on the same lines:
    I haven’t read through the numerous comments; however, I imagine that many feel the frustration at the shifting sands of normality.

  4. Smoking Lamp says:

    And, yes, at times tobacco controllers do lie, when they don’t they manipulate and obscure the truth and brutally suppress dissent. In sum, that is tantamount to sowing lies.

    The lifestyle controllers need to be de-normalised.

  5. waltc says:

    This reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode where surgeons (unseen behind surgical masks) are trying to correct the hideous facial abnormality of a woman so she’ll be able to live a normal life. When they take off the bandages and declare in disappointment that the operation has been a failure, we see a gorgeous girl and a coterie of deformed hospital staff.

  6. mandy vincent says:

    Liars seem to be – can they not find a real one that smokes the for their sordid pictures –

  7. Rose says:

    Talking about lying, a very informative video from Guido Fawkes.

    “The latest mendacious line to come from the hard Remain camp is that “nobody was told that voting Leave could lead to no deal”, with Philip Hammond going into overdrive this morning and claiming it is a “total travesty of the truth”. The problem is, as usual, it’s the Remainer line that is a “total travesty of the truth”.

    Change Britain have looked at what Remainer politicians actually said and, surprise surprise, everyone from David Cameron and George Osborne to Dominic Grieve and Hilary Benn repeatedly warned voters that voting Leave would lead to Britain leaving the EU after two years, deal or no deal. Along with a certain Rt Hon. Philip Hammond M.P. at the Despatch Box in the House of Commons…”

    I knew my memory was not at fault.

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