No Clapping

Something I only just noticed. This piece of lunacy seems to have been a British invention last year:

The student union at Manchester University in England voted last week to ban clapping and whooping in favor of more inclusive “jazz hands” to pacify anxiety-prone students.

The University of Manchester Students’ Union voted Thursday to use jazz hands, or the BSL (British Sign Language) sign for clapping, instead of traditional clapping and cheering at its sponsored events, the union’s newspaper, The Mancunion, reported.

“This union notes that since 2015, the National Union of Students (NUS) has been using British sign language (BSL) clapping (or ‘jazz hands’), as loud noises, including whooping and traditional applause, can pose an issue for students with disabilities such as anxiety or sensory issues,” the motion read, The Guardian reported.

It seems to have spread to the USA, and to the Democratic Socialist Party convention, according to Tucker Carlson and Mark Steyn. I wonder if the Democratic Party (assuming it’s a different party) will adopt the same practice? I won’t be at all surprised if they do.

And if  “loud noises” pose “issues” for students with “disabilities”, and result in clapping and whooping being banned.  then it won’t be long before any number of other loud noises will also be banned.

Like amplified musical instruments. Or amplified speech. Or singing or shouting.

It’s another exertion of control over people. It’s a way of silencing people. Once you’ve banned clapping, you’re one step away from banning talking.

No Smoking. And now No Clapping.

Whatever next?

All this morning’s news seems a bit deranged.

Remainers are plotting to drag the Queen into a political crisis by demanding that she sack Boris Johnson if he refuses to step down in the event he loses a confidence vote in Parliament.

Dominic Grieve, the former attorney general, was on Tuesday accused of being behind plans under which the monarch would be asked to remove the Prime Minister should he refuse to bend to the will of the Commons.

Insiders said the MPs plan to use a parliamentary procedure known as a Humble Address, which would entail asking the Queen to write to Mr Johnson, dismissing him from office.

Why do they think that Boris Johnson might refuse to resign if he loses a vote of confidence? It hasn’t actually happened yet. Do they really think it might happen? And, furthermore, do they think that the Queen could remove him if he did? How would she do that? Would she ride on a horse to 10, Downing Street, and say, “Go away, Boris”? And what if he also refused to do what the Queen told him?

What-if, what-if, what-if. All these hypothetical, what-if questions.

From Rush Limbaugh: Apparently Donald Trump condemned white supremacy in a speech yesterday, and now he’s being condemned as a white supremacist:

So Trump mentions white nationalism, and that’s the green flag to the media that starts the race. Every damn one of them now is talking about Trump as a white supremacist and saying, “He didn’t mean it! He’s just trying to cover up for his white supremacy.”

It was an excellent speech denouncing white supremacy. Now the Democrats are blasting him! The very same Democrats who demanded that Trump denouncing white supremacy are the ones now denouncing Trump for denouncing white supremacy. They’re now practically saying that Trump’s denunciation of white supremacy proves that he is a white supremacist!

These people are seeing things that are not there. They’re projecting onto Donald Trump something that he isn’t. They’ve collectively allowed their imaginations to overwrite reality. Isn’t that the definition of madness?

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9 Responses to No Clapping

  1. RdM says:

    Take a break …

    Charles Lloyd & The Marvels with Bill Frisell – 2016-01-30 set 1 – Lincoln Center, New York, NY

    Masters Of War, the opening track … a Bob Dylan cover.

    Jazz, if you can stand it !

    A live concert.

  2. Algernon Struthers says:

    The Socialist approach is indoctrination of youth, but there’s a big BUT. People are not stupid. There’s always come-back, like many children of the hippies who got a gut-full and disowned it. The link below is to Soph’s Bitchute. She’s disowning the alphabet people and safe spaces and all the other bs.
    Soph’s on Bitchute because Youtube has banned her. The irony is that Susan Wojcicki the Youtube CEO, wants to encourage young women to get into tech, etc, etc. But not Soph, no, no, no, Soph, gtfo out of Youtube. XD

    Soph’s on Bitchute and she has some spicy language (perchance you’re easily offended.)

  3. Twisted Root says:

    ‘Jazz Hands’ is most definitely a way of silencing people. It is a useful identifier to know when you are amongst manipulative people. Audiences face in one direction, so the further back you sit the fewer the number of people who can see your gesture of approval and then be influenced by it. Guess who is sitting in the front rows? And like any good sociopath they dress their manipulation up in good intentions.

  4. Joe L. says:

    I watched that Democratic Socialists of America Convention video clip yesterday and it was hard for me to believe that it wasn’t satire. If our society hasn’t reached peak lunacy yet, we have to be damn close.

    • Joe L. says:

      Absolute insanity! And this was broadcast on MSNBC, masquerading as “news,” after the MSM and social media outlets all demanded the de-platforming of Alex Jones for promoting conspiracy theories about Sandy Hook! Jones actually presented strange and interesting facts which supported his theories; this lunatic just pulled some dots out of thin air and poorly tried to connect them together with the sole intention of further pushing the tired “Trump is a Nazi” meme. Is there anyone who can’t see the blatant hypocrisy and manipulative censorship occurring today?

  5. smokingscot says:

    I believe the modern take (because I saw it done a couple of days back with the Hong Kong pretesters) is to turn on the screen of your mobile and waggle that.

    Here’s an excellent example of it being done correctly.

    They’ve even developed an app for this purpose!!!

  6. Smoking Lamp says:

    Imposing smoking bans (and ignoring individual liberties comes with an extreme social cost as described ion this article about the one year anniversary of a campus-wide smoking ban at a Houston, Texas University, “Campus-wide tobacco ban conversation continues one year later”

    Some of the criticisms of the ban follow:

    — “I get that people don’t like second-hand smoke, which is why I feel like changing the smoking area would have been a good compromise, but nobody wanted to even negotiate,” said Colden Snow, academic advisor for the College of Human Sciences and Humanities.

    — “I still feel like it is unfair and that the loudest people who were primarily non-smokers were listened to the most,” Snow said.

    — “I believe there has been an impact,” Davis said. “In some ways, smoking was a social activity that others could share or connect, everybody needs that opportunity.”

    –“The biggest change I’ve noticed is that the patio seems to be dead,” Ikpeama said. “Many non-smokers were upset they couldn’t sit out on the patio or walk near it without there being smoke, however, instead of negotiating a new spot for smokers, the patio is hardly utilized since the ban went into effect.”

    –“The personal decision for a student, faculty or staff member to smoke is just that, personal, and I feel like those that don’t smoke shame the smokers,” Snow said.

    Sounds like all the other imposed smoking bans: a small minority of vocal activists forcing their viewpoint on others, suppressing dissenting opinions, and obscuring the actual will of the community…

    It is surprising, yet welcome, to see some push-back emerging!

  7. Charles Burns says:

    There is madness in society now, the like of which I have never seen, not even in the hippies in the sixties. The vast majority now believes any number of complete and absurd lies about so many things.
    Who was it who said that once people stop believing in God, they will easily believe just about anything? The modern form of magical thinking, aka “Science,” is the new God in the West, but actual scientific research done according to the Scientific method is rare. “Science” is the Wizard behind the curtain, pulling all the strings connected to the brains of the masses who never learned HOW to think, but only WHAT to think. And Tobacco Control has provided the template.
    We are really in Big Trouble, as Western Civilization collapses faster each day, the momentum of lunacy builds, and there is no one in power even noticing, much less trying to stop the collapse. There are young people who can’t even “decide” what sex they are!
    We are really screwed.

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