My War With The Antismoking EU

No big surprise:

Eurocrats Tell Johnson They Will Not Renegotiate Brexit Treaty

So it looks like we’re heading for a No Deal Brexit. Unless the Remainers in Parliament can prevent it happening. And they will do their level best to do that, even if that means bringing down Boris Johnson’s government.

So my guess is that’s what they’ll do, sometime prior to 31 October. They’ll bring down the government rather than let Britain leave the EU. Because the Remainers in Parliament owe a stronger allegiance to the EU than they do to the UK.

It all boils down to what you think you belong to: your native country or the European Union. Americans probably faced the same question back in 1860: Did they feel they belonged to their native states (Kentucky, Virginia, etc) or did they feel that they belonged to the United States of America?

Why do some people think one way, and other people think the other way?

I can only answer for myself. I used to be pro-EU, but when in 2009 the EU declared war on smoking, I flipped overnight from being pro-EU to anti-EU. And when I found out earlier this year that the EU had actually declared war on smoking way back in 1989, I became even more intensely anti-EU. Why should any European smoker want to belong to the virulently antismoking EU? No wonder the EU is beginning to disintegrate.

I sometimes wonder whether Nigel Farage is simply a smoker like me, but one who saw far earlier than I did the antismoking virulence at work inside the EU.

Antismoking is just like antisemitism. And the two very often go hand in hand. They’re both deeply irrational phobias. They both demonise something: antisemitism demonises Jews, and antismoking demonises smokers. I’m not in the least bit surprised that the Labour party whose MPs voted en masse for the UK smoking ban is now being charged with antisemitism. What else is to be expected? Jeremy Corbyn is an antismoker who voted for the UK smoking ban, so he’s probably an antisemite as well: if he demonises the one, he’ll probably demonise the other.

The only surprise for me is that while people will readily condemn antisemitism, hardly anybody condemns antismoking, even though the two are structurally identical.

And of course global warming alarmism is another demonisation process. Only this time it entails the demonisation of carbon dioxide (or maybe the element Carbon) and carbon dioxide emitters rather than the demonisation of tobacco smoke and tobacco smokers.

All these things are witch hunts. All of them pursue entirely imaginary witches. All of them conjure up imaginary threats and imaginary enemies, and then do terrible harm as they go to war with them. Smoking does nobody any harm, but the war on smoking does tremendous harm.

I don’t wake up thinking about the European Union every day. And I don’t wake up thinking about global warming either. But I do wake up every morning thinking about the UK smoking ban of 1 July 2007, when I was first exiled to the outdoors, and where I have remained ever since. For that day left a permanent mark on me. It left a wound that never heals.

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3 Responses to My War With The Antismoking EU

  1. Mark Jarratt says:

    Right again, although dedicated consumers of this venerable and admired free thinking and free choice decade old blog are likely to be dismissed as deplorable deniers suffering from blinkered cognitive and confirmation bias…this article from the Australian public funded organ of PC ideology is rather condescending. Comments are disabled to avoid zombie flaming. Go get ’em!

  2. slugbop007 says:

    I would love to see an analysis of the effect that 1000+ Atomic Bomb tests had on Earth’s climate, as well as volcanic eruptions, lead gasoline, factory pollution, tectonic plate shifts, soil erosion, hydroelectric dams, the Cold War, mutual assured destruction and so on. I think that the war on smoking, sugar, salt, meat, obesity, you name it, is just a coverup for all the harm that has been done to the human race in the name of progress by ne’er do wells masquerading as do gooders.


  3. Rose says:

    Remember the Metric Martyrs?

    BULLIED BY BRUSSELS – Fury of Metric Martyrs criminalised for now MEANINGLESS EU laws

    “GREENGROCERS turned into criminals for selling goods in pounds and ounces under crazed European Union (EU) laws today vented their fury at the now meaningless legislation.”

    “The customers did not want to use metric measurements, they wanted what they were used to.
    “It was just about the big boys hammering the small boys.”

    The Spectator magazine called the petty bullying of Britain’s grocers “one of the darkest times for the EU’s reputation in Britain.”

    Reporter Ysenda Maxtone Graham wrote in a recent article: “If we’re looking for specific reasons why so many people voted Leave, it’s worth contemplating the lingering ill-feeling left by those small acts of bureaucratic bullying, when the ‘little guy’ going about his daily business was squashed and criminalised by the rigid mechanics of Council Directive 80/181/EEC, stipulating the use of metric measurements, incorporated into English law in January 2000.”

    But in 2007

    Victory for Britain’s metric martyrs as Eurocrats give up the fight

    “British governments have repeatedly asked for delays in implementing the switch to metric agreed by the EU nearly 30 years ago.”

    I only remembered the Metric Martyrs when Jacob Rees Mogg instructed his staff to use Imperial measures where appropriate this week and I suddenly realised that I could still buy a pound of mince in the butchers and my bra was still marked in inches.

    It seems that the British public simply ignored the government and it’s EU directives, just kept on using imperial measures and eventually the EU had quietly given in , blaming our government for trying to force us to use metric in the first place..

    Round here at least, regarding smoking, we seem to be doing exactly the same thing.
    Nobody smokes in a pub to protect the landlord from a hefty fine, but carries on smoking just as they did before. You do see the odd vaper out and about but they are still quite rare.

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