Disbelieving Brits


Less Than Half Of Brits Believe UK Will Leave The EU On Oct 31

I’m one of those disbelieving Brits.

I don’t think there’s any chance whatever of Britain leaving the EU on or before 31 October 2019. There are simply too many obstructions. Even if Boris Johnson really intends to leave (and I’m not sure he does), I don’t think he can pull it off in the first 3 months of his administration.

He’s up against 1) the EU, 2) all the Remainers in Parliament, and 3) outgoing PM Theresa May who has probably done everything in her powers as Prime Minister to ensure that any successor finds the way out of the EU comprehensively barred.

And I think that when Boris fails to get Britain out of the EU by 31 October, there’ll be further collapse in faith in government by the British people. We’re going to feel even more betrayed than we already are. And the next election will very likely see the destruction of a Conservative party that betrayed the British people. Boris may well only be PM for a few months before he too gets swept away.

Not that I think there’s much chance of a Corbyn Labour government. For the Labour party is disintegrating as well. And Corbyn himself is a symptom of the terminal decay of the Labour party.

There is, as Nigel Farage says in the video below, made a few days ago for the Daily Caller in the USA, a political revolution under way. It’s sweeping the world. 2016 was just the beginning. We’ve had enough. We’ve had enough of being lied to.

And, speaking for myself, I’ve had enough of smoking bans. I’ve had enough of Tobacco Control’s lies. And I have no doubt that Nigel Farage has had enough too. And if he does at some point become Britain’s Prime Minister (something that now seems not only plausible, but even quite likely) I have no doubt he’ll do something about them.

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7 Responses to Disbelieving Brits

  1. Fredrik Eich says:

    Yes, Boris was initially against the smoking ban but I believe that he has since changed his mind.
    Nigel is our best hope to bring the anti-smoking industry to heel because at the moment we are headed for prohibition.

  2. wobbler2012 says:

    If the Tories fail to get us out by 31st October 2019 I think that will be the end for them for at least a generation, possibly even longer. And that will open us up for a Labour government or some kind of crackpot coalition, God fucking help us is all I can say.

  3. Roobeedoo2 says:

    I’m fairly optimistic about the UK leaving on Halloween – Boris is bringing Dominic Cummings, who spearheaded the ‘Vote Leave’ campaign, into his administration:

    ‘That is what Johnson is doing – in spades – by making former Vote Leave campaign chief Dominic Cummings his de facto chief executive as senior adviser, because Cummings is NEVER a passive adviser. Cummings has an extraordinary sense of purpose and objectives – and pity those who get in his path.’


    I watched ‘Brexit: The Uncivil War’ about Dominic Cummings and the Leave Campaign at the start of the year, and was hugely encouraged by what was portrayed…

    *I don’t think it had the detrimental effect its Remoaner makers were hoping for, Clicky…/smirks…*

    I included some gifs I took of the film in a Missive at the LoL…


  4. smokingscot says:

    My opinion is Boris is a very, very ambitious individual. I thought he did a superb job of managing his supporters during the leadership campaign, instructing some to vote for Grove and even that oddity Stewart. Then pulling them out when it mattered, as Stewart discovered to his utter dismay.

    In the end it was Hobson’s choice, that allowed 33% of registered members to vote for a Maybot mark 2, and feel they were participating. So it looks legitimate – and in a way it was, though Hunt was always the fall guy.

    So while I’m generally wary of ambitious gits, sometimes they are an advantage. I feel Boris wants to keep this job for a long time, and in that respect I said exactly the same thing about the then Mr. Trump. He too wants his two terms and in his case I believe he’ll fight for his preferred successor.

    The parallels between the two is remarkable, though Boris does prefer a more flowery way of belittling and humiliating his political opponents, his style is IMO far more damaging than a Trump Tweet. Both use showmanship, both have huge presence and both are great communicators.

    Boris wanted this job badly. It is very likely he backed off 3 years ago because he had an inkling it was a poisoned chalice Cameron had left. May becomes the patsy, but also showed how the other side operated. Tactically it was brilliant.

    Now he’s got it he must get good people in his cabinet; not just people who butt kissed him, or are ardent Eurosceptics. Just good, competent people with proven track records.

    That’s the key and I’ll be very interested to see who they are. Hopefully before Friday.

  5. Clicky says:

  6. waltc says:

    I see elsewhere that there’ve already been yowling mobs in tne streets protesting his win. The Trump “resistance” revisited. It seems that, for one reason or the opposite, people all over (Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, Caracas, Paris) are just sick of government, no matter what the government is. And it also begins to occur to me that no matter who triumphs here or the UK, the other half of our countries will remain perpetually roiled and the winners can only hold on through increasing suppression.

    Elsewhere, there’s this. Facebook and Twitter are banning all alcohol and tobacco sales and promotion. How long before thet decide that sites like your are “promoting” tobacco?


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