Fire Matthew Hancock

From Taking Liberties:

Smoking should be eradicated in England by 2030, ministers are set to urge.

The Government will vow to get all smokers to either quit the habit entirely or switch to e-cigarettes within the next 11 years.

The target to make the country smoke-free by 2030 will be announced by Health Secretary Matt Hancock next week as he unveils a Green Paper looking at how prevention is better than cure.

And this from what is supposed to be a Conservative government?

Health Secretary Matt Hancock is quite clearly a socialist.

It’s one of the problems with all political parties these days: they gradually fill up with closet socialists. They get infiltrated.

Prime Minister Theresa May is also a socialist, if her government is going to vow to get all smokers to quit smoking.

What’s the difference between individualists like me, and socialists like Theresa May? People like me regard individual people as the primary, atomic entities. Society is made up, in my view, of individual people who are tied together by bonds of family, friendship, trade, belief, location, and so on. Such societies can (and do) break down. They can (and do) fragment into rival societies.

Socialists don’t see things this way. In their view we are all first and foremost members of Society, and it is this society (and not the individual) which is the primary entity. It is this Society which feeds us and clothes us, teaches us and improves us and organises us. We are primarily social animals. We owe everything that we are to Society, and ultimately we are indistinguishable from it.

These two different points of view might also be found in describing the chair that I’m sitting on right now. I would say that the chair is made up of carbon and hydrogen and oxygen atoms held together by strong bonds between the atoms to form a uniform solid material known as “wood”, which also happens to take the shape of a “chair”. But a socialist would see that chair as being the primary entity, and all the atoms in it as being members of the chair. A chair is an organised collection of atoms. And it’s the chair that’s important, not the wood or the atoms in the wood. And just like the chair is an organised collection of atoms, so also Society is an organised collection of humans.

And socialists practise social medicine. Public Health England is a socialist organisation which is concerned with the social health of English society.  They wish to improve society. They are not concerned with individual people: they are concerned with society as a whole. And eradicating smoking would improve Society. Eradicating drinking would also improve Society. And so also meat and sugar and fat and all the rest. And since in their view it is Society that matters most, and not the mere individuals who make up society, there is no need to worry too much about what happens to those individuals. Individual people are dispensable: Society is far more important. And so socialists invariably end up imprisoning and murdering millions of individual people. And they do so because they think Society – which may be the Nation or the Party or the Church. – is more important than any individual.

All these Societies are actually imaginary entities rather than real ones. They are ideas. You can’t see the Nation, because the nation is an idea. You can’t see the Party, because the party is an idea. You can’t see or touch the Church, because the church is an idea. But you can see and touch individual people. There’s no such thing as the Conservative party: there is only a collection of individual people – not all of whom are agreed about everything (or about anything) – who call themselves the “Conservative Party”, and the policy of the Conservative party is the majority opinion of the members of the party.

I’m not a member of the Conservative party, but if I was I’d be calling for the expulsion of Matthew Hancock both from the government and the Conservative party. He should be fired. He should be fired immediately. And I’d also be calling for the same to happen with Theresa May. For these people are not conservatives: they’re socialists. They may not be extreme socialists like Communists or Nazis, but they are socialists nonetheless.

Socialism is a mental disorder in which imaginary entities – Society, the Nation, the Party, etc = become more important than real ones. Like real, individual people.

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18 Responses to Fire Matthew Hancock

  1. smokingscot says:

    Hancock put himself up for party leader – and bombed!

    He then endorsed Boris, meaning he intends being one of the chosen for a place in Boris’s cabinet.

    BJ has stated there are far too many Ministerial positions and wants to whittle them down by about 40%.

    Hancock knows his support in parliament is mediocre, so quite why he’s doing this is curious.

    IMO the Tory Party has gone out of its way to systematically alienate it’s core supporters. Boris knows this – and his stated policies are at odds with Hancock; what he proposes is populist stuff, though it is unlikely he’ll fare any better than Trump.

    I shall wait patiently to learn the fate of Hancock. Should Hunt do the impossible then one thing is certain, Hancock’s toast!

  2. Algernon Struthers says:

    Speaking as a former Socialist / Communist, because I was raised that way, I agree with you that: “Socialism is a mental disorder in which imaginary entities become more important than real ones”
    I learned that fact as I progressed through life, being shafted by a Trade Union; a couple of Labour MPs and a few others of the leftist ilk.
    Although, raised Socialist / Communist eventually returned a positive, because I know definitely I don’t want any part of Socialism / Communism, much like those of the former Eastern Bloc. Socialism / Communism are delusional pursuits – semi-religious, whose God is hopeful dreams of Nirvanas.
    So yep, I recognize and despise the totalitarian righteousness of Theresa May, and Hancock, and I hope Boris, with the help of Nigel, shoves them into a dark cupboard somewhere.

  3. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Who the hell does Hancock think he is ? This so called Tory Party is now into social engineering. If they think we are going to be coerced into giving up our pleasure they can forget it. It will not happen. Think also how many foreign visitors come here who enjoy a smoke. Nobody seems to have worked this out. Isn’t there anyone who can tell these idiots that many of us enjoy our pleasure and certainly won’t be giving it up for these Tory socialists ! Going to jail us all Hancock you twat !

  4. Pat Nurse says:

    I saw this coming a few years ago in letters to and from various health secretaries. The only conclusions I could draw from their responses was that they intended to use any means including criminalisation of the product and the consumer to force smokers to quit. Now they have ecigs they have a weapon to use to give us no alternative but to do as they say. I don’t think people took my warnings back then seriously. Perhaps they will now but the question is, do they fight or hide underground like drug users? And if they fight, how will they do it?

    • Timothy Goodacre says:

      Hi Pat. We need to fight these bastards hard. What gives them the right to say that in 11 years we can’t smoke. I for one am not excepting it !

  5. Frank Davis says:

    I rather suspect that this is about the last futile gesture of the outgoing May administration, probably designed to queer the pitch for Boris when he takes over. For I doubt if Boris has any intention whatsoever to force smokers to stop smoking. But, these days, who knows?

    I’ve written to my Conservative MP about it.

    • RdM says:

      the last futile gesture of the outgoing May administration
      some stunt by the outgoing Theresa May administration

      I suspect rather it’s a continual push by a relentless enemy to any party …

      Billions annually by “Big Pharma” to ‘Tobacco Control’?

  6. EG says:

    All of these freaks are smoke free all over the world. That made me wonder whether smoke might be beneficial or protective. That wondering landed me on your website some time ago because I started looking around. It didn’t make sense to me that a lot of very rich people cared about other people’s health. I though if they really cared about health they would be installing plumbing and heat or air cooling and new wells with filters in poor areas, right?
    They hire a huge team of professional harrasssers that go back and lobby the government they finance. But the actual idea is very religious. I think it is anyway.

    • Smoking Lamp says:

      Agree, there are clear protective and beneficial properties to smoking that the antis seek to hide. Tobacco cuts into the Pharma profits that fuel tobacco control’s power. Hence the violent suppression of dissenting research. The second hand smoke gambit is a ruse. I suspect an unbiased assessment of the research would show tobacco control has killed more than it claims to have saved.

  7. Igrowmyown says:

    Frank Zappa
    “To me a cigarette is food” Zappa observed “Tobacco is my favourite vegetable”
    I concur with Frank and always make it one of my 5-a-day.

  8. Joe L. says:

    Smoking should be eradicated in England by 2030, ministers are set to urge.<

    2030 … Where have I heard that year mentioned before? Oh, yeah–the 2030 Agenda:

    3.a Strengthen the implementation of the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in all countries, as appropriate

    Apparently Matt Hancock is doing the bidding of the UN, and it is “appropriate” to strengthen the FCTC in the UK.

  9. beobrigitte says:

    The Government will vow to get all smokers to either quit the habit entirely or switch to e-cigarettes within the next 11 years.
    WHAT government and HOW will it get all smokers to either quit the habit entirely or switch to e-cigarettes within the next 11 years? And, if we’re going to be forced to switch to e-cigarettes, how come vapers are “exiled to the outdoors”, too?

    The target to make the country smoke-free by 2030 will be announced by Health Secretary Matt Hancock next week as he unveils a Green Paper looking at how prevention is better than cure.
    Hancock who??

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