Stop Going Forward, Start Going Backwards

This started out as a response to a comment by Smoking Lamp:

The activists present these as local grass roots initiatives, but the global timing of multiple, simultaneous initiatives speaks otherwise.

Tobacco Control is global in nature, and highly centrally organised. They are engaged in a deliberate, organised, systematic cultural war, while always pretending themselves to be driven by local grass root initiatives and motivated by health concerns.

I don’t think there’s any genuine grass root antismoking movement. I think I would have met a few members of it by now, if there had been. The antismoking activists are all employess. They are being paid to do a job.

I also don’t think it’s got anything at all to do with health. I think the war on smoking is a cultural war, and it’s part of a wider cultural war on everything traditional.

Global warming alarmism is another wing of this wider war. That also is a cultural war on a settled way of life. It’s a war on fossil fuels and cars and central heating. It’s an economic and political war.

LGBTQ is another cultural assault, this time on sexual identity. It’s an attack on normal, standard heterosexuality.

The war on Christianity is another cultural attack. It’s an attack on the religious foundations of society.

Where’s the attack coming from? From global institutions of one kind or other. The UN. The WHO. Greenpeace. The EU. And most of the governments of the world. And most politicians. And the mainstream media everywhere.

Consider the last two (or three or four) British Prime Ministers. Was Theresa May actually any kind of real Conservative at all? And was David Cameron either? They were all snakes.

Is there any difference between any of the political parties? In recent years Labour, Conservative, and Lib Dem have all been the same. They all had the same progressive values. They were all Green. They were all politically correct. And all antismoking.

Anyone who is a cultural traditionalist comes in for continuous venomous attack. Examples: Donald Trump and Nigel Farage. Or Roger Scruton.

In the past, revolutions were conducted from bottom to top. The revolutionaries overthrew governments. But this time it goes from top to bottom. This time the revolutionaries are already in government, and they have set out to overthrow the people. And in this they set out to attack every single one of the people’s beliefs and customs. The people are to be remade in the image of their governments.

But the people are beginning to revolt. Brexit was a sort of Peasants’ Revolt. And so also was the election of Donald Trump.

And this revolt really ought to be a revolt against everything “progressive” and globalist. It should be a revolt against the UN, and against the EU, and against the WHO, and against Greenpeace, and against LGBTQ, and against Global Warming Alarmism, and against all corrupt political parties and politicians. It should be a re-establishment of traditional, conservative beliefs. It should be a restatement of Christianity. It should be an end to “progress” and instead be a return, a reversal, a volte face, an about-turn, a U-turn.

We need to stop going forward, and start going backwards. Because, from time to time, there are occasions when you need to stop the car, and put it into reverse, and reverse back as far as necessary. Such occasions arise when one has reached a dead end, or a cliff edge, or a broken bridge.

And it has to be an old-fashioned, grass roots, bottom-up revolution, a counter-revolution against the top-down, progressive, globalist revolution.

We need to reverse things like this:

As predicted, Theresa May’s lame-duck government has gone ahead and signed the £1 trillion suicide note committing the UK to ‘Net Zero’ decarbonisation by 2050.

As I was saying, Theresa May isn’t a conservative: she’s a revolutionary. For the decarbonisation of the UK over the next 30 years, if it could be done, would be a revolution.

And Boris looks set to be no different:

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12 Responses to Stop Going Forward, Start Going Backwards

  1. RdM says:

    The pedants Revolt

  2. garyk30 says:

    2050- none of them will be around by then and they could care less.

  3. Charles Burns says:

    It’s all top down imposition of Progressivist agendas upon the ordinary people worldwide. Certainly there was never any grass roots demand for immediate, hysterical and authoritarian action to persecute smokers, drastically alter our daily existence for the prevention of climate change, indulge our children in gender dysphoria, and for homosexual “marriage” to be elevated to normal status. All of it is being imposed from above, by social engineering radicals. And the toleration of the public in “democracies” for these strong arm tactics is running out

  4. slugbop007 says:

    The worse part is that they are funding this global crusade with our money . The Global Link Network needs to be dismantled.

    The new Mayor of San Francisco has a degree in Public Administration. Sound familiar? She is presently enacting legislation to ban the sale of ECigs. How can she get away with that? I hope that she and the City of San Francisco get sued.  How did all these public administration graduates achieve positions of power in the past twenty years?

    Here in Quebec we are being inundated by the Green Theme. The latest salvo is an ad by a well known, very expensive, organic food store that says Voyez la vie en Vert (see Life in Green). In smaller print at the bottom it reads ‘epicerie santé’ (health(y) grocery store), another buzz word very popular these days. I put a dollar sign over the s in santé several days ago but it was removed. I’m pretty sure that this grocery store receives subsidies from the government. More money out of our pockets to pay for their subliminal propaganda.


  5. Dmitry says:

    It’s a rare case when I agree with somebody 100%, no reservations. And that’s sad, because I wish you were wrong, Frank. Because we are talking about a huge (counter)revolution, that’ll last several decades. Right now I’m researching the Russian Revolution of 1905, total horror, and it went on decade after decade, became global, and still goes on in a way. Argentina seemed to be the place to hide, but Argentinians do not agree it was a paradise all these years…

  6. Lepercolonist says:

    Good luck getting the developing nations to net zero emissions. That’s the rub with these green campaigns. China and India are not going to close down their coal plants. In fact, they are ramping up with more carbon emissions. The West is committing suicide with these ridiculous Green ideas.

    You can purchase Elon Musk’s solar panels for you private residence at $ 80,000 USD per house.
    Way out of reach for the average citizen. These wealthy green progressives are out of touch with the common man. Including smoking bans. Storm the Bastille !

  7. Fredrik Eich says:

    “LGBTQ is another cultural assault, this time on sexual identity. It’s an attack on normal, standard heterosexuality.”
    Not sure I agree with that one. I do not feel or see much evidence of my heterosexual identity being under attack. My identity as a smoker is definitely under vicious and sustained attack.

    • Frank Davis says:

      I think that a lot of people think that marriage and the family is something that is under attack. And that’s an attack on heterosexuality.

      • Fredrik Eich says:

        Same sex marriage/families is not an attack per se on hetrosexual marriage/families or the sexual identity of hetrosexuals. If anything, wanting marriage/families to be exclusively for hetrosexuality is an attack on homosexual identity. Both homosexual and heterosexual couples are allowed to adopt children but either of those couples are smokers , they will likely be told to stop smoking for a year and then come and apply again when they are ‘clean’.

        • Frank Davis says:

          My identity as a smoker is definitely under vicious and sustained attack.

          Of course I entirely agree with you about this.

          Same sex marriage/families is not an attack per se on hetrosexual marriage/families…

          I entirely disagree with you about this. I think same sex marriage devalues true marriage in the same way that that the addition of lead to gold devalues a coinage. And I think furthermore that it is intended to devalue it.

          I have no objection to homosexuals living together: I simply strongly object to calling such unions “marriages”.

          This applies not only to marriage and coinage, but to everything else as well. If you can pass off a cheap copy of something as the real thing, you subvert the real thing. Distinctions between things must be maintained: if we are to elide one with two, we will devalue mathematics, because mathematics requires that different numbers remain distinct from each other.

          Again, the games of checkers and chess have certain superficial similarities, in that they are played with black and white pieces on the same checkerboard. But although their names both begin with “che” they are different games with different rules. If both games were to be called “chess”, it would imply that their rules were interchangeable.

          And a great many of the cultural attacks we are subjected to these days involve blurring of distinctions, conflating one thing with another.

        • Fredrik Eich says:

          I sometimes wonder if smokers need a stonewall riot type event to kickstart a revolt.

  8. slugbop007 says:

    Fredrik Eich is right. We should not exclude any smokers in this battle, regardless of their sexual preferences, political affiliations, etc.


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