De Facto Ex-smokers

The new Brexit party didn’t win the Peterborough by-election after all, They came second.

I’m not very surprised. They won a lot of seats in the EU elections at the end of May. But the EU elections are a bit of a joke. MEPs are almost completely powerless. The European parliament is a rubber stamp for proposals by the European Commission.

By contrast Westminster MPs are far more powerful. They can bring down the government, and have quite often done so. Theoretically the European parliament can use a motion of censure to dismiss the European Commission, but no single group has ever held a majority in the EU parliament., so it’s never happened.

‘Politics Has Fundamentally Changed,’ Says Farage After Brexit Party Comes Close Second

I think UK politics will only fundamentally change if and when the Brexit party (or some other party) starts winning seats in the UK parliament rather than EU parliament. For I think voters will think much harder about where to place their vote in a UK election than in an EU election.

And also we’re supposed to be leaving the EU.

Yesterday I was watching Claire Fox, who was elected to the EU parliament in May as a Brexit party MEP, being interviewed on  So What You’re Saying Is:

It was an interesting interview. She said she’d been shocked when the UK government failed to deliver Brexit after the 2016 referendum. She said that a great many people were shocked.

I wasn’t shocked. I never expected Brexit to ac.tually happen, given that most MPs in parliament are Remainers rather than Brexiters. Once elected, they do what they themselves want, not what their voters want, or what’s in their party manifesto. Most of these MPs don’t see their job as being one of representing the people in their constituencies.

The 2007 UK smoking ban best exemplifies the contempt with which MPs in parliament view the British public: they quite happily voted to exile 10 million or more British smokers to the outdoors, ignoring the Labour party manifesto that promised to allow some pubs to permit smoking. What made anyone think that these self-righteous bastards were ever going to deliver Brexit? They weren’t going to. And they aren’t going to.

So I don’t see why Claire Fox expected the British government to actually deliver Brexit. Particularly when it seems to be the case (image at right) that she’s a smoker, and even has – like me – her own naughty page on Tobacco Tactics.

But Brexit aside, in the half hour interview Claire Fox never once mentioned the UK smoking ban. Nobody ever mentions the smoking ban. In another interview, Rod Liddle – another smoker, last time I heard – also didn’t mention the smoking ban.

In fact, when was the last time that Nigel Farage mentioned the smoking ban? I heard him speak about it in 2011 at Stony Stratford.

Maybe they’ve all stopped smoking? Claire Fox, Rod Liddle, and Nigel Farage. They probably seldom ever get a chance to smoke anywhere, and so they are probably all de facto ex-smokers.

If she’s still smoking, Claire Fox’s interview with Peter Whittle above would surely have been a perfect opportunity to light up, if it had been conducted in somebody’s home. Is this someone’s private house below?

Anyway, it’s what I find most disappointing about these people. They never smoke in public, and they never mention smoking bans, and so they may as well be fully-paid-up members of Tobacco Control.

And I have the same complaint about all the US “alt-right” pundits, like Alex Jones and all the others. None of them smoke either. And none of them ever mention smoking bans.

About the only place you ever see anyone smoking, and talking about smoking bans, is the Smoky Drinky Bar, where I will be at 10 pm tonight.

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12 Responses to De Facto Ex-smokers

  1. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Labour were undeservedly lucky to win Peterborough.

    • RdM says:

      More than luck, if these allegations are true.
      But will anything be done about it?

      Other reports from concerned residents (all reported to Onasanya but inevitably ignored) included complaints of large groups of young Pakistani men loitering menacingly outside key polling stations wearing Labour rosettes, members of the public being pelted with eggs and verbally abused, a local election candidate’s team member being physically assaulted, and a volunteer Tory teller having a camera phone held in his face inside one of the polling stations (a highly illegal act) whilst being racially taunted in a disturbing online video. Other eyewitnesses detailed seeing lines of Eastern Europeans and young Brits being ushered into central polling stations – allegedly having been coerced into voting red in exchange for cash. They were then seen ushered one after the other in and out of a nearby 4×4 where it is alleged that the exchanging of money took place. On the evening of the election Police were called and made aware of the ongoing situation and its dramatic scale yet responded that they did not have the resources to deal with it.

      “Someone came to my door and said they’d give me £10 if I vote for the Labour guy” one young local Polish resident informed us, referring to Labour candidate Matthew Mahabadi who stood in a local by-election held on the same day and who recently resigned after ‘being bullied for calling out anti-Semitism’. “Another one of my neighbour’s said she was offered money to vote for Fiona but shut door [SIC] on them”.

      Controversial Local Labour Councillor Ed Murphy was also reported to have boasted on the night of the count: “We’d signed up over 500 Eastern Europeans for postal votes within weeks of the election being called”.

      And today, Politicalite can exclusively reveal that – despite repeated complaints to the electoral commission and to the Labour Party Head Office, Tariq Mahmood is STILL being allowed to act as a key member of the Labour Party’s campaign team in Peterborough.

  2. I always regretted never being important enough to get my own naughty page on Tobacco Tactics :-)
    See you tonight in the SDB

  3. slugbop007 says:

    I was cleaning my ktichen this morning and found a full page French letter of confession in Le Journal de Montréal from Imperial Tobacco Canada for no smoking day 2019. It reminded me of ‘1984’. They must have some backroom deal going on. Or afraid of new reprisals. That’s blackmail.


  4. slugbop007 says:

    It was the French version of Imperial Tobacco Canada’s cowtowing to Tobacco Control and the Canadian government on international no smoking day. Nothing that they produce has the quality of Old Holborn, one of the finest tobaccos in the world. They really should raise their standards and start manufacturing quality tobacco products and tell the government to mind its own business instead of paying for full page confessional ads with the profits that they receive from smokers.


    • Are you sure that what were witnessing here is one entity kowtowing to another, separate, entity? Or are we dealing with an as yet nameless entity, resulting from the successful fusion of State and Economy?
      The downfall of Tobacco Control will remain a pipe dream until we find a name for that overarching entity which derives much of its power from its very anonimity.
      Let us stop thinking and speaking in terms of that perceived antagonism, which they literally thrive on. The puppet show that was the Master Settlement Agreement twenty years ago speaks volumes in favour of this theory, along with the fact that the judicial mascarade was never replicated outside of the US!
      Anyway, that is my ‘tip of the day’ towards starting to really think, speak, and act in order to bring Tobacco Control to its knees… and to justice. At long last.

    • Vlad says:

      Is it the same Imperial Tobacco who successfully fought in court the McTear case? If so, might want to send them an email asking why aren’t they publicizing that case instead of whatever anti-smoking BS they were advertising.

  5. slugbop007 says:

    To Vlad,

    Don’t know much about the McTear case in Scotland but here in Quebec the government tried to create their own Master Settlement several years ago in a class action suit with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of ex-smokers. A judge did rule in their favour. What has happened since then I have no idea. The new government in Quebec is very anti-tobacco, vaping and cannabis and is spending millions of dollars on ads.

    We could start by sending Seema Kennedy the 2014 Time magazine article on the benefits of tobacco leaves to cure victims of Ebola. Then send her lovely photos of Margaret Chan and her band of followers driniking champagne and eating caviar in Russia during the 2015 Ebola outbreak. Seema seems to think that she is the paragon of virtue and high moral standards. Not in my book she is.


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