More Snobbery

Following on from yesterday’s post about snobbery, a couple of things jumped out at me this morning. First:

There’s perhaps a lot to dislike about Donald J. Trump, US President No. 45. Despite all the grooming and tailoring, there’s little savoir faire there. He tweets not like a mellifluous songbird, but in snorts like a rooting aardvark. His every predilection is an affront to the refined Washington establishment: his dark business history, his beloved ormolu trappings, his Mickey-D cheeseburgers, the mystifying hair-doo.

Yup. It’s the refined Washington establishment versus trailer-trash Trump. They think it should be refined, sophisticated, cultured people like them who should be in the White House. It’s an affront to their sensibilities that someone like Donald Trump – someone who pours ketchup over his steaks – should be running the country. It’s an affront to their powerful sense of their own immense worth.

It’s no different in the UK. Second:

But the One Nation MPs seem willing to tolerate Johnson where they will not tolerate the others. Several MPs think they know the reason: class. “If you look at the right of the party, it’s almost all grammar school, business background,” one MP explains, “Then the left: Etonians, Wykehamists, merchant bankers. The only exception is Jacob [Rees-Mogg], an Etonian darling of the party’s right.”

If the USA is on the verge of civil war (or already in one, as some people think), it’s a class war just like the English Civil War which saw a refined, sophisticated King versus an uncultured earthy Parliament. For the King felt as entitled to rule as Hillary Clinton felt entitled to be elected president. It was her turn. Jumped-up Donald Trump had no right to win. No right at all.

And it’s the same with bans on Turkey Twizzlers and smoking cigarettes. People shouldn’t have those unhealthy things. They should be banned. And the people who use them should be banned too. Once again it’s the contempt and spite of one class for another.

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10 Responses to More Snobbery

  1. Dr Evil says:

    It is impossible for one Englishman to open his mouth without making some other Englishman hate or despise him. (GBS)

  2. smokingscot says:

    Trump when left to his own devices doesn’t seem to enjoy long sit down meals. They waste time better spent Tweeting, or keeping up to speed with what the media’s saying about him. Invariably it’s a burger and fries.

    For sure he has to sit down for State / Presidential type banquets and he knows his table manners. However on his own, or with family I’m sure you’re right, he’d probably douse his steak in ketchup!

  3. Clicky says:

  4. DP says:

    Dear Mr Davis

    My opinion of aardvarks has just gone up a notch or two.


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