Optimist Leavers And Pessimist Remainers

With the EU election days away, I still haven’t received my polling card. Has anyone else got one? I’ve at least found out where the polling stations are.

Via Raedwald:

In a world where international players dominate economic and geopolitical reality, can the idea of an elected government accountable to its own populations survive?

The Remain lobby says, in so many words, that it cannot. Indeed, this is their principle argument: the world is too big for parochial little guys who want to make their own way with their own leaders making decisions on their behalf. At least, that is what they say when they deign to argue at all. Mostly they just smear their Leave opponents as bigoted know-nothings. But the terms of that abuse all add up to this one significant point: Britain cannot go it alone in the way for which it has been renowned, with only its unique institutions and the judgement of its own population to guide it. The world is a different place now: you have to belong to a much bigger conglomerate whose authority must take precedence over your piddling little outfit if you are to have any chance of competing for business, making your mark, having your voice heard, etc, etc.

Forget Britain: convert this to individual terms. This is like saying you (i.e. your piddling little outfit) will only ever get a job in some big company (i.e. a much bigger conglomerate). And when you do, you’ll do whatever your boss tells you to do. You can’t go it alone.

But all these big companies started as small companies. They very often start with just one man, whom the big company is named after: e.g. Ford. Kellogg.

Brothers Dr. John Harvey and Will Keith Kellogg founded a health food company, the Battle Creek Sanitarium Health Food Company in 1898. This company produced foodstuffs for current and former patients at Dr. J. H. Kellogg’s Battle Creek Sanitarium. The company later became known as the Battle Creek Sanitarium Food Company in 1901. During this time, the company produced and marketed health foods such as corn flakes, Granola and Caramel Cereal Coffee.

So Will Kellogg started making health foods for J. H. Kellogg (his dad?). He was probably hand-flaking the corn to make corn flakes, and boxing it up himself (I have no idea how corn flakes are made) in some back room. Somehow or other it caught on – perhaps by being prescribed by doctors -, and now Kellogg’s is a large global company.

That’s how these things start. Pretty much every tech company in silicon valley started out in someone’s garage. Pretty much every successful rock ‘n’ roll band started out the exact same way, with people going it alone.

And if that’s how these things start, then they very often end when the little one-man band has become one of those big companies that suddenly go broke and put thousands of people out of work. And they go broke because they just got too big and slow-moving and top-heavy.

The real difference between Leavers and Remainers is one of self-confidence. Leavers think they can go it alone, and Remainers don’t. Leavers will keep practising on their guitars in a back room, while the Remainers tell them to get a proper job. Leavers are optimists and Remainers are pessimists.

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8 Responses to Optimist Leavers And Pessimist Remainers

  1. garyk30 says:

    True about may things.

  2. magnetic01 says:

    Some background on J.H. Kellogg, a eugenicist and Seventh Day Adventist:


    The Adventists have long marketed a variety of cereals and other “health” products under the Sanitarium brand (centred and popular in Australia).


  3. Clicky says:

  4. mandy vincent says:

    I had my polling card for over a week Frank.

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