A Fundamental Attack on Everything Normal

In a wide-ranging (Brexit, mass migration, genderism, new Cold War mentality) and thought-provoking speech in Amsterdam a few days ago, Vaclav Klaus spoke of:

the danger of the new era of indoctrination and manipulation of all of us


This has become a fundamental attack on everything normal, on everything which has been the basis for a functioning human society, at least until now.

And of course (although he doesn’t mention it) smoking is another normal activity which is being ‘de-normalised’.

But if what is normal is, as he says, the basis of a functioning human society, then once the norms have been dispensed with there will no longer be a functioning human society.

Doing what is normal means doing something the right way, the way that works. Do things the wrong way, and they won’t work. This applies to everything from gardening to cooking to driving cars. There’s a right way, and lots and lots of wrong ways. In the end, everyone ends up driving the right way, because all the wrong-way drivers wind up crippled or dead.

So any experimental new society, in which all the old norms have been torn up, is very unlikely to be a functioning human society. It’s almost certain to be a malfunctioning human society. And it will disintegrate and die. And gradually the old ways of doing things, the ways that worked, will gradually re-emerge. And they will naturally re-emerge. They won’t need to be enforced with laws.

It doesn’t matter how much indoctrination and manipulation is used to change people’s behaviour, because if the new behaviours and the new norms don’t serve as the basis of a functioning human society, then the resultant malfunctioning human society won’t last very long.

If the ‘new normality’ of banning smoking everywhere serves as the basis for a functioning human society, then it will survive. If not, it won’t, and it will be a short-lived social experiment that simply didn’t work. And it seems to me that smoking bans which exile smokers to the outdoors, expel them from society, cannot by definition form the basis of any sort of functioning human society, because a functioning human society must be one which includes as many people as possible, not excludes as many people as possible. For if you exclude as many people as possible, you end up with no human society at all.

And the fundamental attack on everything normal will result in the end in the re-establishment and renewal and revitalisation of all the norms that are now coming under attack.

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10 Responses to A Fundamental Attack on Everything Normal

  1. Clicky says:

  2. Joe L. says:

    Vaclav Klaus is 100% correct. We are currently in the midst of a fundamental attack on everything which has been considered normal for centuries. Tobacco, national sovereignty, heterosexuality, biological gender, carbon dioxide, technological progress (the real kind, not the regressive kind touted by so-called “Progressives”), privacy, free speech, free choice, … the list now goes on and on.

    A few days ago, Frank, you asked if WWII ever truly ended. That’s an interesting question, but I think another related question we should ponder is, “Did the Third Reich ever truly end?” The Allies may have officially “won” WWII, but with Operation Paperclip, we know Nazi pseudoscience and ideology was adopted, funded and allowed to continue–albeit more inconspicuously–for decades in the very countries which were hailed as heroes for preventing the Nazis from overtly doing the very same thing. Could it be that the Third Reich never ended, but instead was coopted by the Allies and pushed underground for ~50 years (around the time smoking bans started becoming “popular”), and in recent years has been resurfacing hard and fast? If so, it would mean that WWII never truly ended but was rather put on hold, and we will soon see it resumed; the names and faces will have changed; the new incarnation will not see countries pitted against one another, but instead, civil wars within all of the countries where this scourge has spread.

    • Frank Davis says:

      I think that the Third Reich certainly came to an end, but I don’t think the mentality underlying it came to an end. The Nazis were eugenicists, and eugenics had a long history in the UK and the USA before the Nazis ever showed up. In Britain Francis Galton (half cousin of Charles Darwin) was the founder of eugenics in about 1880

      Sir Francis Galton first coined the term “eugenics” in 1883. Put simply, eugenics means “well-born.” Initially Galton focused on positive eugenics, encouraging healthy, capable people of above-average intelligence to bear more children, with the idea of building an “improved” human race. (my emphasis added)

      And as far as I can see, pretty much everybody who was anybody was a eugenicist 20 or 30 years later. H G Wells. George Bernard Shaw. Just yesterday I was reading some bizarre stuff about how Sir Julian Huxley and maybe also John Maynard Keynes and Sir Kenneth Clark were also eugenicists setting up UNESCO. I wouldn’t be surprised if Richard Dawkins is an eugenicist. And Sir George Godber was too,

      This murderous, pseudoscientific ideology didn’t come from the Nazis: it was already very well established in the UK and the USA long beforehand. And it still is. Smoking bans are elements of an eugenicist social engineering programme.

    • Rose says:

      We had Operation Matchbox.

      UK arranged transfer of Nazi scientists to Australia

      “Britain secretly organised the recruitment and transfer to Australia of scores of leading Nazi scientists and weapons specialists after the second world war, newly declassified Australian government papers disclosed yesterday.
      The German scientists sent to Australia under a top secret Anglo-American project codenamed Operation Matchbox included SS and Nazi party members. ”

      So that could help explain the outbreak of antismoking in Australia.

      “Nicotine Nazis strike again”: a brief analysis of the use of Nazi rhetoric in attacking tobacco control advocacy

      On Playing The Nazi Card
      https: //tobaccocontrol.bmj.com/content/tobaccocontrol/17/5/289.full.pdf

      Attack is the best form of defence?

    • Rose says:

      I never could understand why anyone would do a study attempting to distance themselves from the Nazis, by proving modern tobacco control is more ruthless and efficient.

      Tobacco policies in Nazi Germany: not as simple as it seems
      Martin McKee, and Anna Gilmore

      “What this paper has been able to do, particularly through the account of discussions within the Reich Propaganda Department, is provide additional insights into the differing views within the Nazi hierarchy, and indeed how measures were taken to constrain what were seen as the excesses of the anti-tobacco lobby.
      Furthermore, as will be shown in a subsequent paper, the Nazi authorities in Austria were even more tolerant.

      In conclusion, the widespread use of Nazi imagery by pro-smoking groups to attack those seeking to limit the harm caused by tobacco is a distortion of history that cannot be justified.

  3. waltc says:

    I don’t think it’s specifically ww2 that never ended., I think ww2 like Ww1 like every war everywhere since man and beast were invented, is about the same thing: power, dominance, control, territory, greed, homage. And it’s actually a single war that never ends but like malarial fever, abates and flares but it’s always the same. Ultimately no difference between the dictatorship of a monarch, a tinpot autocrat, a duma, a synod or The Proletariat. Some of the self-anointed leaders have Visions or disguise their own raw ambitions as such but either way it’s the same old hustle. After a time–sometimes it’s 50 or 200 years– but time after time, wave after wave in the annals of the world there seems to arise in the sanest societies a nihilist impulse to tear it all down, and it’s often articulated by a charismatic shmuck , a delusional Alpha who can activate a mob. I’ve always liked Robert Stone’s formulation that “history is a catalog of ape behavior.”

  4. RdM says:

    “The very heavens I made to tremble, the positions of the stars of heaven changed, and I did not return them to their places.”

    From a comment deep down in


    More reading!

    Oh, God, when will it ever end?
    It never ends .

    Where does it start?

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