Constructing Flow Charts of Influence and Money

Continuing with yesterday’s discussion, I’m inclined to agree with Joe L :

It’s hard to choose what group is the “worst” enemy of smokers. They all play their parts in our discrimination.

There’s a complex set of mutually-reinforcing influences at work. I wonder if it’s possible to sketch out a sort of flow chart of the system.

Historically, it all seems to have started with someone doing some research (usually in Nazi Germany, for example, Fritz Lickint, Franz Mueller, and others) . These studies led to the post-war studies by Doll and HillWynder and Graham, and others, which kicked off the smoking scare in the West.

These studies, carried out by doctors (Richard Doll was a medical doctor, and so were Ernst Wynder and Evarts Graham) in 1950 were widely disseminated  in the mainstream media to the ordinary people who made up their readers and listeners and viewers.

The mainstream media also exerted influence on government, and under pressure from them and from senior doctors and fake charities like ASH and CRUK, the government began to enact legislation, banning smoking in increasing numbers of public places

So a preliminary flow chart might look something like this. Research influences the mainstream media (MSM), and the MSM influences ordinary people and also government. Government then enacts laws, and these laws (e.g. smoking bans) exert influence on ordinary people. And, as voters, ordinary people periodically influence government.

In the UK, government was initially rather unwilling to enact legislation to restrict smoking, and it was only in about 1970 (20 years after the research findings were published) that the first smoking bans were introduced (on trains). The hesitancy of government probably grew out of the fact that back then many people were smokers, and government feared a voter backlash. It was only when smokers became a dwindling minority that government felt able to enact harsher laws and impose higher taxes on tobacco.

But there’s more that can be added to this flow chart. There’s also a flow of money in this system. The research (by Doll and Hill, and Wynder and Graham) had to be funded. And this funding came either from charitable foundations (Rockefeller, Ford, Robert Woods Johnson) or from government. And of course there’s the primary flow of money in the form of taxes paid by ordinary people to government.

And there’s also now a flow of money from government to fake charities like ASH and CRUK, which pretend to be funded by public donations, but which are in fact largely government funded.

In this larger flow chart, a feedback loop is emerging. Research → MSM → government → research. Research is picked up and amplified and broadcast by the MSM, and this prompts the government to fund yet more research. In each iteration of this cycle, laws get tougher, and taxes get higher. The principal winners are the fake charities and the researchers (usually in universities). And of course the government extracts more taxes from smokers.

Exactly the same happens with the climate scare. Once again, research is done, and the results are amplified and broadcast by the MSM, prompting government to spend yet more money on climate research. In each iteration environmental regulations are tightened, and taxes increased.

In both the cases of tobacco and climate, the feedback loops act to drive a mounting panic.

Where does the globalist, progressive political Left come into all this? In the first place researchers in the universities will usually be globalist, progressive Leftists. And the reporters in the MSM will usually also be globalist, progressive Leftists (e.g. BBC). And also government itself will also be full of  globalist, progressive Leftists. And the Left in universities and MSM (BBC) and government are all entirely dependent on taxation. None of them do anything useful. It’s always the goal of the Left to bring as much as possible under government control within a planned, regulated society. So if the left wing organisations are all marked in red, the feedback loop of mounting restriction and robbery of ordinary people serves primarily to enrich and empower the Left.

So where’s the political Right wing? It’s increasingly to be found among the ordinary people who are being bullied and regulated and robbed.

And where’s Big Tobacco? And where’s Tobacco Control?

One thing that might also be said is that most of the ‘research’ that is being done isn’t genuine, disinterested, scientific research. It’s almost always ‘research’ where the conclusions are decided first, and then the ‘research’ is done to generate the predetermined conclusions. For, if it was not thus from the outset, the aim of the research becomes solely that of whatever can be used to drive mounting panic, and guarantee more government funding for further ‘research’.

I think I might carry on with this tomorrow. In the meantime, readers are welcome to make suggestions for what else needs to be added into the flow charts.

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5 Responses to Constructing Flow Charts of Influence and Money

  1. Tom Macaulay says:

    What about the pharmaceutical industry. I have read they bribe governments with investment in exchange for ensuring smoking bans are to legislated.

  2. garyk30 says:

    Flow of money should show:
    Citizens——govt——-charities——-private bank accounts

  3. Smoking Lamp says:

    Good start to defining tobacco control’s mechanisms of oppression. I agree that Pharma needs to be added (since they use corruption to co-opt governments and international organizations). Also, I would add International Organizations like the WHO and WTO to the mix, along with international instruments (treaties) as a means of influence. Charities might be expanded to include a range of NGOs that wield influence, Quangos are an intermediary between governments and other actors (especially charities and pressure groups. Pharma is a good example of an early influence (especially if you consider the role of Pharma in Nazi Germany and their continuing presence in stimulating antiobbaco activism).

  4. Joe L. says:

    Thanks for exploring this further, Frank. I agree with Tom Macaulay–the pharmaceutical industry is the most conspicuous missing cog in this machine. Also missing, as you mentioned, are the tobacco industry and Tobacco Control. One other missing group is the medical industry. Doctors and other “health professionals” are at least being influenced, if not also paid outright, to promote “smoking cessation” products and programs.

    Also questionable as to their role are some retailers. Here in the US, a few major retailers such as Target and CVS stopped selling tobacco products. Did they decide to take a substantial financial hit and cease selling a legal product (thus giving all that business to their competitors like Walmart and Walgreens) simply because they felt morally obligated? I doubt it.

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