A List of the Smokers’ Enemies

I never ask questions like: what should we smokers do about smoking bans (protest, organise, etc.)? I ask questions like: What are going to be the inevitable consequences of smoking bans?

The way I see it, smoking bans expel very large numbers – millions and millions – of people from society. They quite literally “exile them to the outdoors”, as Deborah Arnott confidently predicted. What happens when you do something like that? And what happens when you do it nearly everywhere in the world? What must happen?

One obvious thing is that there must be a considerable fragmentation of society, as people who used to meet up in bars and cafes and restaurants no longer do so. And, in my experience, that has happened. An entire convivial culture was swept away. And smokers and antismokers and non-smokers were set against each other.

I think that another obvious thing is that excluded smokers must feel angry about what has happened to them. I certainly do. I’m angry all the time. It’s been 12 years since the UK smoking ban of 1 July 2007, and I’m still angry about it. And I think that all smokers must feel angry at what’s been done to them. Some more so than others. I just happen to be one who writes about the experience.

Who are these millions of smokers angry with? Who do they think is responsible for what has happened to them? Who are their enemies? Can we draw up a list?

    1. The medical profession.
    2. Pseudo-science.
    3. The universities.
    4. The mainstream media.
    5. Government.
    6. The globalist, progressive Left.

The medical profession is where the war on smoking originates. There’s a whole army of antismoking doctors: Richard Doll, George Godber, and a long list of US Surgeon Generals and British Chief Medical Officers. They’re all senior doctors in the BMA, the RCP, and the WHO.

And in  this war, the medical profession has been greatly assisted by pseudo-science. And in particular by the the science of statistics. The war on smoking is conducted with numbers, and with graphs. It’s as much a mathematical war as it is a medical war.

And the war is also being conducted by the universities. A great many of the people who work in Tobacco Control are working in universities. e.g. Stanton Glantz. Linda Bauld. The personal friend in Tobacco Control I once had also worked in a university.

And then of course there’s the mainstream media which has assiduously broadcast the antismoking message. And I don’t listen to then any more.

And then there are numerous government departments which seem to be riddled with antismokers. And it is, after all, governments which enact laws against smoking, and impose smoking bans.

But within government it seems to be on the ‘progressive’ Left where antismokers congregate. In the UK parliament in 2006, 90% of Labour MPs voted for a smoking ban, 95% of Lib Dem MPs, but only about 30% of Conservative MPs. The ‘progressive’ EU is also thoroughly antismoking, and was calling upon member states to ban smoking as far back as 1989. And in the USA, Hillary Clinton is an arch-antismoker (and Barack Obama isn’t much better). In general it seems that it’s the conservative Right who are the (slightly) better friends of smokers.

And part of my experience over the past 10 years has been that I’ve shifted from Left to Right. I used to vote Lib Dem. But now I vote Conservative. In fact, I’ve shifted from ‘soft’ left to ‘hard’ right. I’ve ceased to be any sort of ‘progressive’ at all. I don’t like the ‘progress’ that ‘progressives’ bring. I preferred things the way they used to be. I don’t want to go ‘forward’: I want to go ‘back’. You become a conservative when you stop thinking that what you’re experiencing is any sort of real progress.

Is it entirely accidental that, just when I’ve been shifting from Left to Right, from progressive to conservative, the same thing has been happening in Europe and the USA? I think it’s no accident. I think that large numbers of smokers in Europe and America have been making the same journey I have, and for the same reasons. And many of them will be as angry as I am. And who are they angry with? I’ve just listed them.

So I predict that the rise of what is really a new Right is going to feed into a war on the medical profession, pseudo-science, the universities, the mainstream media, government, the EU, and the political Left. In the UK this might mean the closure of many universities, which are not only infested with antismokers, but are also hotbeds of extreme Leftism (i.e. Marxism). The same applies in the UK to the BBC. And it also applies to bloated government departments, which are also chock full of leftists.

Some of it is already happening. And it is all going to powered by anger. Angry smokers want vengeance. They will do to their enemies what was done to them: they will expel them from society. They will throw them out onto the streets.

That’s going to be the fate of the senior doctors in the medical profession, and the academics in the universities, and the broadcasters and journalists in the mainstream media, and entire government departments: they’re all going to lose their jobs. And many of them will find that their jobs come to an end on the 1st of July.

And it’s going to happen everywhere in the world, at almost exactly the same time.

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11 Responses to A List of the Smokers’ Enemies

  1. Rose says:

    Government are smokers worst enemy, without them all the rest are powerless to harm us.

    Angry smokers want vengeance. They will do to their enemies what was done to them: they will expel them from society. They will throw them out onto the streets.

    No we won’t, unlike the malevolent tobacco controllers, we are capable of rational thought.

  2. Juliet46 says:

    Smokers’ worst enemy is the legal system but also themselves for tamely submitting to the ban instead of insisting on smoking rooms.

  3. smokingscot says:

    Tried the comment bit of the poll but it’s a right swine.

    You excluded charities. One set up ASH (itself a charity) and CRUK, British Lung as well as British Heart are all in there spouting the same mantra. And British Heart assists ASH Scotland.


    Foot of page.

    All utterly loathsome.

  4. Rhys says:

    But it’s not really a charity when they’re a) taking government grants and b) using that money to lobby against us.

    And wasn’t/isn’t Obama a smoker? Probably the kind that hates himself and all of us for it, but I do seem to remember he smoked.

    • Frank Davis says:

      He was indeed a smoker. But when he ran for the presidency Michelle said she’d only support him if he stopped smoking. So he stopped smoking. Or tried to stop smoking.

      That’s the story as I remember it.

  5. Clicky says:

  6. Joe L. says:

    It’s hard to choose what group is the “worst” enemy of smokers. They all play their parts in our discrimination. But I finally voted for “The Globalist Progressive Left.”

    My opinion is that the Globalist, Progressive movement is ultimately at the root of why all of the other groups are our enemies to begin with. They have infiltrated our governments with politicians and lobbyists, they control the majority of the mainstream media and universities, and through the “charities” they also control, they are able to fund pseudoscience and pay off senior members of the medical profession.

  7. waltc says:

    Could only vote for one but , after government, wanted to also vote for media because they inflame both the pols and the public who in turn prod the pols

  8. Good point from Juliet46: smokers themselves’ general attitude has been, and remains, a major contribution to the “success of the disaster” (though insisting just on smoking rooms would mean they admit to being a menace to the rest of society). Wall’s point is equally important: it’s hard to pick a winner in what is essentially a circle jerk of media, Joe Public (including lots of gullible smokers), and the pols, never dropping the ball.
    Yet the central piece of the puzzle is still missing: so-called Big Tobacco. Isn’t their perpetual silence a dead giveaway? I call cahoots on this one, cahoots of a dark and sinister nature…

    • Joe L. says:

      Yet the central piece of the puzzle is still missing: so-called Big Tobacco. Isn’t their perpetual silence a dead giveaway? I call cahoots on this one, cahoots of a dark and sinister nature…

      I completely agree. The complacency of the tobacco industry should raise a lot of suspicions. They must be benefitting from all of this in some way, shape or form.

      • Charles Burns says:

        I think the tobacco industry is prohibited by law from saying anything good about tobacco products in the USA

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