Little Bullying Bastards

I regard Tobacco Control as being an army of bullies. And it’s part of an even larger army of bullies known as Public Health. And they spend their lives bullying other people, telling other people how to think and what to do. They are extremely arrogant people. They have contempt for everybody else.

They are all, in short, utter bastards.

But isn’t that the story of all human history? It’s one army of bullying bastards after another. Or it’s one army of bullying bastards fighting another army of bullying bastards.

Bullies are people who have gained the upper hand, and who then use that upper hand to crush those over whom they have gained an advantage. They never let up.

And that’s how it is with Tobacco Control. They never let up. Once they’d driven smokers out of one train carriage, they slowly drove them out of all train carriages. And once they’d driven them out of trains and buses, they drove them out of theatres and cinemas. And once they’d driven them out of theatres and cinemas and art galleries and museums, they started driving them out of bars and restaurants.

Smokers were driven out of hospitals a long time ago. But now they’re being driven out of hospital grounds as well. And they’re now even being driven out of their own homes. Because Tobacco Control never lets up. It never stops. It never says: Enough! It can never get enough.

And smokers retreat. Smokers are defeated. For smokers, the past 50 years has been one long retreat, one long defeat. And many smokers have as much contempt for themselves as the bullies in Tobacco Control have for them. They see themselves as weak-willed addicts, slaves to an addiction, slowly killing themselves.

Yet the bullies in Tobacco Control can only advance because the smokers are retreating. Meeting no resistance, they press on quickly to capture even more ground. That’s how armies advance.

Tobacco Control is organised and centralised and well-funded. Smokers are none of these. And they are always less and less well-funded because Tobacco Control is also robbing them. Tobacco Control is an army of thieves.

It might be said that these days all politics is large scale bullying. Political correctness is large scale bullying. Global warming alarmism is also large scale bullying. People are made to feel ashamed of themselves for being prosperous and driving around in cars, polluting the world with carbon dioxide.

White people are now being made to feel ashamed. Christians are made to feel shame.

The bullies routinely get children to do their fighting. The Extinction Rebellion is the latest example of this:

Dear Boris Johnson, using your gigantic platform to moan about kids like me won’t stop us fighting climate change.

Our opinions are more important than yours. You’ve proven you can’t be trusted with our future.

“Our opinions are more important than yours.” What conceit! What arrogance!

And who’s Greta Thunberg?

Party leaders and senior politicians jumped at the chance to meet schoolgirl environmental campaigner Greta Thunberg this week, the spiritual leader of the movement which has worked to shut down London’s public transport and main airport with protests that led to over 1,000 arrests.

She’s another little bullying bastard.

It’s not just smokers who are being bullied these days. Everybody is being bullied. It’s non-stop, 24-hour, wall-to-wall bullying.

Things are coming to a head.

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16 Responses to Little Bullying Bastards

  1. Fredrik Eich says:

    Well Greta Thunberg is only sixteen and she has a chaperone by the looks of things

  2. Rose says:

    Greta Thunberg teaches us about autism as much as climate change
    Tue 23 Apr 2019

    “Four years ago, she was diagnosed with Asperger’s, on the autism spectrum, which helps explain her remorseless focus on the core issue of climate change after overcoming depression. “Being different is a gift,” she told Nick Robinson when interviewed on Radio 4’s Today programme. “It makes me see things from outside the box. I don’t easily fall for lies, I can see through things. If I would’ve been like everyone else, I wouldn’t have started this school strike for instance.”

    She admitted her passion was partly down to viewing the world in stark terms. The result of her simplistic approach, fuelled by her condition, is that she has presented this issue with more clarity and competence than almost any adult activist or politician in recent years.”

    “Asperger syndrome (AS), also known as Asperger’s, is a developmental disorder characterised by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests.”

    If she is 16 she will have heard nothing but Global Warming, Climate Change, end of the world scenarios, like the weeping young man on TV, convinced that his is the last generation.

    Once something has become an official religion, to have doubts is to be a heretic and a counter argument to be seen as a lie, but I very much doubt that even the original proponents of the hockeystick theory would ever have expected it to go so far.

    • beobrigitte says:

      “Four years ago, she was diagnosed with Asperger’s, on the autism spectrum, which helps explain her remorseless focus on the core issue of climate change after overcoming depression. “Being different is a gift,” she told Nick Robinson when interviewed on Radio 4’s Today programme. “It makes me see things from outside the box. I don’t easily fall for lies, I can see through things. If I would’ve been like everyone else, I wouldn’t have started this school strike for instance.
      This kid better explains her “SPECIALNESS” to my (non-smoking) relatives who have 2 children with Aspberger’s syndrome. Both have to attend “special” school as their condition won’t allow them to follow “normal” school teachings. An academic route is virtually impossible.

      “Being different is a gift,” she told Nick Robinson when interviewed on Radio 4’s Today programme. “It makes me see things from outside the box. I don’t easily fall for lies, I can see through things.
      Little girl, you already fell for a big lie. And, worse even, you are being abused by an industry.

    • Frank Davis says:

      Populist Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Åkesson has criticised 16-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg, claiming she and her movement were the creation of a public relations agency.

      Well of course there are adults pulling the strings.

  3. Smudger says:

    Hitler Youth is alive and well.

    Greta is the exact type of drone who would execute you, me, and/or her own grandmother without a second’s hesitation.

  4. Timothy Goodacre says:

    Absolutely how I feel Frank. I’m sick to death of these bullies telling me not to smoke, what to eat, how to vote etc. I’m sick to death of the likes of gob shite millenials, Extinction Rebellion etc, all the diverse fuzzy wuzzies rubbishing our proud history.

    • roobeedoo2 says:

      I prefer the term ‘fussy woosies’, TG. It perfectly describes all the bleeding hearts out there that won’t bleedin’ shut up, and doesn’t discriminate on the melanin content of skin.

  5. Clicky says:

  6. Smoking lamp says:

    Tobacco controllers—actually all lifestyle controllers—are smug bullies. They run in packs because while they victimize and assault others they fear accountability for their persecution. Bullies are ultimately weak, cowards that are emboldened by perceived approval of their activity. Mass persecution, pogroms, and ‘witch hunts’ are their lifeblood. They shout down their victims and critics until the tables turn and then they hide. It’s time to stand upon to these bullies and expose their atrocities for what they are.

    • Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

      Totally agree with everyone. Go away lifestyle bullies. We did not ask for or consent to what prohibitionists bizarrely call “help”.
      Young well meaning brainwashed Miss Greta is but one of millions with marginal analytical capacity swallowing then regurgitating the outright lies and propaganda of the spineless tobacco control bullies, who always get others to do their dirty work (the shameful NO SMOKING buttons reportedly installed at various UK NHS sites in the open air are evidence of fascism).
      This corrupt and discriminatory conduct has gone way too far, lacking any balance or perspective. If tobacco is truly the existential threat to “public health” claimed by lifestyle controllers, it is deeply unjust and immoral for governments to force smokers to pay billions, supporting legislated theft through official tobacco monopolies, profiting more than growers and manufacturers, who again do their dirty work. The prohibitionist juggernaut must be stopped. I doubt that will happen unless a few, or preferably all, anti-tobacco fanatics are sued, and convicted of misleading lies. Many nations have laws against misleading or deceptive advertising. Those laws should be used to hold meddling pointless intrusive elitist snobs to account. I will donate to the fighting fund. A general election will be held here in ‘Straya on 18 May. The Aus LibDems are the only party who even acknowledge personal autonomy and lifestyle choice. The 2 major political parties (ilLiberal, and bourgeois socialist lite green Labor [sic]) are in an endless urination contest to be the TOUGHEST on smokers, more evidence of total disrespect for the rule of law, due process, and any information from other than entrenched prohibitionists. They’re too blinkered and poorly advised to realise smokers outnumber their preferred minority rent seekers by millions, one reason I predict another hung parliament. Happy smoking from Merimbula, far south NSW coast. 🏄‍♂️

      • Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

        Clarification: the climate change fanatics exploiting the likes of Miss Greta use the same fearmongering tactics as tobacco prohibitionists. It’s likely there is overlap, as climate nirvana thinking also relies on the unrealistic belief that taxes, bans and hyperregulation is the only solution to every problem, or cause celebre…

        • Rose says:

          Yes, there are amazing similarities and it’s not surprising.

          Lessons Learned From Tobacco Control Should be Applied to Climate Policy

          “The approach the world has taken to tobacco control holds many lessons for the COP-15 Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. A newly-published article in The Lancet (available with free registration) summarizes the many similarities between tobacco control and climate policy, and how the lessons learned from tobacco control can be applied to the way countries approach climate policy.”

          Wonder why they are all so vicious?

          The Trap
          Part 1. ‘F**k You Buddy’

          “The programme traces the development of game theory, with particular reference to the work of John Nash (the mathematician portrayed in A Beautiful Mind), who believed that all humans are inherently suspicious and selfish creatures that strategize constantly.”

          “He invented system games that reflected his beliefs about human behaviour, including one he called ‘Fuck You Buddy’ (later published as “So Long Sucker”), in which the only way to win was to betray your playing partner, and it is from this game that the episode’s title is taken.

          These games were internally coherent and worked correctly as long as the players obeyed the ground rules that they should behave selfishly and try to outwit their opponents, but when RAND’s analysts tried the games on their own secretaries, they were surprised to find that instead betraying each other, the secretaries cooperated every time.
          This did not, in the eyes of the analysts, discredit the models, but proved that the secretaries were unfit subjects.”
          https : //

          Game theory in tobacco control.

          The inertia of self-regulation: a game-theoretic approach to reducing passive smoking in restaurants.

          “In Australia, self-regulation has succeeded in restricting tobacco smoking in most indoor workplaces but has been a relative failure in the hospitality industry.”

          “Insights from game theory show why reliance on the duty of care is unlikely to succeed even when establishment operators collectively support a non-smoking policy. Using plausible assumptions about the net costs of unilaterally introducing smoking restrictions, what makes good sense for society as a whole is likely to be the least profitable option for an individual operator acting alone. Operators find themselves in the classic prisoner’s dilemma. If the aim of policy is to restrict smoking in public places in order to protect the health of employees then game-theory predicts that public health legislation banning smoking in enclosed places will be more effective than self-regulation and reliance on the duty of care.”

          They wrongly think that the public are as nasty as they are and act accordingly.

        • Rose says:

          Political Game Theory
          An Introduction

          “Political Game Theory is a self-contained introduction to game theory and its applications to political science. The book presents choice theory, social choice theory, static and dynamic games of complete information, static and dynamic games of incomplete information, repeated games, bargaining theory, mechanism design and a mathematical appendix covering, logic, real analysis, calculus and probability theory. The methods employed have many applications in various disciplines including comparative politics, international relations and American politics. Political Game Theory is tailored to students without extensive backgrounds in mathematics, and traditional economics, however there are also many special sections that present technical material that will appeal to more advanced students. A large number of exercises are also provided to practice the skills and techniques discussed.”

          But the public have not been trained to think like paranoid schizophrenics, which is probably why they are rebelling against authority all over the Western World.

          Just as the secretaries in the RAND study showed, I assume that everyone else is friendly, kind, clever and noble of spirit until proved otherwise.

        • Fredrik Eich says:

          Simon Chapman would rather play russian roulette once than spend a life time enjoying smoking. Clearly he has a screw loose!

        • Mark Jarratt, Canberra, Australia says:

          Great stuff, thanks Rose, Fredrik and other well informed critical blog contributors, especially esteemed inspiring Frank the generous host! Now I feel even more educated, although brain is somewhat full, and head spinning like that possessed chick in The Exorcist (lucky I’m fond of pea soup).

        • Rose says:

          There is a logical explanation fo everything, sometimes it just takes a very long time to find, especially when it’s been deliberately hidden.
          Whatever happened to “We must not alarm the public”

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