Emily W Interviews Dmitry Kosyrev

Today I have another one of Emily’s interviews. These are remarkable because Emily thinks up all the questions, asks them, records them and their answers, edits them, and publishes them. She performs, in effect, all the tasks needed to run an entire television station –  producer, editor, interviewer, cameraman, and tealady – in succession, one after the other. And this little half hour interview was recorded by her in Boston, Massachusetts, last Sunday, and published by her the following Wednesday, just 3 days later, which is remarkable given that Emily also has a day job to hold down.

And the person being interviewed by her today is the Russian author, orientalist, and board member of the All Russia Movement of Smokers’ Rights, Dmitry Kosyrev, speaking from his home in Moscow. As such his is a voice from outside the Anglosphere, and outside Western Europe. And his has been a different experience from that of most Western smokers, because the Soviet Union did not experience the ugly Western war on smoking until after the end of the Cold War. Antismoking zealots only arrived in Moscow at the about the same time as McDonalds cheeseburgers. And Russians have responded to them in much the same way as they responded to previous unwelcome invaders from the west, like Hitler and Napoleon: they have mounted a concerted resistance.

I’m hoping that there will be more interviews of Dmitry Kosyrev, because as a well-travelled orientalist (and sinologist) he most likely has experience not just of Russia. but also of China and South-East Asia, and may be able to shed a little light on the global war on smoking as it has impacted those countries. In fact, he may also know one or two people from those countries who can speak about their experience to people living inside the bubble of the Western society.

I might add that Dmitry is a fairly regular commenter on my blog (e.g. most recently here and here), and also writes his own Russian blog, which Google translate does quite a good job turning into mangled English.

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9 Responses to Emily W Interviews Dmitry Kosyrev

  1. beobrigitte says:

    Great interview!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it!!!
    I have to agree with Dmitry; Anti-smoking is a Western disease that arrived in Russia eventually. lt is great to get a Russian perspective!
    Dmitri and Emily raise interesting points!!

    Great interview!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it!!! Looking forward to the next one.

  2. Clicky says:

  3. Clicky says:

  4. Lepercolonist says:

    Very good interview, Emily. Dmitry is correct that there will never be a smoke free world. It seems that most of these bureaucratic Ministers of Health are the root cause of anti-smoking.

  5. Joe L. says:

    Another great interview by Emily! Thank you Emily and Dmitry, and thank you Frank for sharing it here. As Dmitry makes clear, Russians aren’t as keen to jump on the Healthist bandwagon as Westerners because the scars of Communism are still fresh, and they are all too familiar with being propagandized and controlled. It’s heartening to know there are still some places in this world that are resisting the Antismoking Crusade. Viva la Russia! [Uh oh–did I just collude with Russia? It’s hard to tell these days.]

  6. Daniel McCaffrey says:

    Excellent interview. Shining a light on places we seldom hear about.

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