No Surprise Really

I can’t say that I’m surprised that Brexit has been delayed or thwarted. For even though I voted for it, I’ve been saying all along that I never expected to actually see it happen.

Why not? Because we’re not really living in any sort of democracy, but instead in something that has the appearance of democracy. We can vote. We can elect MPs and councillors. But the big decisions are taken by just a few people in positions of power and influence. And those people didn’t want Britain to leave the EU. And so it isn’t leaving.

They’re the same people that gave Britain its 2007 smoking ban, which the British people also never voted for.

Theresa May is one of those few influential people who didn’t want Britain to leave the EU. And it’s become clear that she became Prime Minister simply so that she could prevent Brexit from happening, while pretending to be working to make it happen. And she’s done a very good job of that.

I now think that she’s probably always been working for Brussels all along. She’s the principal agent of the EU in Britain. And when she leaves office she’ll probably be rewarded with a plum job by the EU, a large house in France, and a big pension as well.

She’s not the only person in  Britain working for the EU. Tony Blair is another one. And the Kinnocks. And Mandelson. And probably quite a few Conservatives as well. All bought and paid for. How did Tony Blair become a millionaire? And they all owe their loyalties to the EU rather than to Britain.

I think that if the MPs in the Conservative party could vote Theresa May out of office now, they would do so, because hardly any of them have any confidence in her any more. But unfortunately she survived a vote of No Confidence in December 2018, and under the rules she can’t face another vote until a year after the last vote. So I now expect her to be kicked out of office in December 2019. And I think she may have arranged to have the December 2018 vote while she knew that most Conservative MPs still had confidence in her, because she knew that many of them would lose confidence in her when in March 2019 she’d prevent Brexit from happening.

Theresa May is a dead Prime Minister. Nobody has any confidence her. But it seems that she’s going to carry on being Prime Minister for the rest of 2019, or as long as her masters in Brussels want her to be.

But how long is the EU going to survive, in a Europe in which more and more countries want, like Britain, to regain their independence from it?

It’s what European politics has now become all about: the attempt of Europe’s former sovereign states to regain their independence, and to shuck off a political class which owe their principal loyalty to their paymasters in the EU rather than to the peoples who elected them.

For what is Emmanuel Macron but an agent of the EU, just like Theresa May?  And that’s why a great many French people – the Yellow Vests – are trying to get rid of him.

Britain will remain inside the EU for now. But the EU is now heading for disintegration, as all its peoples rise up against their EU-appointed political class, for the simple reason that they want to govern themselves, and not be governed by remote and unrepresentative powers. They want independence for the same reason that America wanted independence from the British empire in 1776, and why the former colonies of Portugal and Spain wanted independence from the Portuguese and Spanish empires. For the EU is simply yet another empire, from which the peoples inside it will sooner or later want independence.


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4 Responses to No Surprise Really

  1. Philip Neal says:

    Pause in Brexit, time to take stock. At some point in recent weeks clicking on the news sites for the latest twist in the plot, I read a tweet or comment or opinion piece imploring the no dealers to settle for Theresa May’s deal: “Why can’t you pocket your win?”

    The image is of Jacob Rees Mogg and the ERG as a gambler in a casino about to stake winnings of £50,000 on yet another double-or-quits bet in the forlorn hope of netting £100,000. I thought this revealed a critical difference in the way Leavers and Remainers think.

    The Leavers are goals-directed thinkers. They want to leave the EU, not because they want to haul a blue and gold flag down but because of their ultimate vision – on the Right, a Singapore strategy, on the Left, the redistributionism of Momentum. Starting with their goals and working backwards, they see that anything less that a clean break will make those goals impossible forever. The Remainers, by contrast, are process-based thinkers who start from where they are and think forwards to the next stage or the next but one. They are masters of procedure, obstruction and wrecking measures, which is why they seem to have won for the time being.

    In the long run they are fatally weakened. What would be their message in a general election on the issue of Brexit? The Greek crisis means they cannot present the euro as the guarantor of prosperity, the Withdrawal Agreement means they can no longer posture as the voice of free trade. They can no longer bluster that talk of a European army is a conspiracy theory. They cannot say what ever closer union means. Their message would be this: “Vote to remain in the EU because the EU makes it impossible to leave.” It won’t work.

    • Rose says:

      The Leavers are goals-directed thinkers

      Leavers like me are thinking a thousand years ahead. We know what being ruled by a foreign power means
      .We lost all record of our history under the Romans and are only just discovering through archaeology that we were not the brutal savages in skins the Romans said we were, to justify invasion and that I was taught at school. We were made into serfs by the Norman Conquest and as far as women go we are only just regaining the freedoms that we once had under Saxon Law.
      We are better off ruling ourselves, not taking orders.

    • Fredrik Eich says:

      Agreed. I would rather have the Momentum model or a Singapore model for one hundred years safe in the knowledge that they can be elected out of power at the drop of a hat than have ten more years of electing MEPs that have have no power to initiate legislation.

      The EU has always painted this false dichotomy of prosperity and peace in the EU verses poverty and war outside of it because, as it is not a democracy, it can not talk of democracy. Our votes in the EU hold no power over those that make laws for us but in Westminster our votes of have power. I have given up making the economic case for Brexit. Not because I think the case can not be made but because I find I get a better hearing if instead I just explain to people that their votes in the EU elections have not much more power than voting on a TV talent show.

      That is the irony of the last few months in Westminster, that because the house of commons is an initiating legislature it can completely change the direction of legislation with a democratic mandate and yet the goal (of the remainers in parliament) is to hand back the power that we give them to a legislature has no democratic mandate.

      Not only is the EU not a democratic political structure , it is an anti-democratic political structure because it slowly transfers our voting power from a legislature that we elect to a legislature that we can not elect.

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