We The People

We the people of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland found out last week that we have no voice in the affairs of our own country. We were asked whether we wanted to leave or remain inside the European Union, and we voted to leave. But it seems that we’re actually going to remain. We’ve been overruled. Other people have decided the matter.

Which other people?

That seems to be anybody’s guess. But our Prime Minister, Theresa May, seems to be a fairly good candidate. It certainly seems like she decided that, as Prime Minister, she’d do her level best to make sure that Britain didn’t leave the EU. And she’s managed to stall the whole process for three years and more.

But actually she’s clearly been acting on the instructions of somebody else. But who? That’s also anybody’s guess.

Yet are any of the Prime Ministers and Presidents of any of the countries in Europe not also doing the bidding of somebody else than themselves? Is Emmanuel Macron a free agent? Or Angela Merkel? Nope. They’re all doing what somebody else wants them to do. The real power brokers are out of sight.

It’s no different in the USA. Is Donald Trump the President of the United States? He certainly lives in the White House and occupies the Oval Office, and he has some influence on US policy. But he’s been thwarted and hampered in pretty much everything he’s wanted to do. He’s not managed to normalise relations with Russia. He’s not managed to close the US southern border. He’s been loudly complaining  recently about an attempted coup that’s been being made against him for the past two years. There are clearly a lot of very powerful people in the USA who want him gone.

Once again, who? Who are these powerful people? What are their names? Where do they live? How did they get to be members of the Deep State that actually runs the USA?

Or is it that the Deep State is a deeply shared state of mind? And it’s shared not by just a handful of people, or even by thousands of people, but by millions and millions of people. And they all exert influence. Maybe only tiny amounts of influence. But it all adds up to an enormous amount of influence.

Theresa May has a lot of influence in Britain. She’s perhaps the most influential person in Britain right now. But there are also people who exert influence on her. And one of these might be Richard Dawkins:

Prominent biologist and “anti-theist” Richard Dawkins has welcomed Theresa May’s move to delay Brexit yet again, appearing to suggest it will improve the electoral arithmetic for Remain in a second EU referendum.

“9 month delay? The longer the better,” Dawkins gloated on social media.

“More time for young voters (who have to live with the consequences) to come of age. More time for Leave voters to drop off their nostalgic perch,” added the emeritus professor, who has previously expressed his deep envy of fellow Remainers who are able to apply for Irish citizenship, as he is “So ashamed to be English.”

And she probably knows him. She’s probably met him. She moves in those sort of social circles, I imagine. He’s a writer of influential books, like The Blind Watchmaker and The Selfish Gene. They’re both books that influenced me, after all, even though I’ve found Dawkins pretty tiresome in recent years (and even more so today).

The “Deep State” may simply consist of people like Richard Dawkins and other like-minded people. They share a state of mind. And they form a body of deeply shared opinion.

And the same can be said about Tobacco Control. The antismokers have a shared state of mind. They all believe that Smoking Causes Lung Cancer. In fact almost everybody believes that smoking causes lung cancer. It’s a very deeply ingrained belief, the result of many decades of careful conditioning.

A belief in Global Warming is another state of mind, that is also shared by a great many people, but not everybody.

There are lots of these states of mind, these deep convictions.

And We The People have been overruled by people in the grip of these sorts of state of mind. They think they know better than we do. They utterly convinced of it. They know that it’s better for us if smoking is banned. And they also know that it’s better for us to remain in the EU. And they also know that we must cut our CO2 emissions. How did they come to be so convinced?

We The People may have been thwarted for now. But we will not be thwarted forever.

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6 Responses to We The People

  1. It’s the bond market. You think your gouvernement is there to serve you, they are not. What they are there to do is make GBR incorporated a good investment, so each quarter when they try and raise more funds they get the loans at a good rate. So when the people who run the bond markets tell the government to do something, they do it. It’s just so they can borrow more money at a better rate.

  2. beobrigitte says:

    We the people had no say when the smoking ban was dictated.

  3. Frank Davis says:

    Who are these people?

    Diana West might know who a few of them are.

    Here talking to Stefan Molyneux about James Comey, John Brennan, Christopher Steele

  4. Charles Burns says:


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